Monday, 1 February 2016

Product Review : Solutions to baby bloated stomach

Since birth, my daughter tummy is not in a very good condition. She's lactose intolerant, easily vomit and definitely her tummy will be bloated all the time.

Can you guys see how huge her tummy was? till the belly button is poked out =(

I still remember a moment where she is barely a month old yet. She is fussy & crying like crazy. Like a few times in 1 or 2 hours. Went to the pediatric and came back with a tons of medication. Its very heart breaking when you see your barely 1 month old drinking 5 types of medication, 3 times a day.

I do still remember my mother in law bought me a bottle of Yu Yee Oil and asked me to apply on my babies stomach. I'm in a conflicts actually, will it too strong for a small baby, will it burnt the baby skin since it smells so paperminty??

Then the feel is like, never tried, never knows. I'm giving it a shot. Pour out a few drops on my palm and spread it on my daughter's stomach and some on her back. There;s still some oil left on my palm then i applied it on her feet.

Within few minutes, she started to wiggling around and started to fart like crazy...hahaha...quite a long one and farted for several times in an hour. Instantly i can saw the difference on her belly. From very blotted and hard to flat and soft.

Its been like magic to me. I'm very surprise with the effect and from that night onward, she's never cried or being fussy because of blotted tummy anymore.

Until now, she's already 3 year old and im still using it on her =)

Pour a few drops on palm

Massage on the happy kid tummy

Some on her back

and extra on her feet

And now wait for the magical Yu Yee oil do its work.

Normally ill apply on her before she went to bed. Actually the smells quite soothing tho. My daughter likes the scent so much. She even asked me to pour some on her pillow so she can smell it while going into her dream land. ^^

Thank you Yu Yee Oil for giving me and my daughter so much comfort ^^

Anyway, Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau is Halal and is suitable for our Muslim friends ^^

For Yu Yee oil more information, please proceed to my next post [ click here ]

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