Thursday, 11 February 2016

Food Review : Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Happy Chor 4.... Someone said chor 4 is kinda sad because most of them already start working, money used for gamble & eating....poor people... Maybe this can cheer you guys up ^^

Feeling familiar? Where do we saw this before? Izzit somewhere nearby?

The 1st  s o f t s r v e is located at Damansara Utama and it was very successful and now, the owner has opened his 2nd outlet at Sri Petaling, Cheras ^^

The place is very cozy, Lighting is superb and most important, is very very insta feel. I belive anyone who comes here, with or without any photography experience managed to took pretty & nice picture here xD

Please have a look at   s o f t s r v e  latest menu ^^

There are 4 flavors of ice cream they serve for us to choose :-

  • Honey Matcha [ ROYCE X s o f t s r v e ]
  • Collaboration flavor with Royce' Malaysia. Considered the pearl of Japanese tea, Matcha with it's bittersweet taste profile, pairs very well with sweet honey.
  • # There's a little bitterness in the matcha ice cream and some sweetness from the honey. There is someting special about the ice cream taste which i cant discribe. Try it your self guys
  • Cereal Milk
  • Taste just like how it sounds. It's their rendition of famous cereal milk. Milky & creamy with obvious cereal fragrance after soaking them for sometime before they churn it into softserve.
  • # For those who like' simple and plain, this ice cream suits you well ^^
  • Oolongcha
  • Roasted black tea with a savory & bitter finish. They soaked the tea milk source from local farm. You guys will love this if you guys are an avid tea lover.
  • # The in house special taste (star) wont feel too full or discus of the flavorif we eat too much of it. I want it more and more and more.
  • Deep Chocolate
  • Mouth-filling & palate gripping with a pleasingly creamy finish. Dark, bitter & goes well with their hand crafted toppings. Just wont go wrong with deep chocolate.
  • # Very dark, very rich. For those who likes dark chocolate, definitely need to order this

You guys have a couple choice to choose how you guys wanted your ice cream to be and taste.

Is time for the real stuff ^^


FLUFY [ RM 10 ]
Cereal Milk Softserve with Cotton Candy with Himalayan Rock Salt

The Kai Dan Zhai is so so fluffy & crunchy...yums
Maple Syrup
Egg Puff
Chocolate Granola
Cereal Milk Softserve
Caramelized Cereal
Strawberry Halves
Coffee Ice Cream
Espresso Jelly


ROYCE' x s o f t s r v e
Mini Parfait
[modern interpretation]
RM 16
Milk Jelly
Yogurt Espuma
Black Sesame Crumble
Honey Matcha softserve
ROYCE' R Chocolate
ROYCE' Baton Cookies

Softserve flavor of your choice
Sauce of your choice (matcha / burn butter espresso(picture))
Chopped Peanut & Berries

[RM 12]
Fresh Churros with deep chocolate softserve

what can you see here
[ RM 12 ]
Caramelized Sunflower Seeds
Dried Pineapple Flower

Ending this yummyful blog with a Gong Xi Fa Chai... =)

s o f t s r v e
8, Jalan Radin Bagus 8
57000 Salak South New Village, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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