Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Product Review : Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau

To my previous experience using Yu Yee Oil Post [click here]

Hey, do you guys still remember i had mention that Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau is totally HALAL and is suitable for our Muslim friends.

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For your information, this medication oil are made from a list of finest and safest ingredient such as :-

  • Peppermint Oil (36.0% w/v)
  • Clove Oil (2.6% w/v)
  • Nutmeg Oil (0.6% w/v)
  • Menthol (1.6% w/v)
  • Borneol Cortex Cinnamoni (1.0% w/v)
  • Resina Calamus Draco (1.0% w/v)
  • Light Liquid Paraffin (1.0%% w/v)
Benefit of some of the ingredient above are :-
  • PEPPERMINT OIL : Proven to overcome abdominal pain, cramps, discomfort and remove extra bad wind from the body. Soothes respiratory problems, reducing inflammation, muscle & joint pain.
  • CLOVE OIL : is used for warming the body, improve digesting problems and also expel bad wind from the body.
  • NUTMEG OIL : Proven effective to treat pain especially at the upper part of abdomen and vomiting due to some complication from the stomach and spleen.
  • MENTHOL : may reduce pain, itchiness, stomach discomfort, muscle discomfort, sprains, headache and also work as a abdominal muscle relaxer.
  • BORNEO CORTEX CINNAMONI : can be very warm and it can overcome various kinds of pain & improving our body blood circulation system.

Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau is suitable for those who are coping with cold, stomach discomfort, pain in the muscle, joints and also for headaches.

And Minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau also came with 3 different sizes :-
  • 10 ml
  • 22 ml
  • 48 ml
If there's any question regarding this medication oil, please kindly left your comment at the comment box below there or you may kindly send them a private message to their facebook fan page ^^


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