Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Review : The Skin Shop - Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam

Korean skin care is a hit now days. Few weeks ago, i had receive a set of The Skin Shop Pure Herb 365 Stories which included each a tube of Acerola , Aloe & Lemon cleansing foam from WOUNDROUS K-BEAUTY SHOWCASE EVENT by Korea Tourism Organization [read more].

The set comes with a very pretty box
Each of the tube has been sealed with aluminium seal. Hygienic, can keep for a period of time without contaminated by bacteria =)
Each of the foam has its special scent and also colour =)



  • Had a very light berry scent
  • Brightening - seen instantly after 1 wash
  • Best for dull skin


  • Aloe Cucumber scent
  • Hydrating - skin wont dried out after wash compare to the lemon one
  • Best for dry skin


  • Smells like dishwasher [sorry, just being honest]
  • Detoxifying - really notice this. After the wash, my skin instantly feels smoother, no more oil, make up or other residue but really dried out my skin after the wash.[Maybe is too strong for my skin]
  • Best for oily skin

  • Texture : Creamy and very foamy while mixing with a little bit of water. Only require a pea size for my whole face.
  • Do contain a lot of paraben in it. If you are very mind about ingredient, please read the ingredient before purchasing.
  • Make up removing, without any make up remover. 9/10 pretty clean tho =D
  • Price : Below RM 20 for a huge tube which for me, i can use it for almost 2 months. GREAT
  • My Favorite : 1st ACEROLA - 2nd ALOE - 3rd LEMON

This review is more of my personal experience feeling and point of view after the usage. No harsh feelings towards any parties. =x=

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Food Review : 3D Durian Cake

Duan Wu Jie ( Dumpling Festival ), Husband Birthday & Fathers' Day, is falling on last weekend. I have decided to order a Durian Cake, recommended by a friend of mine.

Look at the design, so surreal hor. Is worth for the price given. The cake above weight is 1kg and the price for it is RM 180.00 [pretty expensive for a 1kg cake] but it taste fine and most important, the look.

I decided to order this cake when i saw it on one of my friend husband birthday. The 1st impression is ''Wow, look so real ! I wanna order 1 too''. So i get the contact from my friend and order 1 for my family.

The exterior
The Interior
The taste. What made the cake taste good? They are using real durian flesh to made this cake.
This cake need to be refrigerated enough to maintain it taste. Better to serve once you get it out from the freezer.

This is their contact (facebook), please do made reservation at least 3 days in advance to liaise with their very busy schedule. They do prefer self collection at the above address, but they do delivery as well. Delivery will cost from RM20 to RM50 depending on area. They do deliver up to Shah Alam.

You must finish the cake in 24 hour if you put it in the freezer while 2 days if you keep it in a freezer and the cake can stand for 1 hour without refrigerated.

Lastly, HAPPY FATHER;S DAY to all the great and wonderful father in this world

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Yale YDM 4109 Digital Door Lock

Sponsored Post

Knock on the door, a parcel received, guess what? YALE YDM 4109 DIGITAL DOOR LOCK send by Ekotrends Capital Sdn Bhd.

This is what you will see when you firstly step into my house.

Once is installed, I'm super loving it, its easy to use. There is NO KEYS OR CARD REQUIRED. Just just slide my thumbs through the slot and the lock will be opened automatically because they have One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Scan). Is quite surprising because what do I thought is the scanner won't work perfectly but it does impress me, IT WORKS ALL THE TIME. This door lock do memorize up to 20 sets of fingerprints.

The other is the Smart Touch Pad Pin Code System. It may memorize a pin code from 6 to 12 digits long and the reset is easy. If I'm not at home, I may ask my colleague or friends to come over to my house and provide them the code. After that, I can change the pin to something else.The reset is fast, easy and secure as well. It also comes with VOICE GUIDE FEATURE where it lets you know the operation status and how to set lecture and mode. [No need to get your eyes busy on the manual booklet]

This lock also comes with built in alarm system, it does let me know if there's someone out there try to open my door and failed a few times, the alarm will wails.

It also comes with a child safety lock which the button behind the door which we can leave it embed [just twist the lever to open the door] or popped out [press and hold the know and twist the handle to open the door]. With this feature, I'm not scare that my daughter will open the door and going out to play again.And you also may choose to open the door automatically [just twist lever to open] or manually [twist the thumb turn then the lever to open]

This is the part where the lock is facing out living area [ the back part ]. It is powered by 4 pcs of AA Battery and a easy instruction is stick at the back cover [no need to find instruction book inside the store].The batter will last for a year and if the batteries died, goes to a groceries store nearby and buy a 9V battery, open the front cap and stick the battery in. It will temporary alive and let me in.

There's another backup way. If you really forget the code, or Electronic malfunction, there's still a key hole to unlock the lock.

If you are interested with this lock, please do note hesitate to contact them.Mention them my name and you will get a special discounts =) 

Ekotrends Capital Sdn Bhd (facebook)
Tel : +603 - 6188 1991
Email : info@ekotrends.com
Operation Hours : Monday - Fri 9am to 5pm


Tuesday, 16 June 2015


First of all, I would like to thanks Korea Tourism Organization invited me to this event.

This event mainly is about Korean Current "inn" thingy such as food, beauty products,tourism & plastics surgery.

Here at the KOREA PLAZA KL, they do have a club for us to join, named KAKI KOREA CLUB (KKC). By joining this club, we are able to enjoy all the culture classes held here for FREE, provided with Korea latest updates, exclusive deals and able to participate in any special event or contest organised by KTO Malaysia. The facilities in this building include :-

  • Korea Tourism Information Center
  • Multi-functional Room
  • Mail Hall Area
  • Library Area
  • Smart TV Corner
  • Hanbok Trial / Rental 
Free Classes include :-
  • Korean Language Class
  • Korean Cooking Class
  • K-Pop Dancing Class


I went for the 2nd batch event by that day and the event started at 2pm , ended at 6.30pm.

Once I entered the building, heading the hall below,I saw an area which they provide some Hanbok for us to try on and take picture FOR FREE. There's a Section for us to capture capture a QR code and answer a few question about the event and they will hand us a very good quality hand fan.

 1st section was a cooking lesson teach by B STATION boss itself. He teach us how to made Bulgogi & Kimchi and we have a opportunity to have a tasting section too.By the main time, I was hungry as hell because I only ate breakfast that day.

"Thank you for rescuing my hungry stomach"
 Next, the organizer invited us out to the concourse area. We waited for few minute and suddenly a group of dancers is hopping out and the group of dancers is hopping out and the music sounds. They throw us 2 dance routine with 2 very hit k-pop. MissA's and EXID's latest song.

After the performance, we are invited to the registration counter to claim our goodies bag which include a ton's of plastic surgery 's catalog and a limited edition set of face cleanser by THE FACE SHOP.

After the registration,bee are invited to a hall and Speeches was given by different plastic Surgey company representative and some Malaysia well Known talk person to give some speeches about inner beauty.

We are invited out again to the Korea plaza to hear a make up tutorial by a Malaysia well known make-up artist.

The last section was a lucky draw section. The lucky one will get.

Free and easy Korea Tour package for 2 person + Free Botox treatment voucher from 4ever Network

Free and easy Korea Tour package for 2 person + Hair Spa treatment voucher from LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Clinic

skin care treatment voucher from Kwangdong Hospital

Mask pack set/ Hair curler / straightener Iron / Manicure session / Skin care treatment voucher from Banobagi

Mask pack set from Medical Palace

Sun cream / Premium Mask Pack / whitening & Toning treatment voucher from OracleClinic

Cosmetics products from JaneTour&DMC

unfortunately, I dont have any luck on that day. =(

Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 - 2027 2215
E-Mail : klkoreaplaza@gmail.com

Business Hours :
Monday to Friday - 10am to 7pm
Saturday - 10am to 3pm
Sunday & Public Holiday - Closed

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 6 END ] Her life now

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Currently the Indian lady is still living with her husband and their children which are already grown up and independent. She has nothing more to care and mind about her children anymore.

His husband never hit her since the last time he hit her on her eye but his bad temper, always scolding is never getting better. But the Indian lady was used to it and didn't mind too much.

Her life now was free and easy, she will do whatever she want and go where she want.

Lesson from this story is.

She thinks man is all the same, there's always a devil inside them but just to wait weather the devil is coming out or being under control.As long the man is responsible for the family, we as a lady we can just act don't know for the sake of our own children. When the children is big enough to independent, we as a woman, can do whatever we want without caring too much.If there's any abuse from husband, do need to ask for help. Remember, this is very important. The law will protect us the woman and the child.

~~~ THE END ~~~

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 5 ] Raping Own Foster Child

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On one evening, the foster child was crying and run towards the Indian lady. The Indian lady asked her to calm down and told her what is happening.

They do went out to a coffee The girl told the Indian lady."Mama, papa RAPED me!" . The Indian lady was shocked till she has nothing to say.It's hard to believe that her husband will rape their foster child that called them mom and dad for 19 years.

They went back, packs their belongings and leave to the Indian lady mom's house without any notice for the working Chinese man.

The Indian  lady is so tough at that moment. A lady, didnt have any financial support, bringing a son and two daughter .

She is lost,devistated, disappointed, sad and what so over bad feelings is running through her brain right now.She has no idea what will be her next step.She has been thinking to end up her life. But there was still 3 kids to take care. She cant be so selfish. She need to think about her kids future too because her own kid, One is still in primary school and the other one is in secondary school.while her foster daughter just finished her secondary school.

she has no one to discuss, and at that moment, she does think of her neighbour, which is very close with her might help her to solve this problem.The neighbour advice is"come back to KL when all of you is calmed down, do need to think of the childrens future . All of them haven't fininish their studies yet.Do need to let them complete their studies. Act that he is transparent. Once all of them compete their studies, then only you plan to move out or do whatever you guys wanna do.

After a week of thinking and relaXing, she finally decide to follow the neighbour advice. the started to pack their bags and ready to come back to KL but her foster daughter refuse to follow them back to KL., she decided to stay at the Indian lady mom's house.

The Indian lady does understand her foster daughter feelings and she wont force her foster daughter to go back KL. with her.

To Be Continue ~~

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His WIfe [ PART 4 ] Bringing Other Lady Back Home


On one typical morning, the Indian lady went to the morning as usual, suddenly an aunty came to her and ask her, did you ate KFC with your husband last week? The Indian lady feel weird because last week she was at Pulau Langkawi for the whole week, how come people saw her eating with her husband? She tough that was a mistake, then she continue her day.

Few week passes, more and more people was asking her the same question an a neighbor confess to her.''Last week, when you are at Langkawi, your husband is bringing back a thin Indian lady, the one which work at the supermarket.'' This information surprised the Indian lady and she has been super aware of her husband behavior.

One evening, the Indian lady answered a call, from her husband manager. The manager was looking for his husband because her husband has been absent from work for several days already. The Indian lady was pissed and she went to the supermarket and look for the thin Indian lady. Surprisingly, the thin Indian lady was absent for few days too. While the Indian lady was walking back home, she saw her husband's motorcycle, in the thin Indian lady house. She was devastated and sad. Her husband was sleeping with another woman while she was away and now he is even cheating to her & his boss to meet this thin Indian lady.

The Indian lady keep her silence again. She don't wanna her children to know about this and also she don't wanna broke is husband lies again because she is scared to be beaten again.

To be Continue ~~~

Monday, 8 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 3 ] Woman & Child Abuse



The Indian lady has a girl foster child that follows her before her marriage. The foster child is her sister previous husbands child. Her sister has found a right guy to married again but the man refuse her to bring along her previous marriage children with him. So her sister asked her to take care of her girl. The little girl already followed the Indian lady before she  is married to the Chinese man and the man is generous enough to take care the girl together with the Indian lady.

On one particular night, when the Chinese man was not at home. The foster child told the Indian lady. ''Mama, papa touched my breast & vagina''. What else a woman to think of when her husband is doing such disgusting thing to her daughter. So she do confess to her husband and guess what. He slaps and punches her face. This lead to her left ear drum was teared due to the slap and her brow bone was crack and having a serious bleeding.

The Indian lady walked away and goes to the living room, without noticing that she lost a lot of blood. By the same moment, the Chinese man's brother which are living together just came back to work. He was very surprise to see his sister in law was in a very serious condition and straight away bring her to a nearby clinic to do clean up the wound and do some stitches but the clinic refuse to because the wound is quite serious so they do change their location and went to a nearby hospital. Once in the hospital, the Indian lady was pushed to the emergency room and she has 5 stitches on her brow bone. A few police man came to the Indian lady and asked her ''are you beaten by somebody, please do tell us honestly''. The lady replayed, ''please give me some time to rest, because i was still dizzy now'' and the police man says ''ok, ill come back in few hour, please do get ready''.

The Indian lady was scare and confuse, weather she need to accuse her husband or not. In a short while, The Chinese mans sister came and beg the Indian lady to not accuse her brother and ask her to report to the police that she was fallen down in the toilet. And that is what exactly what she told the police because she don't want his husband being penalty or even goes to the jail because their children was still small.

To Be Continue ~~

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His WIfe [ PART 2 ] Prostitution

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2 years after the birth of their beautiful daughter, its being suspicious that the man always came home late and he was always telling his wife that he is very stress, do need to go to the night club to have some beer. By that time, they are living in the hotel quarters, just below the hotel. The night club was just located above their quarters room. The lady feels something strange is happening because there's a time where his husband is not coming back to sleep, he only do come back in the morning.

There come a day, the man didn't go home and didn't inform the lady where he goes after work. She is worried and she went to his working place and look for her husband. The manager came ald told the lady that her husband already back from work. So the next stop is to the night club that he often goes after work.Guess what she saw. She saw her husband was sitting in a corner with a lady, touching, kissing and so so on. She was so pissed off and went back to the quarters and sleep. She silently look for the information of the female that sits with his husband the previous night. The lady was working with the night club as a prostitute. Its quite easy to seek for information of the prostitute because the prostitute was working for the same boss her husband is.So in a short period of time, the Indian lady has known where the prostitute live.

On one particular day, the husband didn't came home right after he has punch out from work. The Indian lady was pissed off and she went to the prostitute house straight away and she saw her husband was there with the prostitute. She dint says a word, slams the door and leave, while carrying their 2 year old daughter. The husband faster follow his wife back and no one will expect this to happen. He slaps and hit the indian lady and said ''you had made me shame infront of her, how can you do this?'' **[by that period of time, there are very less woman will come out and speak for them self because they think this is karma and disrespectful for their husband]** she just cried and helpless.

On one evening, the prostitute came to the lady quarters and shove the insian lady an empty cheque. The prostitute says ''let go of your husband, take the money and leave with your daughter'' then the indian lady refuse and shout to the prostute ''get lost from my sight and leave this place now!''

She is very stress and do think of jump from the hotel building, but she does think of her 2 year old children, whos gonna take care her when shes gone. So she stop her tough of die-ing for tempory of time.

The indian lady told me that she faces with the prostitute is more than 3 times. At one moment, she really cant take it anymore, the indian lady decided to give her sister a call and ask her sister to take care of her daughter when shes not around. Her sister feels something is going wrong there and she rushed to the quarters that they live. The indian lady was drinking few bottle of poison and she was passed out by the time her sister arrived to their place.

The sister is worried and scared, dosnt know what to do and the 1st thing came to her mind is their mother.SEEK HELP FROM THEIR MOTHER. The sister carried her down stairs, another good hearted woman is helping her by carrying the indian lady 2 years old daughter. They took taxi to their mother house. The indian ladys mom is force feeding her herbs and made her vomit.In a short time, the indoan lady was vomiting black substance and she was save and awake.

The encounter does end when the chinese man whole family is moved back to Kuala Lumpur and stay with the chinese man's brother and family. She also has been bullied back then from her sister in law. She do need to do all the house works, cook, taking care of others people children and no salary given. She also do think tis maybe karma from her pass life. So she disint complain and just do her job.

To Be Continue ~~

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 1 ] Love and Promise

This is a real life story of my own relative.


Year 1980s. She, a 16 year old Indian lady, living in an estate in Sabah. She has a brother was working as an electrician and often went to a hotel to do checking & service for the hospital lift. By that time, comes a Chinese man which came from Kuala Lumpur that work as a chef at the hotel who has interest towards Indian god. Both of then became very good friend in a short time. The lady's brother often bring the Chinese man to the temple that he always go. Some time they pray till very late then the Chinese man will over night at the lady's house. On one particular night, the brother asked his sister to made some tea to them, and when the lady serve tea to them, the brother introduce his sister to the Chinese man. '' This is my sister, she was studying in a Chinese school, her Chinese was very good =)'' the the Chinese man ask ''really? so you can talk fluent Chinese?'' then the lady reply ''yes, i do''. That was their 1st conversation.

Few months has pass, the Chinese man started to fall in love with the Indian lady. He do express his feeling towards her but the lady was doubtful about his words because of their skin color. The Chinese man has promised her that this wouldn't be an issue. He will protect her, cherish & love her all the time till he is dead he said. So the lady has agree to married him and the man said find a suitable day to get blessings from the lady side and register their marriage.
**[ by that time, those couple not like us now, spending their 1st few month to understand each other then only married. When they feel in love, then they get married in a short time]**

The lady do get her blessings from her mother, but her mother do warn her that the man she choose.''Husband is choose by you, please think wisely before you sign that registration letter, it does effect your whole life, are you really sure about this?'' the lady says ''yes, i do, he do promise me this and that and i fell pretty confidant with the words he said'' then the mother says ''if you say so, ill sigh the paper for you, **[Malaysia Law, man or woman who didn't reach 21 year old of age, their parents do need to sign an agreement letter to let their child to get married legally]**And the mother also add on '' if there is not so serious problem or both of you fighting, please do not simply come back and complain to me, because you chose this path your self, you do need to take responsible by your own decision'' and the daughter says ''ok mom, ill try my best to not made you worried, thanks mom'' and both of them get married in no time.

Her 1st time to take an aeroplane was flying back to Kuala Lumpur to meet the husbands friends, family and relative. They are having a simple dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and the 1st time she meet his family was already in a wedding gown.[very different with now days style]

The lady do pregnant with the man baby in few month and she has deliver a baby Chindian **[ Chinese mixed Indian] bay girl. By the pregnancy period, the lady has suffered with terrible mood swings from pregnancy hormone imbalance. Some people has nausea, vomit, craving for crazy food, but the lady here is different, she hate his husband so much that time, she was annoyed when she saw him, especially after he came back from work with the oily odor from the kitchen that he has worked for whole day. She do shut him out for almost 5 month of her pregnancy times.When times goes by, everything is getting better.

To Be Continue