Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Travel : Penang 3 days 2 night trip - DAY 3 - END

The final post for my 2015 trip to Penang.

Today actually is the day we are going back to KL. Our plan is to eat breakfast from Penang, Lunch at Ipoh.

Dim Sums as breakfast at PROSPEROUS DIMSUM
This shop is kinda special to me, all the dimsums need to take by our own self (Self Service). We do need to bring along a card that the waitress given and bring it to the counter, then the counter incharge person will note down what we took.

AND must try tea '' Xiao Yea Gan '' Is a Chinese tea, serve in pot and is hard to find in KL, so far, i only found at this shop here.

The price & quantity card
Prawn Chee Cheong Fun
Wu Gok ( Taro Dumpling )

Fried Loh Bak Gou

Xiu Mai
Pai Guat ( Marinated Pork Ribs )
Varieties of Steamed Dim Sum's
Fried Dim Sum's & Bun's
Salad Har ( Fried Prawn Dumpling )

Har Guen ( Fried Prawn wrapped in Tofu Skin )

Fish Paste
Miniced pork wrapped in Cheong Fun Skin
 All the food above and a pot of  Chinese tea only cost us RM 60...is kinda cheap actually =)

Next, we are going to buy some Tambun Biscuits at Him Heang which are famous for it freshly bake traditional biscuits.

Heong Piah

Salted Tao Sah Peah
The Tambun's
Once biscuit purchasing is done, we are heading back KL, But, we will take a stop at IPOH for its famous Beansprout Chicken Rice.

Arrived, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh
Classic Car Spotted
Plan to eat here, But NO !
Weathers too hot, no air-cond

Decided to eat the shop right beside it.
Onn Kee
They have 2 shops, 1 is air conditioned and another 1 is not
Chicken hanging on the rod ~~~~~
Their wall of fame
The air conditioned side

BAby playing the bottle before the food arrive

TADA, The food came

Taugeh, fat & juicy. but, too many sesame oil =(

Pork & Fish Balls
Chicken Spare Part ( Testicle, Lungs, Liver, heart ) intestine was sold out =(

There's 2 option to choose from, either is oiled fragrance rice or Hor Fun ( Kwe Tiow Soup )
The Chickeans
Special home made chilly
Iced Plum Juice - refreshing
Lil monster keep playing

Not the best from my list, but still acceptable 
Lunch done, lets shop again (papa's tummy xD )
The shop beside the chicken rice shop, sells alot of local made biscuits and also as you can see, pamelossss
Ipoh Special
Then we walked across the street to buy some biscuits as souvenir for our friends and families at KL
151, Jalan Sultan Iskandar,
30000 Ipoh, Perak,
West Malaysia.

Tel: 605-242 3200

Their beat seller, just infront of their cashier counter
1st time i hered of this biscuits, lou gong peah ( Husband Biscuits)

Their price is reasonable & the packaging is cute too
Those packaging look just like alot of book on the book rack 

White sesame jelly

Coconut Candy, hard to find nowdays

Another part of the shop
The HK Food God
Biscuits purchasing done $$$$ gone
Beside the shop, like the vintage feel
The main road

While walking back to our car, this is how the chicken rice shop dried their utensils, under the hot sun.
more and more Souvenir shops

While walking, i accidentally saw this plate, cartoon bao. OMG, fainted, so cute, i must buy it

RM2 per bao, quite expensive actually
This is the shop which sells those cute baos
Red & Blue angry Birds, Doraemon, Pooh & Keroppi Frog

But i only bought this 4, doremon is abit ugly

Packed and ~~~ FLY
Curious, what are there mommy?
Cartooned bao my dear, and im buying those for you =)
Im able to saw this kind of gate again.

Lois Khoo
Bye Bye Ipoh, heading back to KL now, reality life started again.
Nice weather weloming us back =)

~~~... END ...~~~