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Travel : Penang 3 days 2 night trip - DAY 2

Hi, ill continue with my day 2 trip Blog.

1st thing in the morning, we area going to have local breakfast at some unknown places and guided by our local friend.The kopitiam is too crowded so i didnt take any picture at that time.[ REGRET ]
BTW, after the breakfast, our friend bring us to the ARMENIAN STREET to take picture of the famous street art at Penang.

Sister & Brother Playing Basketball @ Gat Lebuh Chulia - Opposite Children On The Swing
Very sunny day

Don't know what shes looking at

Everyone is having fun here
Driving to the Armenian Street. few minute drive distance from Lebuh Chulia
Gee Hiang 1st Outlet - Famous : Lao Po Bing [wife biscuits]
Its kinda hard to find parking around this area, we spent almost 30 minute to look for parking. Once we get our parking, the 1st ting i saw was those unique o;d shop and all of it is still in a very good condition. Was totally different from my last visit which are 3 years ago. 

A Cat mural outside a shop
[ Reaching Up ] Mural @ Cannon Street
Long Legged lady
View along the street
Inside the Cannon Square, need to pay for entry
A short story about this Square. It was actually a clan house for the Khoo's family. This building which is partly a temple and meeting hall for the same clan or surname. Leong Shan Tong Khoo Kongsi, or Khoo Kongsi for short, is on of the most distinctive Chinese clan associations in Malaysia. It knit and defensive confregation of buildings and a magnificent clanhouse.

In Penang, there was alot of Kongsis, but for this, the clanhouse of the Koo's, is far the finest. The construction was first considered around year 1853 but it was not built until year 1898. The complete building was so magnificent and elaborate that nobody was surprised when the roof cough fire on the very night it was completed. That misfortunate was simply interpreted as a message from the heaven that they'd really been overdoing things. so the Khoos rebuilt it in a marginally less grandiose style.

The present kongsi, dating back from year 1906 and extensively renovated in the year 1950's, is also known as the '' Dragon mountain Hall;;. It is a colorful mix of dragon, statues, paintings lamps colored tiles and carvings.

Continue walking, hunting for wall art.

There's alot  souvenir shop along the street

Bubble tea stall
A wall art, Nyonya siting on a swing and her shoes fell off

Husband asked me, '' You know read? Why wanna take picture?'' uncle ah, got english 1 d leh ==

Random picture along the street
A very antique stall, tam tong (potty) uses as a plant pot.
Wire wall art

Bicycle for rent

An antique shop

Family portrait on the swing with the Lion

Kah Lu Kong Hokkien - Teach you speak hokkien
Another wire wall art

Lorong Belakang
Cant find the Minion Pillar, but we accidentally found this one [ Marge Simpson ]

There's alot of ceramic cuttery on this shop
Those blanket, i have one made by my grannie. it was made from sloth strips and sewn together to became a blanket

Another wire art as a grill
Little Children on Bicycle Mural

Uncle chillin on his beca

Skippy Comes To Penang Mural
Theres alot of miaw miaw ad here

A little village behind the heritage street
Very tiny Mickey spoted

Attracted by the kitty

Rusted Tree
With a mini upside down monk
Close Up

A very special art piece. 
An ice lollie end up my Armenian Street trip
Theres a well inside the shop

The Lollies is not cheap yo, MR 3.50 per stick. But the taste is richer than KL's.
After the Armenian street tour, we took our car and looking around. we drive through the famous Jetties. The Chiew's, Lee's and other more. My sis said she wanna go to the Penang 3D Trick Art Museum and by that time is lunch time, that area is the government building area and also theres alot of bank. We rounded for almost 40 minute and we are unable to look for a parking so we give up to visit this museum.
Next stop, LUNCH.

Taman Kota Lama
Polluted air

The food court is located behind the park

Mee Sotong [ Cuttlefish Noodle ]

Super many order, waited for 30 minute for a plate of noodle

The Mee Sotong
If you wanna have their coconut drink, please do take note, their coconut drink will be added alot of sugar water, please do remind them to no put any sugar or maybe slight sugar. Ive ordered 1, omg, too sweet for us =x=

This lil monster is having her lunch too, porridge that i cook from my hotel room
Pointing here, pointing there
Papa Bao [ daddy carry me please ]
After the lunch, we head straight to the Penang Snake Temple @ Bayan Lepas driving distance from here took around 40 minutes.

Scenery along the road to the temple

Little India nearby Port Weld
Floating houses
Along the highway to Bayan Lepas


Main Entrance
Snake Spotted

Ciku [ Sapodilla ] spotted as well
Morning Glory Bush
Hiao Po 1
Hiao Po 2 xD
Those words looks creepy

Whoa, what a day. After spending the whole afternoon rounding the island, is time to go and have some rest. Back to hotel and continue with food at the evening.

Napped, sleeped, rested. MOVE AGAIN.

Its 6pm, our plan is going back to Port Weld so call [ Old Gurney ] to have our dinner here. Our friends do recommend us to come here to eat their seafood but unfortunately, we are too early, all the shops is not open yet. They say the stall here will open somewhere around 8pm or so. No choice, head back to the new Gurney, yesterday dinner place. But before that, theres some picture from the old Gurney.

Gonggong, bao bao [Granddad, carry me please ]

Kompeks Makanan Medan Renong Padang Kota Lama
This food court is devided into 2 section. 1 is for our local malay friend by selling Halal delicacies and another part is for the others by selling non halal food's
No further stay, we are heading back to yesterday dinner place. 

The section that we eat yesterday was closed
6.30pm, quite alot people already
Pasembur Rojak = Mamak style rojak, traditional indian kuih serve with sweet peanut sauce
Lim Guan Eng came and eat before
Dont know why, im thinking back my primary school day laksa
Tofu Longan for my baby
Deep frying stall
Happy kid, eat alot fish balls in this 2 days
Boiled Cockle
Fried clam with sambal
close up's
Stingray with sambal
All finished by me
Full die die
Same as yesterday, walk walk at the Gurney plaza and my baby was attracted by this giant dragon.

OK, No more dragon, back to hotel, rest rest.

Night view from our apartment
Starbucks is really really near actually

Beh tahan, came here for 2 days already, still cant find some awsome oa jian. Must get it tonight !!!

Heading to Macalister road
Thunder everywhere, gonna rain soon
was actually rain very heavy at this moment
Tapau RM 15 and bring back to our apartment to slowly enjoy

OMG, the taste was fabulous, the oyster is so big and juicy
This is the Restaurant, theres alot of food to choose from, alol the food here is in a very big portion and the price is not expensive, stall owner is friendly too.
Sin Kim San Cafe (新金山飲食中心)
168 Jalan Macalister, Jalan Rangoon, 10400 George TownPulau Pinang, Malaysia

With this, i end up my day 2 Penang Trip Blog, Stay tune for the 3rd and also last day of us at Penang. =)

Credit to : Only Penang Reviews

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