Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pre-Event - Yamaguchi Fish Market & The Launch Of Gekkeikan Sake In Malaysia

Any Wu Chun 吴尊 fans here? I'm getting to meet him in person on 24th November 2015 ( Thursday ) during Yamaguchi Fish Market & The Launch Of Gekkeikan Sake In Malaysia.

The Yamaguchi team is personally flying Wu Chun 吴尊 along with a few more special guest on the night of opening.

Can't wait till the day arrive. Its one in a life time experience. Is not easy to get a chance to meet a very famous stars such as him.

Stay tune to my blog and i will update this post very soon ^^


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Contest : Seiko ''My Favorite Lukia'' Contest

Hi dear readers, long time no see, it has been many up's and down's for me during this pregnancy, sorry for didn't update as often as i did previously.

I'm here to let you guys know, Seiko Malaysia has launched a contest which is Seiko ''My Favorite Lukia'' Contest on 24th August 2015 on their Facebook Page.

Video of Ariel Lin & Seiko Lukia Watch

This contest has ended on 9th September 2015 and Seiko Malaysia will choose 3 lucky winner and all of them will receive a piece of Seiko Lukia SRW869P1.

Very feminine watch, deeply fall in love with it just by looking at it
On one typical morning, I got an email, from whom i don't know, at the 1st moment, i thought it was a spam email, i click it in and read it.

!! WHAT !!
!! O H !!
!! M Y !!
!! G O D !!

I'm one of the 3 lucky winner among hundreds or thousands of participants...omg omg omg omg....never been so lucky in my whole life....winning a Seiko watch..Never thought of it even dreamed of it.

Saw me? XD ( the 3 lucky winner)
I had arrange my appointment with them and collect the watch on 5th of November at Seiko's Malaysia HQ (Central Plaza KL, Level 26)


The Cardboard Box
Pull the cover up
Instruction & Guarantee Booklet

And the warantee card is inside the blue book (1 year warantee)
The receipt...RM 1,303.80 @@
my very 1st expensive watch
There's a wooden box in the cardboard box (the watch box)
Tada.....My LUKIA watch
Close up's
And the back of the watch
I really wanna thanks Seiko Malaysia for choosing me as their 3 lucky winner. Appreciate so much and I really love this watch so much. Thanks again. Please do pay attention to their Facebook Page because they will give away free watches from time to time. ^^. Wish you are the lucky 1 next time =)


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Product Review : Bio Oil - My Scar Stories

~~SCAR~~sounds scary right? No one on the earth wanted a scar. Maybe there;s some weirdo who likes & loves their scars. Like me, I'm proud of my scars. I'm a mother to a 3 year old toddler and another one is coming to meet us soon ^^

I never mention to anyone before about my scars and this is the 1st time im wring out to the public.
I had my 1st daughter at the year of 2013 through cesarean.

Why not normal birth? Cesarean will left a 3 to 4 inch mark on our bikini line, wont you regret?
I think about it before, but there's no choice because my daughter was breach that time. (the baby is not in a right position for a natural birth, she's not upside down like all the other babies) so i must go through cesarean to get her out from my womb.

Before the delivery, i had a serious skin problem. My whole body, especially the area around my belly is red, patchy & itchy. I cant stand the itchiness and im scratching like crazy every night. If the scratching cant ease the itchiness, i will use my shower, turn to the very high temperature and rinse it around my belly. At that moment, my stretch mark is the worst than i ever can imagine. I cant stand the itchiness till i asked my doctor to rescue me. He cant give me a very strong medication, he only can give me some ointment.At the end, there was still no use....because by that moment, my tummy was super big and the is fully stretch and dry, means stretch mark are becoming more & more worst.

One day, my aunt recommended me  BIO-OIL which will improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks & uneven skin tone. BIO-OIL also treat ageing & dehydrated skins well.

The moment I apply the BIO-OIL onto my big belly, i falling in love with it. The smells which smells so much like baby oil.Sweet & Innocent ^^. The application, not as greasy as i imagine, absorb well and instantly, my cracky & dry belly became smooth & shiny in only 1 minute. I can feel the itchiness & tightness around my belly is gone for temporary.

Above is the story before my 1st daughter is delivered. After the birth of my daughter, im still using BIO-OIL for another couple of month for lighten the cesarean scars & stretch mark. It really shows a lot improvement. After the delivery, the stretch mark is is dark brownish colour and now they are back to my skin colour (slightly lighter). Thank you BIO-OIL.

belly now + a little human inside ^^
Although the stretch mark is still visible, but im not ashamed of it. This is the thing my baby give it to me and I am proud to be a mother which her belly is full of stretch mark.

After 3 years, im pregnant with my second baby and now i was still in the 1st trimester. I already got my BIO-OIL ready and will let it accompany me till after the delivery of my 2nd baby ^^

Strongly recommend for the new mom or mama to be out there.