Friday, 4 September 2015

Food Review : The Best Noodle In Ampang - Opposite Ampang Old Folks House

Where can we find steamy hot thick yellow noodle hokkien mee with alot of fride pork lard, intestine & liver...Here, Right here, we still can find the fabulous hokkien mee and ITS CHEAP.

This is a home and the front space they make it a stall. This is a family business as well and they had been selling noodles for more than 40 years.

Located just in front of Ampang old folks house.

Their operating hours starts from 5pm to 11pm and closed on Monday & Thursday.

Do need some patient of you wanna dine in or even take away, sometimes it takes half to 1 hour to get the food served. But no worries, the other stall which sells soup noodle, they are fast, if your tummy cant wait, you can order some noodle to tahan dulu. =)


Here comes the food.1 portion just cost less than RM 6 and this 1 portion is much much larger portion compared to outside. I, even my dad cant finish this gigantic 1 portion of noodle. Normally we will ask for 1 portion and eat by 2 person.

Other than hokkien mee, they do also sell Fish Head Noodle, Braised Duck Noodle & Contonese Char.


Theres a stall small stall set just behind the water counter, That stall is conducted by their family as well. They are selling THE BEST curry, laksa & clear soup noodle {my opinion} Super gigantic size & cheap as well. RM5.50 for small portion but for me, their small portion look much more like large portion for other stall out there.

For your information, the laksa stall located inside Petaling Street also belongs to them.

Other than food, the drinks. Just like regular food stall, they sells all kind of soft drinks, sour plum, lychee, longan etc etc. But what i like the most here is their RED BEAN SOUP. Coocked not only with red bean but also will black glutonous rice. This will make the texture much more richer & tastier. 1 bowl only cost RM1.

This stall was located only 30 foot steps away from ampang most famous Temple. The 9 King's Temple [ 九王爷 ] and it is open for 9 days straight at this moment. You may come and eat here while visiting Ampang.

A very good stall, must go.

~~ CYA ~~

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