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Review : SkinSoul C Jello Collagen Jelly Bar - RESULT after consuming 2 boxes

Hi, do you guys still remember thr SkinSoul C Jelllo Collagen Jelly Bar post i previously write? If you missed it, you may [ click here ] to review back.

Im gonna do a very short post here, just to show you guys the result of me after consuming the Jello for 15 days (2 boxes, 2 jelly bar a day)

As i stated in my previous post, this jelly do has 18 big benefits by consuming the c Jello Collagen Bar.

18 proven BIG benefits of consuming C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar
  1. Aids digention
  2. Attenuates dark spots
  3. Brightens skin
  4. Binds moisture & enhances skin hydration level
  5. Boost immune systems
  6. Boost energy production
  7. Delays the ageing process
  8. Excellent skin whitening effect
  9. Inhabits melanin production
  10. Low in callories, high in essential nutrients & vitamins
  11. Promotes skin firmness & youthfulness
  12. Promotes healthier joints & ligaments
  13. Promotes healthier hair  stronger nails
  14. Reduction  of fine lines & wrinkles
  15. Rich in peptides & antioxidants, anti-carcinogen
  16. Reduce calcium lost
  17. Stimulates collagen synthesis
  18. Overall health improvementsa
Lets start with my body 1st. 

I am those kind of people which are not pooping eveyday, after consuming the jelly, OMG, i never feel this punctual before and i have the urge to do the big business at least 2 times a day.

Im also those kind of people which has very low body metabolism, after consuming it for a 3 days, i feel some changes on my body.Previously, i will sneeze & caught like no body business once i wake up from m y sleep and this already continued for, hmmm, since i was a kid i guess. After consuming the jelly, in this short period, i never had any sneeze & cough after i wake up.

After i had give birth to my daughter, [2, 1/2 years ago] due to lack of rest and hired a very bad confinement lady, i am very easy to get tired, i had dark eye circles and often seen by other people that i look un fresh always. Without putting on make up, i totally look like a zombie sometimes. After consuming the jelly, my skin complextion getting better, dark eye circle has lighten, and wont feel tired so easily.


Quite a huge different for me, you can see the before & after picture above. Both of the picture has no filter applied.

This product really is worth for a try.

PRICE : RM 596 / BOX


There's a good news for my readers. Mention my code #ssjoanneleong to the counter assistant then you will 
  1. Entitle to walk away with a mini set of SkinSoul SkinShield when you purchase minimum of RM100 and above in a single receipt. ^^
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SkinSoul counter & shops : Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang, or

Mid Valley [at the Food Court floor.]

More SkinSoul products reviews coming ahead...Please stay tune ^^
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