Monday, 5 October 2015

Pregnancy Blog : I'm PREGNANT [WEEK 5]

A very good news to announce it to the world...I'M PREGNANT !!!!!
As you guys read from my previous blog, I'm having a strange symptom that i had never experience before such as super pimple, lower back ache, breast sensitivity, lower abdominal cramp and feeling tired all the time. With such symptoms, i already had a feeling that maybe I'm pregnant and a few day after the previous blog [read here] was posted, i went to a local pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit and the result is ~~~~


Woohoooo.....I'm not dreaming, I'm really pregnant now....Thank you god and i also need to thank my family's who are very supportive and giving me a good vibe when i have the urge to give up because i have trying so hard to get pregnant [approx 1.5 years] but all the attempt is fail fail & fail. And through this 1.5 years, i had been through a lot of hard time such as argument & depression. I am very sensitive at the moment when i saw my friends, relative or someone walking by or by their Facebook status that they are pregnant or a woman with a huge belly walking in-front me. I will be thinking ''why people can get pregnant but not me? Why people can carry a big belly but not me?'' and this though will made me cry on the spot or ill be super sad at the moment.

For the previous pregnancy, I'm super in love with this apps, called [ I'M EXPECTING ]

Why i love this apps so much is because they will indicate how big your baby was with foods such as mustard seed, kiwi, melon etc.etc. feels very real tho because we can estimate the baby size with the food we always eat and also they will list out whats happening to the mommy's body and also the babies and updating it every week till the baby is born.

The feeling of pregnancy of this time is much much more stronger than the previous 1...I got the tiredness, backache, tummy cramp feeling as early as week 3 compared to last time, i only can feel it at week 5 and also the feel is very very unnoticeable. Pregnancy test strip wise, i got a very dark double line in week 4 compared to the previous one at week 6 and also a very very light double line. And this current pregnancy only use 1 stip of pregnancy test compared to the previous 1 which i already use 3 strip then i only can determine weather am i pregnant or not. And i also do have some vaginal spotting at 1/10/15. Dark brown, dry & smelly discharge...Mommy to be, don't play plat with bloody discharge ya, if there's bloody discharge, please go to the doctor immediately.Please don't be the doctor your self!

And the worst part from the 3rd week till now, i have super pimple eruption at my back.Super. A Lot.

I had my daughter deliver through Cesarean method due to the little girl is not turning around. Sitting like a little Buddha in my tummy ^^.

This is my cesarean scar and streatc mark from the previous pregnancy.Why do i have a lot of stretch mark? Its because due to hormone imbalance at the previous pregnancy, i suffered a skin sentivity which im a ving a very very sensitive and itchy skin around my tummy & thigh area. So i had no more way to made it not itchy other than scratching & soothing it with a very hot water bath.

According to doctors, stretch mark is not only caused by scratching or scratching, it also do came along with the hormone produced during the pregnancy time.


Tell you guys honestly, i do still having a flabby stomach although i had deliverd my daughter for almost 3 years now...Im not sure why the flabby still there. Some people says if you had cesarean, you will have a flabby stomach and its very hard to lose it and some other said, your tummy stretch so much so the skin do takes alot time to get back to it previous look. And what my husband said is YOU ARE LAZY AND YOU DON'T DO EXERCISE!!! hahaha

I had not go to any clinic or hospital yet because if i go now, i cant get any ultrasound checked yet, because the fetus is too small, size like a sesame seed...too small to be seen but i had started to take folic acid with are a complimentary supplement for pregnant woman which needed to take before you plan to preganant or must take during early pregnancy. FOLIC ACID ''acid'' sounds scary, but this is only a Vitamin B supplement which help prevent birth defects of baby's brain and spinal cord.[read more here]

And this is how Folic Acid looks like. Its very very small and no any bitter taste. All the doctor or gynie out there will give you this medicine once they know you are pregnant. Since i already had my experience before, i decided to buy it at a pharmacy and it only cost RM 1 per loaf of medicine.

I had already made an appointment with a gynie at Gleaneagles Hospital KL and ill be going there on the 7th week of pregnancy because at this moment, the baby heart beat can be heard through the ultrasound machine. =)

I will keep you guys update and i decided to write down a full pregnancy blog for this pregnancy to note down all my feelings & thought through out this whole pregnancy journey and i also hope with this series of pregnancy blog, i can share my journey to the mother wanna be or preggy mother and i hope you guys wont be annoyed by it. =)

Date : 05 October 2015 - Monday
Current Fetus Age : 5 Week 1 Day
Extimated delivery date : Late May or Early June 2016



  1. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring. midnightinfo

    1. Sadly I have lost this child...but I'm lucky to get back pregnant after the miscarriage...currently my boy is already 1 year old =)

  2. Awesome this blog, really i love it!!