Sunday, 16 August 2015

Review : SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes / Clinical Wipes

I do believe most of the ladies out there are too lazy to do a double cleansing everyday due to the hectic & tired day and if possible, i hope to just jump into the bed and snooze off BUT that is IMPOSSIBLE for us because of the make up we putted on and the polluted air out there will clogged our pores and made our skin condition worst if we didn't remove all the impurities properly.

Now SKINSOUL to the rescue. For all the lazy woman out there, now we are able to wipe off pore clogging impurities, waterproof make up, dirt and grime just in 1 simple steps without any fuss or irritation.

Super huge pack (RM 53 for 60 pcs)
Perfectly sealed package to prevent moisture lost
The towelettes is huge too, it can cover my whole face with only 1 pcs of towelettes 
BEST SELLING POINTS for this towelettes :-

  • Formulated with Swiss Glacier water with 4.4.3
  • 4 essential oils, 4 antioxidant, 3 hydrating & soothing ingredients
  • No artificial perfume, colour harsh chemicals added & most important, it's PARABEN FREE
What made this towelettes a BEAT SELLER
  • It takes off almost everything in 1 wipe even stubborn waterproof mascara and other make up products.
  • Will not clog our pores.
  • After the wipes, there are no more residue on our face and we wont stain or white cloth, shirt, pillowcase etc etc.
  • Good for acne-prone & ultra sensitive skin.[ may use it as a soothing face mask, just cut the towelettes into small pieces and place it anywhere around our face, dab some toner on and tada, There's a soothing mask in a pack ^^](suitable for all skin type)
  • Not harsh, won't over drying our skin, Not greasy, not oily, not soapy and not stingy (6 NO)
half face wiped off and there's still plenty of clean space left
Clean & Fresh bare face ^^
Only with 2 wipes, all the make up & impurities has been fully removed from my face
A short demonstration of make up removal with the wipes

What i really like bout this wipes is, it is not greasy like the common make up remover wipes, wont sting and i feel fresh and clean after the wipes. And the cent is a very light lavender scent which is not perfumie like others ^^


There's a good news for my readers. Mention my code #ssjoanneleong to the counter assistant then you will 
  1. Entitle to walk away with a mini set of SkinSoul SkinShield when you purchase minimum of RM100 and above in a single receipt. ^^
  2. Purchase 2 pack of SkinSoul Ultra Soft Towelettes and walked away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm.
  3. You may able to purchase the SkinSoul SkinShield Skincare set for RM388 instead of RM500
SkinShield Triap Pack
Swarovski ring up for grab for those who purchased RM500 & above
SkinSoul counter & shops : Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang, or
Mid Valley [at the Food Court floor.]

More SkinSoul products reviews coming ahead...Please stay tune ^^
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