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Food Review : Cafe Korea - Sri Petaling - Cheras

On the previous Raya weekend, me & my family purposely visited KLCC for its book fair. Once arrive...WOW, super many people, more than we ever can imagine and also a lot foreigners. At that particular moment, i feel like i went to an unknown space....confused and scared due to too many foreigners and a strange thing happens. A group of foreigners proposely stop in front of me to look at my breast [ m wearing I'm wearing a singlet at that moment ]. OMG, you guys never saw a woman before? need to be so obvious or not !!! I will never visit public places on holidays period again !!!!

Still manage to capture a family portrait [ im not in it xD ]
We are moving out from KLCC after 10 minute of arrival.[Too crowded] and our next destination is to SRI PETALING, CHERAS and do some food explore there. At the 1st moment, i do wanna dine at MINAMOTOYA CAFE but unfortunately, they are closed on the Raya period, so we have no idea where to dine. Round round round then we saw this CAFE KOREA just right beside the road, opposite the Esso Petrol station. Parking wise should be not a problem even its weekend.


The exterior

Its very easy to find, just pay attention to the huge foot there xD
There's a smoking area, at the entrance
Their promotion board, updated every week i guess
The poster at the outdoor area.
Alot starts is doing here, include PORORO...xD
Snack & Ramen purchase corner
The Interior

Calm & soothing environment with Kpop songs being played

The korean lady boss & those engdao male staff

The lady boss
The fridge with all sorts of kiddos drink *DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO THIS AREA !!!! =.=

Other than the ordinary seat, this cafe also do provide a space which you can take off your shoes & sits on the floor. 1 deck is not enough so they do provide a double decker deck for the customers. Do not worried of the seating place is not enough, there's always an extra space for everyone.

Hand drawn chalky mural. Creative. a LIKE for the one who draw this with their bare hand
Another floor seating area.
The customer can try on the hanbook hanged here and take picture with it without any additional cost.[condition quite new]

Still remember the fridge area i posted earlier, my daughter wont leave there until i bough her the Pororo drinks there. Quite expensive here. The bottle one cost me for RM8.90 and the the soft pack cost me for RM5.90. @@

Korean Rice Tea comes together with the Ramen set
Kal Guk Su Ramyen [ Anchovy Soup ]
Huge dissapointment, we pay RM14.90 for this sets which comes with a rice tea but the Ramyen it self taste bald and there's no any ingredient inside other than some sliced chilly & leek garnish.

Black Bean Noodle
This is a tradional korean dish and also their best seller. Cost for RM12.90 and the taste was good.

Myeonbokki ( Korean rice cake & Noodle )
I have tried alot of Dubboki Ramyeon before and this is the most spicy & hot one i tried. Only for those who likes spicy, because it is very very very spicy as they already indicated at their menu [3 chillies logo] RM14.90

Kimchi Pizza [RM14.90]

The cafe special menu. 8'' Pizza'ssss....weird pizza. I never thought i will ever orders this pizza because its kinda weired to combine pizza and kimchi together.The taste was alright. Combination if a thin crust pizza with kimchi and alot of cheese.

They also do provide some others weird pizza such as Banana, Sweet Potato, Blueberry & In-Geol-Mi [ peanut rice cakes ] Pizza's.

Home made mini cupcakes

Those cupcake looks cute and adorable, quite a lot of customers buys from them and the taste was so so for me. It is very dry [ i expected a moist cupcake ]. Taste wise, the green tea one taste like jasmine tea cup cakes, the oreo one, no much oreo taste or oreo chunks inside, and the Earl Grey, taste like ordinary vanilla cupcakes =.=


Kong Ga Ru [ Soy Bean Powder ] Bingsoo
Green Tea Bingsoo
Fruit Bingsoo

They have put alot efford to place the fruit nicely on the ice ^^
They do use flovored shave ice for the all their Bingsoo's. Most of it are the soy bean shaved ice. A huge dissapointment with their serving time. They take almost 30 minute to serve us the Fruit Bingsoo and approx 15 to 20 minutes for the other 2 bingsoos. Do need huge improvement here.


Noodle & Rice
Sets & Snacks
Overall rate for this cafe

  • Environment : GOOD
  • Food : Taste ok, can be improved
  • Serving Time : BAD, waited so long for a food or dessert to be served
  • Service : Those handsome kiddo waiter seems not familiar with the food the cafe serve. Do need to train them more.
Will i come back to this cafe, I think i will, and i hope they will improve.

Here is their location and other information.

Address: 169-1, Jalan Radin Bagus, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-9058 0012
Hours:    11:30 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 – 10:30 pm

~~ CYA ~~

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