Tuesday, 24 February 2015

CNY - Fussy Baby Every Year - Resigning.

Didnt blog for quite long time, during Chinese New Year eve, my daughter is over scared with fireworks & firecrackers. Being cried for 3 nights and has fallen down while running & hopping.Bitten her lips and the scars became ulcers. Pity her and also pity us,
Dealing with a fussy baby, its very challenging.

And im clearing up all my wirk at my office, cuz i wont be working for my current company till the end of february, [few more days] clearing all the filing, passing over all my existing job etc etc.

Need more more time, cant blog so often for this month, will continue again once all its done.

Sorry Diary

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

2015 Chinese New Year Preparation

1 more week, counting down to Chinese New Year, 2 more days to Company Annual Dinner, duh, what a tired week, need to get all prepares, daughter, husband and my self. Need to work and need to shop.

Last week ive been to Times Square & Sg Wang KL to buy my own clothes, get alot of discounts due to CNY is near and maybe the bosses there need to clear out their stock.
End up several hundreds Ringgit flow away like water. =(.
This is what i get for myself :-
2pc, a pants RM 25 & a blouse RM 30

1pc Jump Suit RM40

1pc Jump Suit RM 40

Jump Suit RM25
And theres more of it, I dont have any extra time to take more picture [ sorry ]
 Then yesterday im going to my friends saloon to have my hair cut.
pale face ==
After hair cut face, as usual, short hair for me, suite me well. =)
Thank you my dear friend JEREMY for giving me another great look for the coming CNY.
You guys might look for him at Altimate Hair & Beauty Salon located at Putri Park Plaza, Taman Putra, 68000 Ampang. Near by Hospital Ampang. He has been a hair stylist for more than 5 years, very talented and very profesional. =)

Tonight im gonna colour my hair with a bright RED colour hair dyer and will do a review about it soon.
And also ill do my nails by my own too [ GEL COLOURED NAILS ]

Blog will be update very soon =)


Australia Trip - Day 2 - Blue Mountain & Scenic World [ SYDNEY ]

Hi everyone,  hope didnt keep you guys waiting for so long for it.

Activities : Hotel > Waradah Aboriginal Centre > The 3 sisters look out point > Lunch@Katoomba Street > Scenic World > Dinner Cyren BAr @ Harbourside Shopping Centre > Hotel
Day 2, rainy & cold morning.Its only 10 degree Celsius.
Today activity will be travel to Blue Mountain located at Katoomba, 2 hours ride from our hotel to there.
Rainy & cold morning
Vet for the big animals
Its kinda boring to sit at the bus and travel for 2 hours long~~~Sleepy~~~
and finally we reach Waradah Aboriginal Centre. 1st impression, why do you bring us into a small mall? What they gonna do inside? ask us to purchase thing just only 2 days arrival?
1st-ly, we saw few of the ''Orang Asli'' dressed performer, taking picture with all off us with the equipment they provided such as hairy coat, boomerang, and so so on. Then they give us one thing look like a rubber band with some beads on it as an entry ticket to their shows.Once we entered the theatre, they dimmed of the lights and the performance begin.
They talk about who is their ancestors, why they are here, why they are getting lesser & lesser.
Show us how their traditional equipment works, how their musics sounds like and how they dance & communicate with each other. Me and my husband was being invited to head above the stage to have fun with them. Me to dance the ostrich dance and my husband to dance the Kangaroo dance. Nice experience but I didn't taken any photos of it [TOO BAD]
After the performance, they are guiding us to their art gallery & shops. Looking around but didn't buy anything at last.

After evverything is done here, we are heading to the Echo Point - Lookout point, Its very near with the Waradah Aboriginal Center, just 5 minutes walk then we arrived.Thanks god, its sunny here im able to catch some pictures here.

Its quite cloudy, weather is not predictable
The Echo Point surrounding
More mountain view
Compressed pictures
The 3 Sisters Rock is the main character here, but end up, i didnt take any pictures of it. [Need to study more before travelling]

Hungry~~~ is time to fill up our tummy, heading to Katoomba Street, few Kilometres away from the lookout point.

Very special ceiling & chandelier 
A antique theme restaurant
Utensils placed nicely
~~~ Burb ~~~ full and continue to go, Owh God, raining outside, need to run to out bus that parked opposite the restaurant. A little wet & cold definitely. Brrom, start the bus and we are heading to the Scenic World. Only 5 minutes driver from the place we had our lunch.

We had been provided with 3 ride passes. The Skyway, Cableway & Railway tickets.
Once entry, the place look like a mall to me And out tour guide is bringing us to the Railway station, lining up and its super cold up there, its mountain and also like a jungle to me. Lined almost 20 minutes, finally reached our turn.Going in, cages locked and up we go.

This Is our map
The driver looks like very tired tho
After we went up the hill, we arrived to a tree-ee area. A Lot trees & alot mining figures & equipments and i realised we already arrived to the Walkway
Above the cave

And more trees
Mining thingy
After we went up the hill, we arrived to a tree-ee area. A Lot trees & alot mining figures & equipments and i realised we already arrived to the Walkway

And more more trees
After few minutes walk, we arrive to the cable way station, we went on-board to the cable and back to the main station to take our Skyway ride.

While lining up for the cable, we saw  this huge bell hanged on the roof
Theres a large glass at the bottom of the cable

High high up

While lining up and waiting the cable to return back to the station
Selfie [look like a sick person here]
Bough some souvenir from the Scenic World ~~KOALA & SALTY POPCORN for my self.
Curious, so i bough the Large pac, end up, the dustbin is full by eating my popcorn

Regret it, many other place sell cheaper than the Scenic World
End up our day at the Scenic World, skies has been dark and the driver is abit mad, cuz we are late and making him waited for so long.On the way back to sydney, he is kinda pissed off, He drive kinda fast and the traffic is a little heavy actually.

After a long drive, we arrive to our dinner venue, Cyren Bar inside Harbourside Shopping Centre.
We are having Fish & Chips again after the same lunch menu just now.
Rough Sea Salt

Hot Chocolate With Ginger Biscuts
Garlic Bread
Chips, Squid, Fish, Prawn

After dinner, we still have some extra time to went out and have a little walk at the river side, the view was spectacular.
OK, and this picture will end up this time blog.
Part 3 Coming up,
See you again soon, chaw

Friday, 6 February 2015

Australia Trip - Day 1 [ SYDNEY DAY TOUR ]

Its already been awhile since I visited Australia. Thanks my Mom in law for giving us the best vacation every in year 2014.
OK - Lets the stories start :-

This trip was purchased at the local travelling agencies Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd
and our group leader was Ms Snow (maybe). This vacation will bring us to Sydney & Melbourne and the trip duration is 8 days 6 nights. Cost is somewhere 10k to 15k.

7th June 2014 - Saturday 
Gather at my mother in laws home and we took taxi to KLIA. Once reached KLIA, we start to look for our group leader, check in and FLY~~~~

Above Singapore - 1 AM
Chicken Wantan Mee - Supper - Changi Airport
Hubbie's noodle, with roasted duck
Aussie from top
Breakfast On Plane before landing

8th June 2014 - SundayWe arrive Sydney at the morning (forget bout the time) and while gathering at the airport, theres a phone booth that sell Aussie sim card (LEBARA), without hesitation, in 1 shot, my families bough 3 sets of sim card that cost 30 aussie dollar.They provide 2gb of Internet data and it surve superfast.

1st Destination :- Dim Sum Lunch at The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant @ Market City, Sydney.

1st wefie once arrival at Sydney Airport

Then we walk for several minute then we saw this old building so call The Market City
and the restaurant is inside the mall itself and this is what the restaurant look like 

The day we visited is super crowded, maybe it saturday i guess, need to be wait to be seated.
Most of the staff who work there is chinese and what, chinese always work so efficiently.
Fast & accurate, even the waiter there ask us to not touch anything.[maybe will disturb his work i guess =( ]and we had some dimsums & fride noodle & rice [the rice was tastless]

After lunch, here start our journey.
Sydney day tour.

1st stop will be Sydney Sea Market . 
Its so huge & so clean compare to our local wet market.
1st impression, clean environment & clean air
Cross Road, To the Market
Hi Seagull 
Most of then is eating fried seafood's bough from the market
Then we walk walk walk, the fruit & veggies market is at out right hand side *BOOM* pretty colourful fresh fruits & veggies sported.
Red Apple, Orange, Green Apple, Bloody Orange, Lemons

 Look at their arrangements, so tidy and colourful.
we look like so sort of crazy tourist that havent seen fruits & vegies for thousand of years, taking  photoes everywhere ==]
Inside the market

On the way to the bus, to the next destination~~

2nd stop :-  Royal Botanic Garden 

Bride & Groom spotted [pre-wedding photo shoot]
Sun Set at the garden

Sunny Shot

A tutor is talking to his student about Mrs Macquarie's Chair stories.
Mr hubby observing something

Facing Port Jackson

Modern building in Sydney
Old building under refurbishment.

Up to the bus, going closer to the view ~~~ To the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE

Walk 1st, arriving soon
Hi there, 

Theres alot of bar below the walk-way
Cute houses along the water
Harbour Bridge
Ferry [can you spot whats opposite there?]

Water Taxis
Fun Fair
Water Cloud
It was raining not long after this picture was catch. [please bring umbrella to anywhere you go]

We are running through the rain for almost 10 to 15 minutes with the cold weather somewhere around 10 degree Celsius [lesson learned] to the next spot.
We arrived to a harbour and head above a ferry i [guess] that will cruise along the river & enjoying the night view with a cocktail party inside the ferry.
The skies turn completely dark once reach 5pm, the interior of the ferry is lighted with light, reflection, cant see the opera house at all. Suddenly, all lights was up and we finally saw the scene after waited for 3 hours inside the ferry. By that time, they are having VIVID SYDNEY light show.
the opera house
The whole city was surrounded by lights
Then we walked for 20 minutes to our bus and the bus is bringing us back to the hotel.VIBE HOTEL SYDENY . Its very nearby the china town actually, walk somewhere around 5 to 10 minutes, then will arrove tho the china town that sells many foods. Unfortunately, all the shops is closed. End up, go back hotel and sleep.
Anyway, this is how our room look like

Adios ~~~ Sydney day 2 - Coming soon ^^