Friday, 6 February 2015

Australia Trip - Day 1 [ SYDNEY DAY TOUR ]

Its already been awhile since I visited Australia. Thanks my Mom in law for giving us the best vacation every in year 2014.
OK - Lets the stories start :-

This trip was purchased at the local travelling agencies Apple Vacations & Conventions Sdn Bhd
and our group leader was Ms Snow (maybe). This vacation will bring us to Sydney & Melbourne and the trip duration is 8 days 6 nights. Cost is somewhere 10k to 15k.

7th June 2014 - Saturday 
Gather at my mother in laws home and we took taxi to KLIA. Once reached KLIA, we start to look for our group leader, check in and FLY~~~~

Above Singapore - 1 AM
Chicken Wantan Mee - Supper - Changi Airport
Hubbie's noodle, with roasted duck
Aussie from top
Breakfast On Plane before landing

8th June 2014 - SundayWe arrive Sydney at the morning (forget bout the time) and while gathering at the airport, theres a phone booth that sell Aussie sim card (LEBARA), without hesitation, in 1 shot, my families bough 3 sets of sim card that cost 30 aussie dollar.They provide 2gb of Internet data and it surve superfast.

1st Destination :- Dim Sum Lunch at The Eight Modern Chinese Restaurant @ Market City, Sydney.

1st wefie once arrival at Sydney Airport

Then we walk for several minute then we saw this old building so call The Market City
and the restaurant is inside the mall itself and this is what the restaurant look like 

The day we visited is super crowded, maybe it saturday i guess, need to be wait to be seated.
Most of the staff who work there is chinese and what, chinese always work so efficiently.
Fast & accurate, even the waiter there ask us to not touch anything.[maybe will disturb his work i guess =( ]and we had some dimsums & fride noodle & rice [the rice was tastless]

After lunch, here start our journey.
Sydney day tour.

1st stop will be Sydney Sea Market . 
Its so huge & so clean compare to our local wet market.
1st impression, clean environment & clean air
Cross Road, To the Market
Hi Seagull 
Most of then is eating fried seafood's bough from the market
Then we walk walk walk, the fruit & veggies market is at out right hand side *BOOM* pretty colourful fresh fruits & veggies sported.
Red Apple, Orange, Green Apple, Bloody Orange, Lemons

 Look at their arrangements, so tidy and colourful.
we look like so sort of crazy tourist that havent seen fruits & vegies for thousand of years, taking  photoes everywhere ==]
Inside the market

On the way to the bus, to the next destination~~

2nd stop :-  Royal Botanic Garden 

Bride & Groom spotted [pre-wedding photo shoot]
Sun Set at the garden

Sunny Shot

A tutor is talking to his student about Mrs Macquarie's Chair stories.
Mr hubby observing something

Facing Port Jackson

Modern building in Sydney
Old building under refurbishment.

Up to the bus, going closer to the view ~~~ To the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE

Walk 1st, arriving soon
Hi there, 

Theres alot of bar below the walk-way
Cute houses along the water
Harbour Bridge
Ferry [can you spot whats opposite there?]

Water Taxis
Fun Fair
Water Cloud
It was raining not long after this picture was catch. [please bring umbrella to anywhere you go]

We are running through the rain for almost 10 to 15 minutes with the cold weather somewhere around 10 degree Celsius [lesson learned] to the next spot.
We arrived to a harbour and head above a ferry i [guess] that will cruise along the river & enjoying the night view with a cocktail party inside the ferry.
The skies turn completely dark once reach 5pm, the interior of the ferry is lighted with light, reflection, cant see the opera house at all. Suddenly, all lights was up and we finally saw the scene after waited for 3 hours inside the ferry. By that time, they are having VIVID SYDNEY light show.
the opera house
The whole city was surrounded by lights
Then we walked for 20 minutes to our bus and the bus is bringing us back to the hotel.VIBE HOTEL SYDENY . Its very nearby the china town actually, walk somewhere around 5 to 10 minutes, then will arrove tho the china town that sells many foods. Unfortunately, all the shops is closed. End up, go back hotel and sleep.
Anyway, this is how our room look like

Adios ~~~ Sydney day 2 - Coming soon ^^

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