Thursday, 11 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His WIfe [ PART 4 ] Bringing Other Lady Back Home


On one typical morning, the Indian lady went to the morning as usual, suddenly an aunty came to her and ask her, did you ate KFC with your husband last week? The Indian lady feel weird because last week she was at Pulau Langkawi for the whole week, how come people saw her eating with her husband? She tough that was a mistake, then she continue her day.

Few week passes, more and more people was asking her the same question an a neighbor confess to her.''Last week, when you are at Langkawi, your husband is bringing back a thin Indian lady, the one which work at the supermarket.'' This information surprised the Indian lady and she has been super aware of her husband behavior.

One evening, the Indian lady answered a call, from her husband manager. The manager was looking for his husband because her husband has been absent from work for several days already. The Indian lady was pissed and she went to the supermarket and look for the thin Indian lady. Surprisingly, the thin Indian lady was absent for few days too. While the Indian lady was walking back home, she saw her husband's motorcycle, in the thin Indian lady house. She was devastated and sad. Her husband was sleeping with another woman while she was away and now he is even cheating to her & his boss to meet this thin Indian lady.

The Indian lady keep her silence again. She don't wanna her children to know about this and also she don't wanna broke is husband lies again because she is scared to be beaten again.

To be Continue ~~~

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