Thursday, 4 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His WIfe [ PART 2 ] Prostitution

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2 years after the birth of their beautiful daughter, its being suspicious that the man always came home late and he was always telling his wife that he is very stress, do need to go to the night club to have some beer. By that time, they are living in the hotel quarters, just below the hotel. The night club was just located above their quarters room. The lady feels something strange is happening because there's a time where his husband is not coming back to sleep, he only do come back in the morning.

There come a day, the man didn't go home and didn't inform the lady where he goes after work. She is worried and she went to his working place and look for her husband. The manager came ald told the lady that her husband already back from work. So the next stop is to the night club that he often goes after work.Guess what she saw. She saw her husband was sitting in a corner with a lady, touching, kissing and so so on. She was so pissed off and went back to the quarters and sleep. She silently look for the information of the female that sits with his husband the previous night. The lady was working with the night club as a prostitute. Its quite easy to seek for information of the prostitute because the prostitute was working for the same boss her husband is.So in a short period of time, the Indian lady has known where the prostitute live.

On one particular day, the husband didn't came home right after he has punch out from work. The Indian lady was pissed off and she went to the prostitute house straight away and she saw her husband was there with the prostitute. She dint says a word, slams the door and leave, while carrying their 2 year old daughter. The husband faster follow his wife back and no one will expect this to happen. He slaps and hit the indian lady and said ''you had made me shame infront of her, how can you do this?'' **[by that period of time, there are very less woman will come out and speak for them self because they think this is karma and disrespectful for their husband]** she just cried and helpless.

On one evening, the prostitute came to the lady quarters and shove the insian lady an empty cheque. The prostitute says ''let go of your husband, take the money and leave with your daughter'' then the indian lady refuse and shout to the prostute ''get lost from my sight and leave this place now!''

She is very stress and do think of jump from the hotel building, but she does think of her 2 year old children, whos gonna take care her when shes gone. So she stop her tough of die-ing for tempory of time.

The indian lady told me that she faces with the prostitute is more than 3 times. At one moment, she really cant take it anymore, the indian lady decided to give her sister a call and ask her sister to take care of her daughter when shes not around. Her sister feels something is going wrong there and she rushed to the quarters that they live. The indian lady was drinking few bottle of poison and she was passed out by the time her sister arrived to their place.

The sister is worried and scared, dosnt know what to do and the 1st thing came to her mind is their mother.SEEK HELP FROM THEIR MOTHER. The sister carried her down stairs, another good hearted woman is helping her by carrying the indian lady 2 years old daughter. They took taxi to their mother house. The indian ladys mom is force feeding her herbs and made her vomit.In a short time, the indoan lady was vomiting black substance and she was save and awake.

The encounter does end when the chinese man whole family is moved back to Kuala Lumpur and stay with the chinese man's brother and family. She also has been bullied back then from her sister in law. She do need to do all the house works, cook, taking care of others people children and no salary given. She also do think tis maybe karma from her pass life. So she disint complain and just do her job.

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