Thursday, 31 December 2015

Restaurant & Food Review : The Champ Kitchen 猪多宝 @ Kepong

A quite famous shop around Kepong, Damansara area. THE CHAMP KITCHEN [facebook]
I'm one of the blogger who has this opportunity to try out their newly launched menu =)
A very big thanks to the organizer GOURMET HUNTER KL [facebook ] and also the owner of the restaurant.

Just type ''THE CHAMP KITCHEN'' at your smartphone Waze, very easy to locate

So many cute porky piggy here.

Seasonal dishes, might change from time to time
The surrounding is so calming and so homie for me. Very comfortable and suitable for family gathering. You may bring along your old folks here since the food they serve here are quite traditional with some modern touch decorating the dish...Very suitable for those youngster who likes to take food photos like me =)

Piggy sign everywhere ^^

As usual, ill post their menu here for your reference before posting the food photos.

Saw the woman's head marking at the right side of the dish name? It actually mark the collagen level of the dishes =)

Newly launched dishes

OK....imma made you hungry by only looking to the picture *grin grin grin*

Pork Hock & Slice Knuckle Rice RM 12

水晶元蹄 RM18

港式串蚝  RM 15
Oyster imported from Hong Kong


HK Century Egg Ginger - RM 6 / pcs
Century egg imported from Hong Kong too

白玉蒜泥 RM28

Seasonal Assorted Soup

银杏胡椒猪肚汤  RM22 White Pepper Pork Stomach Soup

(Small RM32) (Large RM38)
What made their soup so expensive, ingredient...Most of the ingredient here are imported and they inserted the most premium ingredient to their soup such as fish mao etc etc. The price we paid, really worth it. Totally different with the one i always had outside.


Claypot Pork Knuckle

additional hot spring egg + RM 2 / pcs

So tender & juicy. Been cook for 72 Hours...Thumbs up

Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly with Fu Zuk & Fermented Bean Curd Sauce - RM 38

Minced Meat Omelet - RM 10

Pork Hind Noodle (Dry) - RM 10/12

Mui Chai - RM 3 (Additional Sides)

Ham Chai - RM 3 (Additional Sides)

鱼籽金砖 RM 8

Pork Lard Noodle (Dry) - RM 6/8

Hot Spring Eggs - RM 2 / Pcs (Additional Sides)

Garlic Fried Rice - RM 6

Pork Lard Rice - RM 3

Fried Man Tao Bun ....... -RM 3 for 2pcs

Pork Neck Skewer - RM 9 for 2 stick 
chewie & very tender texture
My baby likes it too

Last But Not Least ~ DESSERTS ~ ICE-CREAMS

Left - Homemade Premium Truffle Bacon Ice-cream
RM 16/ scoop
As you guys can see from the name it self, it already tell us why it is so expensive...TRUFFLE...a very expensive ingredient!
And the topping is crushed fried bacon.
Taste wise, very strong truffle taste, a bit salty and crunchy from the bacon flakes.

Right - Homemade Sea-salt Ice-cream
RM 5 / scoop
Sea-salt ice-cream? Who taste it before...haha...actually i like this more that the above one.
It melted immediately in your mouth with a very light salty & refreshing feel.

This is the end if my blog. I will definitely bring my family members over to eat here. A must visit place too.

No 19, Jalan KIP 1, 
Taman Perindistrian Kepong,
52200 KL.
Contact Number : 03-6275 1919

~~~ Happy New Year ~~~