Sunday, 27 December 2015

Melacca 1 Day Trip - Part 1 [ Breakfast at Hornbill Kitchen & Mushroom Bun's from 小二哥 ]

This time, me and my family will go to Melacca for 1 day trip. Organized by this fantastic group Gourmet Hunter KL.

There's around 20+ bloggers which join this trip. Some decide to go by their own and majority of us go by bus arranged by the organizer it self.

We all gathered at Kelana Jaya LRT station and start moving to our 1st destination at 8am+

Breakfast at Hornbill Kitchen located at HELP University College @ Pudu.

Hornbill Kitchen
Located just opposite Seven Eleven
This is a non-halal restaurant

Keow Teow all the way from Thailand
Mainly, this restaurant sells Thai food. All the dry or wet ingredient from noodle, seasoning to spices are all imported from Thailand.

Best Seller.


The owner said, this noodle has the similarities with the Boat Noodle that we always had, but the one we always had has been simplify. The above noodle is how the actual Thai's having.
It contains a huge chunk of radish and also a piece of bitter gourd with some chicken slices served in a salty yet a bit spicy soup.

Tom Yum Mee Hoon
Before heading back to the bus, Mr Organizer passes each of us a box of bun. Guess what bun it is???


Green & Brown
Mushroom Bun
Sells by the famous Cheras Connaught Pasar Malam bun seller. Check their Facebook page [ HERE ]
The mushroom's buns are their latest invention and also their latest add in menus. Inspired by mushrooms soup. The feeling it self is very creamy and is fill up with a lot mushrooms, meat and assorted vegies.

The green one is a vegetarian mushroom bun.
While the brown one contains some chicken meat inside.
Taste wise, brown one is much more creamier & cheesier i think
For me, i personally likes the green one more ^^

Check out their Facebook page or maybe you might call him to have some mass order of buns. Currently he is selling more than 5000 buns per day. Very good business definitely he do need you guys to made some arrangement or booking before proceeding.

End Of Part 1

Although is a 1 day trip, but this series of post contains a lot lot lot of pictures, so i decided to split it into 3 parts.

Part 2 [ Melacca 5D Art Museum & Satay Celup Noodle for Lunch ] - Click To Read
Part 3 [ Dinner at Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist at The Mines, Seri Kembangan ] - Comes up very soon =)

~~stay tune & cya~~

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