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End of 2nd Pregnancy Diary : Late Miscarriage at Week 14

Reason to post this is all because I wanted to educate all the mommies to be or maybe any pregnant ladies out there. Not much people will share their heart breaking stories on this platform due to grieving or answering question from anyone. Most of them choose to be quite and let the pain heal by its own. Because of lack of information, I have lost my 14 week old child.

I will always compare it with my previous pregnancies. The previous pregnancy was very very very good. Im able to drive to work, 45 minute a day, 6 days a week and i have no complication at all.

This is not the story. During this pregnancy, im resting most of the tome at home, sometimes ill drive back to my dad's home. That's all. Nothing hectic and will affect the pregnancies. Checking up with the gynie on time and never skipped anything.

What to say, god only lend the baby for me for 97 days and god choose to love him more.

Just surrender.

At 14 week old, the baby already enter the 2nd trimester, which mean they already pass the dangerous zone and seldom people will get a miscarriage at the 2nd trimester. Most of it will happens at the 1st trimester. If it happens after the 1st trimester, it means ''late miscarriage'' which occur at the 12 to 24 week.

Below here is my whole experience of late miscarriage at week 14.

6th December 2015 ( Sunday )

A very challenging day for us. It all started with a weird vaginal discharge of mine.

4th December 2015 ( Friday ) Morning

After the second I get up from my bed, i have a funny feeling that something is leaking out down there. Went to the toilet, grab a tissue and I'm like pushing a bit and there's a squirt of yellowish, brownish with a little of blood strand. 

As the doctor said previously, the polyp will burst and it will bleed. The bleeding is not much and most of it probably will take 1 to 3 days to clear.

I thought it was the polyp burst, so I just leave it and not going to the doctor on that day because I don't feel any weird feeling's such as pain or sore.

5th December 2015 ( Saturday )

The discharge is still there, not as much as yesterday but it started to have some funny smell and i thought it was normal, because during end of a menstrual cycle, we will have some dark blood with some funny smells. Due to the quantity of the discharge is getting lesser, and i think it was normal, so I just leave it.


After dinner, somewhere around 9pm, im discussing with my husband, do i really really really need to seek for doctor advice? My husband said, just go, don't care about money & time, your & the baby health is the most important. Anyway, my husband think that the weird discharge probably is ''pus'' (nanah in malay) so he think that is quite serious.

We manage to arrive to Sime Darby Park City Medical Center Emergency department at 10.45pm and Dr Chan was on duty that night.

1st, she is doing an ultrasound on me and happily the baby is moving very active. The little hand and feet is wiggling. Me and husband are very happy at that time after knowing the baby is doing alright. The doctor said to me with a smiling face ''the baby can herd both your sound, so the baby is wiggling inside =)'' and the position of the baby is already in place. The head is down, lying on the back and the little feet is at the upper right part of my uterus.

While im still resting on the bed, the doctor on duty is calling my gynie, Dr Goh and ask her what do she need to do or give to me. During their conversation, I herd that Dr Chan is telling Dr Goh that im a very good patient, knowing that im having a polyps and the chance of the polyp might burst and bleed. The doctor has give me an conclusion that the blood / mucus are probably from the polyp. No big deal, baby is healthy and she will give me a jab of [ Proluton Depot Amp 250mg/ml ] on my thigh and an start an antibiotic treatment by pushing [ Fluomizin ] into my vagina every night for 6 night.

I got the jab, paid the bills, got the medicine and went home. Arrive home at 12am.

6th December 2015 ( Sunday ) Midnight

Once i reached home, i went to the toilet and instantly inserted the tablet into my vagina and took a bed rest since I'm putting  my 3yo to sleep.


My tummy is growling, twisting and very pain. I thought it was diarrhea so i went to the toilet and try to push out some stool. Ended only a little lump of stool came out but the pain is still there and it is getting worst and worst. I manage to come out after the pain has gone for awhile, lye down on the bed and rest a bit. After like 3 minutes, the pain is back and im going back to the toilet again. This time i feel weird. maybe is not the pain for diarrhea so i asked my husband to bring me back to the hospital.

While walking out from my room to the entrance of my door, the pain hits back, i squatted then i realize that my amniotic sack is broken and a lot water gushes out down there.

I finally know, the pain that i thought it was passing stool or diarrhea is contraction pain for labour.

Mr husband is panic, same as my father and sister. Mr husband asked my dad to call the hospital to get us an ambulance, but i think that is not necessary. I already know that once the amniotic sac or water is broken, there's no more way to safe the baby. I calmed everyone down, took a blanket to prevent from making my husband car dirty and ask my husband drive me to the hospital which is just 3 minutes away from my home.

Once arrive to the hospital, the nurses there still recognize me because i just left the hospital for 1 hour+. They immediately ask me to lye down and i know everything will be bad.

My dad are waiting me at the waiting area while my husband is accompanying me to the emergency room.

Once im in the room, They poke an iv line on my left hand, squeezing, pushing, pulling just to draw some blood out for some lab test. I was very very in pain and i have no strength to see or watch what are they doing to me.The contraction is so so bad. a single contraction lasted for almost 10 minute and stop for 5 minute then the contraction started again. I was very in pain and tears keep falling out and this made my husband super worried and panic.

The emergency doctor in charge call my Gynie immediately and she told her that the baby is already not in my womb. She cant trace the baby with the ultrasound machine and my Gynie rushes to the hospital immediately and finally she arrived like in 15 minutes.

Once she arrives, she scan me with the ultrasound machine and she cant found the baby. She asked the nurses on duty to bring her a speculum and she inserted into me. She told me that is not good. The baby is already came out and now stuck in between your uterus and vagina. The baby is at your vagina while the placenta is still left in your uterus. This is why im having a super bad contraction since i was at home.

I've ask the doctor, how long will it take for the whole thing to come out from me? She said it wouldn't have any specific time, some of it uses several hours, maybe half day or maybe a few days. It depends on the body itself.

Doctor is ordering some pain killers for me while she is admitting me into the hospital. A strong contraction kicks in again, this time i notice something huge coming out from my vagina and there's a lot water or blood flowing out as well. I have no time to take the pain killers.

All the nurses and Dr Goh rushes into my room and clean me up. Digging, pushing, or so whatever. I have no more strength to ask what are they doing to me. I'm exhausted, in pain and i can never describe how sad and how bad my mood was that moment.

After awhile, Dr Goh told me that she is pretty confidant that most of the stuff already came out and there is no need to do D&C on me. She prepare me 2 dose of Cytotec ( an oral tablet ) which will made our uterus contract and squeezes out those remaining tissue in our body.

I was admitted to the hospital for 2 nights for observation and im getting discharged on Monday afternoon ( 7 December 2015 )

10th December 2015 ( Thursday )

After ive been discharged from the hospital, i dont feel any cramping or pain. Theres only red fresh blood and the quantity is not much ( wont soak a whole regular pads a day ).


I notice theres a little cramp, just very light , like menstrual cramp at my right side of my lower abdoment. I thinks that normal, because the doctor told me so. Its a symptom of recovery.

But please do find the doctor if you soaked a pad in just several hours.

I have not yet soak the whole pad and ill just let it be.

11th December 2015 ( Friday ) Selangor Sultan Birthday ( Public Holiday )

The cramp is still there. Mr husband keep asking me weather do i need to go to the hospital? I keep saying no because the pain is still bareable and theres not many blood seen.


I got a very bad pain and suddenly i passed out a clump of tissue. After the tissue is passed out, i notice that i already get my pad soaked fully in just 3 hours.

I called my husband, he was at a wedding party that moment, rushes back and bring me to the hospital. At the same moment, no one is taking care of my 3yo so we needed to bring her along to the hospital.


Arrived to the hospital. The staff there seems to still recognize me and they guided me into the emergency room and had me rest there.

Some nurses came to understand my situation then they passed it to the doctor on call that night. A malay male doctor came and talk to me. He seems not so familiar with this case so he called my Gynie, Dr Goh.

Dr Goh decided to come and treat me by her own so she decided to travel from her home to the hospital. She asked the nurses ready so stuff so she can straightly give me a check once she arrived.

Dr Goh arrived after 20 minutes and the 1st thing she so was to ultrasound my uterus. She found out there was still some tissue left inside my uterus. The size was 1cm+.

She inserted speculum inside me and have a check down there. My cervic is still slightly open and there's some blood clot inside, Dr Goh uses some utensils to dig and clean up some of the remaining tissue inside there. Without any pain killers, i was very uncomfortable there. Feels like someone digging inside me.

After all the digging and cleaning, there was quite a lot blood started to flow out from my vagina. I had asked the doctor weather is common or not. The doctor said it was normal and hopefully the tissue will passed out by it own so there's no need to do D&C which will harm out uterus.

From her experience, she do think D&C is the better way now because if the clot don't come out by its own, ill have an infection and she don't want that to happen.

She give me 2 choices. Either to do D&C immediately or to take Cytotec again.

If i choose to do the D&C, i will need to admitted to the hospital immediately. I cant do do because there's no one to take care my 3yo.

Dr Goh give me a suggestion. She asked me to try to take Cytotec, see weather the medication will help me to passed out the remaining tissue. Take it at 12am and another dose at 7am. Get someone to take care my daughter and come back to the hospital at 8.30am the next day to see weather the tissue already passed out or not. If the tissue is not out yet, then we will do the D&C on the day.

Dr Goh is very considerate. I like the way she gives me some solution while im a bit lost there. I have decided to take the cytotec and come back to her the next morning while i have my sister and dad to help me look after my daughter so my and my husband can go to the hospital at morning and worst case, to do D&C at that day as well.

Arrived home, cytotec taken, but my body seems like not reacting to cytotec. I have no strong cramping and i have no passes any tissue out from my body. I have a very strong instinct that definitely ill have to do the D&C.

12 December 2015 - Saturday


Time has arrived, all has been arranged and the doc has called. Time for a scan at the hospital and decided what to do on the current day.

Arrived to the hospital, cut all the que and meet the doctor. The 1st thing Dr Goh asked me is :
''do you passed out any thing last night?''
I said ''No, there's no ant effect after eating the medicine, no bad cramping etc etc''
Dr Goh said, ''Then probably we will need to do the D&C today''


Get all ready, change into operation robe, got iv line poked, and pushed into the operating theater.

Got an injection, after 2 or 3 minute, im black out.


I'm finally awake and the surgery is done. I don't remember anything till the moment im blacked out.


Discharged and everything is very fine. No bad bleeding ( only a small patch every day, 1 pantyliner is enough for 1 day )

23 December 2015 - Tuesday

It has been 11 days after the D&C. Till now im feeling very fine and the blood stain is getting lesser and lesser. If i have the chance to turn back the time, i would like to have the D&C done by the 1st day of my miscarriage.

Dear friends & readers, please do not compare any pregnancies. I notice that every pregnancies is very different and please do not take it so easy, Anything will happen and no one wanted this to happen. Take good care and i shall write about it again.


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