Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Food Review : Dinner at Yamaguchi Fish Market

You guys still remember that I got Rm300 Voucher from the Yamaguchi Fish Market launching right? In case you forgot it, you may [ CLICK ] here to go back to the previous post.

I already use it and end up we eat like a cow and only need to pay RM50 cash...xD (GST, service charge & drinks cant claim with the voucher)

Here is what we eat that night by using their voucher.

Seafood Nabe Mono [RM38]

Seafood Hot Pot Serve with Vegetables. More like a steamboat. Japanese clear soup served with assorted vegetables such as : Chinese cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, sleek, corn, fu zhuk (tofu skin) etc etc.
Seafood wise : 2tiger prawns, few slices of fish filet, clam & scallop.

Hakka Stir Fried Mud Crab [ RM 156 ]

2 large crab, fried with home made sauce. Taste good. *thumbs up

 Fried Mee Hoon With Crab & Petai [ RM 88 ]

 A very strong peanut oil fried mee hoon served together with a whole crab.


Huge crab claw....satisfaction gao gao
Please call them for seat reservation although is weekdays. We manage to squeeze in Caffeiness and have our seafood feast there. Look a bit weird eh. People busy eating cafe thingy and we this table busy knocking & digging for crab meat. xD

Yamaguchi Fish Market
 Location : No. 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
(where Caffeiness, Black Market & EGG is)
Operating Hours : Open's Daily from 10am to 1am
For reservation purposes, kindly contact:
T: 03-9284 6686
E: info@yamaguchifishmarket.com


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