Friday, 25 December 2015

Travel : Kg Melayu, Gambang [ Pahang, Kuantan, Gambang 3 Day's Trip ] Day 1

Warning, this series of blogs might contains a lot lot lot of picture. If you guys cant take it, then don't read. =)

This post i have been keeping for so long already. I still remember i visited these place on the malay friends fasting month, June 2015.

Me & my family will come here at least twice a year cuz we have some relative staying here. At the same moment while we pay them a visit, we goes explore something fun to do nearby.

Anyway, one of my relatives lives at Kampung Melayu, Gambang. Just few minute drives from Karak High way Gambang exit.

There's some kopitiam and mamak stall nearby. Grab some brunch dulu. Hungry after been driving for 3 hours +

Im having my brunch here.
Restaurant Lai Meng

Wild boar Curry Wantan Mee. With a tons of fuzhuk, yong tofu and balls for only RM5.00
Full Full Full, lets go and explore the chinese village nearby.

As you guys can see from my picture, its really a very kampung kampung's. This is one of a few chinese village here.

This is the place where i stayed for this coming 3 days
Cant find this kind of kampungs at KL anymore

Very ada kampung feel eh...Love the feeling here...It brings back my childhood memories.
Amoi sibuk buat pose xD

Well, you guys saw this before?
This well is still functioning and my aunt & uncle still using it
Self plant winter melon. As big as my head @@
Hi Sunnies
Poke poke poke, dok dok dok
Milo Ais Ikat Tepi
What is my aunt doing behind there?
Owh, shes sharpening her Ruber harvesting knives
She does it every evening and goes for rubber harvest as early as 3am everyday
This is what they use for rubber harvest from the rubber tree. A very strange looking ''L'' shaped knives.

Sun's already set....What next?
Dinner Time !

Simple and tasty home cook dinner. Thanks Aunty & Uncle fore treating us so well ^^
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Day 3 Bukit Gambang Safari Park - Coming up very soon


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