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Review : SkinSoul SkinShield Skin Care Set

SkinSoul also do has a Skin Care Regiment set which is the SKIN SHIELD which are the *the best organic & PARABEN FREE skin care.

Today im gonna do a review for this fantastic set's of skin care.

1st of all, let me briefly introduce this product to you.

All Natural Skin Renewal
This is an all-natural skin care range which are made from pure organic Ashitaba & fusion of other precious botanical extracts that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal.This skin care works on the key factor of Ashitaba' remarkable ability to regenerate itself when injured thus demonstrating astounding properties to stimulate skin nourishment, healing & transformation.

Active Ingredient
ASHITABA ( Angelica Keiskei Koidzumi) Benifits / Properties

  • 11 Vitamins
  • 13 Minerals
  • Antioxidant (chalcones)
  • Acclerates skin cells regeneration to dramacally fade fine lines & wrinkles
  • Penetrates the deepest layers of the skin leaving it deeply hydrated, silky & supple.
  • Demonstrate high anti-bacterial & anti-pollutant activity, reduces inflamation.
  • With blood purifying & detoxifying properties to help heal skin irritation.

Mini Travelling Kit
inclusive of:-
from left to right
  1. Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
  2. Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion Mist Spray
  3. Lift & Bright Serum
  4. 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF50)
  5. Night Cream
Lets break everything out


  • Loads with lots of vitamins which benifits our skins and minerals from organically grown Ashitaba.
  • Lightenig properties from the Daisy Flower extract.
  • All the above natural ingredients cleanses deeply and still gentle to our skin.
  • Brighten, Moisturize & provides a pearly translucent glow.

Normal Kit
Traveling Kit

Texture (very watery soap) & Colour (yellowish)
 The smells is not perfumie. For me, i really do feel so secure while using it, because it does clean very well and wont dry out my skin after the wash.

Before wash
After wash

Im having instant brighter & fresher skin after 1 wash.


  • From the Ashitaba extract : skin calming, moisturizing & purifying.
  • This light weight lotion gently whisk away impurities & oils that clog our pors and will lead to skin breakouts & blemishes.
  • Restore skins moisture moisture balance after cleansing routine.
  • Which hazel extract : helps minimize the appreance of pores.
  • Creating a smooth, matte, healthy looking skin restores to its natural PH 
Normal Kit
Traveling Kit

Texture (sticky & thick) & Colour (clear)
after wash
after tone

The texture is more like essencie type (thick & sticky) but after the application, the lotion do fully absorbed into my skin and my skin feels fresh & surprisingly, it is not sticky after the lotion is fully absorbed into my skin.


  • Target aging at the core by infusing nutirents into the deepest layers of the skin to help restore elasticity & firmness.
  • Active Polyphenol & flavonoids in the Ashitaba protects our skins from sun damage.
  • Peptides & essential collagen : replenish lost of moisture.
  • Result : Supple, fair & firm lifted skin.

Normal Kit
Traveling Kit

Texture (oily)
After Serum

This essence main purpose is for elderly people because it targets wringkle & elasticity of skins.
Slightly oily for me and the promoter do tell me that oily & prone skin user is not encouraged to use this product. Overall for after 1 week of usage, there's no any sign of breakouts yet and my skin do feel tight after the essence is massaged and absorbed to my skin.

  • This Ashitaba enriched 12-in-1 base cream combines the benifits of sj=kin care & make up such as :-
  1. Hydrates & protects skin
  2. Unifies complexion
  3. Brightens up skin
  4. Even out skin tone
  5. Conceal & corrects blemishes
  6. Fights the sign of aging
  7. Protects skins from UV rays
  8. Strengthen the skin health
  9. Soothes skin irritation
  10. Fends off free radicals
  11. Stimulates skin rejuvenation
  12. Impairs radiant glow to facial countenance.
Normal Kit

Traveling Kit
Texture & Colour (just like BB/CC cream)
Dot Dot Dot, Im a dalmatian xD
After daycream
 As you guys can see, its quite white just after the application. It might scared you out but once the day cream is absorbed & it will slowly tone the colour and im quite confortable with the end results actually.

After almost 1 hour after the application of the day cream, the cream slowly adjust it self to my skin tone and now it blends together and im having a bright and healthy complexion compare to my bare face. This day cream we can use it as our make up base or just as simple as a daily sunscreens (SPF50). Moisturizer + sunscreen + make up base FANTASTIC

  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, refine enlarged pores, correct blemishes & improve damage skin condition.
  • Result : noticeably youthful & translucent complexion.
Normal Kit

Traveling KIt

Texture (Oily & Sticky) Colour (green+ yellowish)
after night cream application
The texture is thicker than the lotion & essence, more like a oily pasty texture and the same advice is given by the promoter, oily & prone skin customers is not encourage to use this product, it may made your skin break out. But for me, still the same, touch wood, no breakout yet =) after the application, my skin do feels abit sticky at 1st but after it is fully absorvbed, i like the end how my face looks like...Glowie and looks very healthy.


After the usage of this Skin Shield products, we will have this 3 levels of ultra protection from the Ashitaba's.
  1. INSULT SHIELD - Oxidative protection. Irratition Prevention. Anti-Inflammatory.
  2. SUN-SHIELD - Immune Photo-protection.
  3. MICRO-SHIELD - Microbial adhesion prevention.
Overall my personal view of this sets of skincare.

The smells is not like other skin care sells by the local drugstore, its all natural smells & its not ferfumie which i like it. Texture & colour wise, i can look through at them, non of them look chemically to me and it ald proven that its all organic & natural since the results is not fast seen compared to other products. =)



There's a good news for my readers. Mention my code #ssjoanneleong to the counter assistant then you will :-

There's a good news for my readers. Mention my code #ssjoanneleong to the counter assistant then you will 
  1. Entitle to walk away with a mini set of SkinSoul SkinShield when you purchase minimum of RM100 and above in a single receipt. ^^
  2. Purchase 2 pack of SkinSoul Ultra Soft Towelettes and walked away with a limited edition (not for sale) SkinSoul lip balm.
  3. You may able to purchase the SkinSoul SkinShield Skincare set for RM388 instead of RM500
SkinShield Trial Pack

Swarovski ring up for grab for those who purchased RM500 & above

SkinSoul counter & shops : Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall, Holiday Plaza Johor, 1st Avenue Penang, or

Mid Valley [at the Food Court floor.]

More SkinSoul products reviews coming ahead (Best seller Mascara & C-Jello final result )...Please stay tune ^^
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