Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Worst car workshop

Last Thursday, the moment we came back from Penang, my car broke down nearby the junction near my dad house.[thanks god]

Once the car broke down, my husband called his company foreman and the foreman said maybe is the sensor spoil, no need to call for towing service. just let a nearby shop to repair the car. So then, i contacted my Ex Boss brother [MR D] ...He sent a senior foreman to look on the car. Our car was parked at SK Taman Kosas entrance and the foreman is driving a motorbike to my site.

Once he checked, he said he need to go back to his office to bring the computer and plug in to my car to further check is there something wrong. He went back and arrive again in 5 minute due to his workshop is very near.

He plug the wire into my car and scroll and scroll, press and click. then he said he already reset something and the car can move again, but only in short distance. He ask us to drive the car to his workshop to further check whats wrong.

Once i arrive to his factory, his boss [MR D] said the car need to stay and he pass me a Wira to temporary use. I asked him, how long will it take to get back my car? and he said probably by tomorrow. Ok fine, then ill drive his car back to Kepong and back to Ampang tomorrow noon.

The next day, i called him before i back to Ampang, he said the car should be ok by today noon. Ok, Then i drive back to Ampang, arrive his shop by 4pm. Guess what he said? he said, he just get the spare part, need time to dismantle & install a new 1, need to test drive summore, today cannot done !
OMG what you have said ! I got a toddler with me, driving up n down Ampang, Kepong, Ampang, Kepong. Each trip take 45 minute. very tired and stress d leh. cannot siap then dont say lah !!!!

Never mind, think positive, im going back to Kepong and back to Ampang the following day. But before that, my husband ald called him, double conform him weather the can conform can get done by today or not and also what is the price and what had he changed?!

He didn't said how much it cost and also keep changing topic, said to my husband that the price is not an issue, the most important is the problem is solved, money we can talk later on. and he keep asking my husband, this leak, that leak, this spoil, that spoil, need to change? and my husband already repeated many times, just make the car move, just change the specific thing only, no other thing. Then he said ok ok ok, understand.Then the MR D called me again, ask me ''need change this change that not? will affect the car performance, i told him, this car is company car, not personal car, need to bring back to my company workshop to check again d, so no need waste so many time and money. then he said ok.

By 540pm, i went to my husband office with the Wira and fetch my husband together to the workshop, scare the car broke down at the middle of the road when there's only me and my daughter in the car. Arrive the workshop at 630pm. MR D is not around and i go into the paying counter, saw the bill WTF.... RM 1,915.00 @@ included RM 300 Service labor.

The Bill
The stuff that cost us almost 2k
What have you change ! you never call and ask us weather we agree to change the thing and also didnt wanna us to know the price. What a shady boss.

After that, we asked our own foreman, this thing will only cost us below 1k. Called the boss and complain to him regarding the super expensive bill and we ask for further explanation, he said to us, he used item from an ori car, so the price that they take is much more expensive than the recon one, ask him talk to us face to face and guess what, he said he was at JB but his staff just told me he went out 30 minute ago. [ can fly so fast? 2 hours can arrive JB ] and he said will give my husband a much more better explanation tomorrow and he will double check the bill again, he said the bill is not issued by him, maybe there's a mistake. [i know you for 3 years, i know your writing ok ! ]

Good morning, its Sunday. got the MR D call, he said the bill has no mistake, he willing to give us some discounts, guess how much ? RM 100.00 only, OMG you better dont give la, wanna give then so kedekut summore.haisszzz

Damn, lesson learned.No next time, I know you for so long, didn't expect you will potong us like this. I swear, i wont go back to your shop every again.

Dear friend, the above shop is located at Ampang Waterfront 2.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


1st of all, im officially 23 year old yesterday [ 10/3/2015 ]. Time passed so fast and it also its also already entering the 2nd week of being a full time house wife/mom. Is not that worst like i think about =) everything went so smooth this few day.

A very thanks to my Mother In Law, coming to my house proposely to wish me Happy Birthday and also offering me to go and have cake outside [thanks mommy]. My dad & sis, came from Ampang to Kepong to have dinner with me. OMG ~~~ so touched.

In the morning, my daughter surprised me with this ~~
mommy, surprise ~~ more and more tissue for you
last week, i have talked about potty training, after a week of practicing & fail. My daughter finally get the meaning of ''wee wee''. Now when i asked to pee, she will pee. But i still need more time to teach her to ask for wee wee when she feels wanna to pee.Now I will bring her to her potty every 30 minute or 1 hour [depends] & she still have drypers on, to prevent from wetting my carpet =.=

On the way to the post office to claim my parcel from Hong Kong
Continue with my birthday =)
Yesterday night, we went to RAKUZEN @ DESAPARK CITY, KL. Among all Japanese restaurant that i  went to, this the restaurant i like the most. The food are delicious, portion are big, price are reasonable and the service is superb too.
feels so special yesterday
The light at the park was all opened [ my birthday maybe ]
Hubby, Sis & Lil Monster
After the arrival, the restaurant was fully seat [ full house ] the waiter drafted my number and he said he will call back when theres place available for us.

While waiting for RAKUZEN's call, we went to Baskin Robin and have some ice-cream while waiting. Once we finished the ice cream, i didnt receive any call from the restaurant yet so we go and stand at the shop front and the person said can tcall in to my number [ unavailable due to line problem i guess , i do receive sms that said some missed call me ]

OMG, i they have selected a private room for us [ feel so blessed again ].


Ugly Smiling while waiting

My daughter snack [ black sesame swiss roll ] bought from the cake shop inside AEON supermarket

Ramen with Salmon Don SET [Me]
Ramen [ clear soup, tempura prawn & veggie + egg ]
Salmon Don
Additioinal Order [ Squid }
Soup with Seafood & Beef [ Sis Order }
Grilled fish  SET [ for dad ]
Hubbie's Ramen & Sushi SET
Sushi close up
Thats the only food we ordered, quite full, i still can feel it in my tummy now, bloated for almost 2 days now ==

Almost empty [ VERY FULL ]
After the meal, i went to the upper level to claim my CHATIME birthdy drink, but unfortunately, the internet was down and im unable to claim my drink there. Need to claim it somewhere else. =(

Little naughty cant stop running

Up & Down the steps for almost 10 minute
Clapping with joy
Raining, how to back. Its already 10pm
 Waited for awhile till the rain stops then we headed back home saperately. [ my dad & sis back to their own house & me , hubby & lil monster back to our own house ]

Appreciate and thanks all my Facebook friend & family for the wishes. Really appreciate it alot.
Hubby, bough me a camera [SONY A5100] as my 2015 [ anniversary, birthday, valentine, Christmas and all sort of date gift ]. Lazy to think what he need to buy actually he said. So many special date in a year, 1 year can buy how many thing =.=''

A deep deep thanks to my dear family [ mother in law, dad, sis , hubby and a best friend ] that remembered my birthday & giving me a very memorable & wonderful evening


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Food Review : Tim Ho Wan Malaysia @ Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi, many people was talking about this restaurant and everyone is insane lining up to try their dim sums. So i give it a try on the 3rd day of CNY [21th Feb 2015].

This shop located just opposite of the Mid Valley entrance, the entrance to The Garden. The shop is just in front the fountain.
sorry, hubby was there

The Shop front

This is the fountain that i said earlier

Baby was fascinated by the fountain
We do need to line up and wait to be seated.waited for 15 minutes and our number is called.

This is the table setting

Its alot people that day
the menu

serve the food please, don't made the baby waited for so long
Braised Chicken Feet with Abalone Sauce RM 9.80 per plate
The chicken feet is very different with the one we ate always, is very chewy and very rich in taste.
Steamed Egg Cake RM 7.80 per basket
Very fluffy, rich with Gula Melaka taste and the portion is quite huge.
Prawn Dumpling [ Har Gao ] RM 11.80 per basket
Look nothing special, taste ordinary to me. Not worth

Har Gao & Malai Gou combination
Congee with lean pork, century egg and salted egg. RM 9.80 per bowl
Not like the ordinary congee we have outside, the meat & egg are extremely lot than what we expected.
Baked Bun With BBQ Pork. RM 10.80  for 3 pcs
How it looks inside
The bun exterior is crispy, taste like Bolo Bao skin. the meat inside, the best bbq pork meat i have tasted so far.[yummy]
Pork Dumpling with Shrimp [ Xiu Mai ] RM 10.80 per basket
The portion is kinda big. Taste, Odinary
Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling. RM 10.80  for 3 pcs
They dont have many choices for the fried dim sums. The is the only 1 i feel i wanna try among the other 2. Huge, Alot prawn, crispy skins. Taste Ordinary =( [ disappointment ]
Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus. RM 6.80 for 3 pcs
Finally, dessert. Sawn alot of traditional drama taslking about ''Guai Fa Gou'' so its a must, i must try it. How does it taste? Pretty well. Sweet, sour, alottle herbs bitter. I LIKE IT =)

In summary, only some of the food is worth for eating here, price is not cheap.

Below is the address of the Shop :-

Tim Ho Wan Kuala Lumpur
27G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour
Monday - Friday : 10am - 10pm
Saturday,Sunday & PH : 9am - 10pm
(Last order @ 9.30pm)


~~~ END~~~

Monday, 2 March 2015

Full Time House Wife & Full Time Mom

Current time : 12.25 am.

Daughter & husband was deeply asleep while im here blogging.
Felt guilty to didnt blog for such a long time, its not beyond my control ;-(
Just wanna sums up some of my tough through this whole weekend.

It has been a roller coaster ride. Some serious mood swings happen to me and made me couldn't think wisely. I had lied to someone and it the lie has been cough by the same person. By the same time, i really feel why SORRY is hard to been told. being struggling for 3 days in a row, crying, not eating, moody. At the end, im the one who thinks alot and this alot of Negative thingy. Is my self, making my own very stressed out. Im too into the words of other people telling and not dare to sound out my dissatisfaction to the elderly. I will apologize to this person soon.
OMG, Its not a good year starting. Feels there's more to come.

2nd : I'm a truly full time house wife start from today. Sad or Happy, have no idea. Trying my best to pay back what have i missed in this 2 years with my beloved daughter and be a more responsible mom & wife.

1st day of being a full time mom & housewife :-

Waking up at 9am, making porridge for my daughter.
Daughter waking up at 930 and demanding for her milk.
and then, husband went to work at 930 am. its only me and my daughter at home now.
daughter fully wake at 1030 am.

Once awake, asking her to drink a plenty of water and POTTY TRAINING STARTED, successfully peed in her potty today (not 1st time in the morning ).

Serving my daughter her porridge at 11.30am and some Jambu Air as her dessert. Once she finished her porridge, ITS TIME TO START TO CLEAN MY HOUSE. swiping, mopping, packing, brushing etc etc. Exhausted.

Taking our nap at 2.40pm and my baby awake at 5.40pm [ not a long nap ] bathe her once she woke and i still have some free time to do some house work, so im ironing & steaming all the clothes that i washed yesterday.once all the cloth are done, daughter dinner time at 6.30pm. then WAITING DADDY TO COME BACK [he is coming back late, internal meeting he said, 8pm only arrive home]

While waiting daddy to come back, my daughter saw an advertisement about bread i think. she keep asking me for BAO BAO [i didn't buy any buns or bread since last week, OMG where should i find for her] open my fridge box, there's some instant mini red bean bao that i bought last month. Steamed 2 small pcs for her and shes calm as always.[food really can made a kid happy]

We are going to Restaurant Yi Yan (粥意恩) cuz my husband wanna to eat clear abit, since he is feeling not well which he is sleeping at 11pm tonight [not often to sleep this early]
Im having Vinegar Pork Throtter with white rice while my husband was having Soup Pan Mee [which is very ordinary & not so tasty].

Once everyone is full, we decided to go to Waterfront @ Desapark City to buy some ingredient from AEON to cook for my daughter & husband for the coming days. In coincident, we meet my husband's mom aka MIL and my car just park just right behind her car [ haha ] at the end, we meet outside of the steamboat shp [ wheres my MIL & Ms Vivi is having their dinner ] and we walk half of the park together.

This is how I sum off my 1st day as a house wife & a full time mom.

Potty training my daughter : FAILED, many attempts has been tried, she's refusing to sit at her potty for more than 10 seconds, while i asked her, ''wanna shi shi?'' she answered ''YES'', take off her panty, put her on her potty, after 5 to 6 seconds, she wanna come down from her potty and said to me '' No Shi Shi water '' the i while i pulled up her pants, not completely up yet, the pee is coming out like a fountain. numerous time, most of the time it happens, i think she dodnt understand what we wanted her to do and she dont understand the meaning of pee in the toilet yet i guess.

Some of my friend & relative was saying that 2yo kiddo was still early for potty training, but some people tells me that their babies ald master potty training before 2. Whats your tough? is there any tips for me?

when there's a kid in the house, no matter how many times u cleaning up, the ending also will be the same [MESSY]
hurt my piggy ankle yesterday [ bad day ]