Monday, 2 March 2015

Full Time House Wife & Full Time Mom

Current time : 12.25 am.

Daughter & husband was deeply asleep while im here blogging.
Felt guilty to didnt blog for such a long time, its not beyond my control ;-(
Just wanna sums up some of my tough through this whole weekend.

It has been a roller coaster ride. Some serious mood swings happen to me and made me couldn't think wisely. I had lied to someone and it the lie has been cough by the same person. By the same time, i really feel why SORRY is hard to been told. being struggling for 3 days in a row, crying, not eating, moody. At the end, im the one who thinks alot and this alot of Negative thingy. Is my self, making my own very stressed out. Im too into the words of other people telling and not dare to sound out my dissatisfaction to the elderly. I will apologize to this person soon.
OMG, Its not a good year starting. Feels there's more to come.

2nd : I'm a truly full time house wife start from today. Sad or Happy, have no idea. Trying my best to pay back what have i missed in this 2 years with my beloved daughter and be a more responsible mom & wife.

1st day of being a full time mom & housewife :-

Waking up at 9am, making porridge for my daughter.
Daughter waking up at 930 and demanding for her milk.
and then, husband went to work at 930 am. its only me and my daughter at home now.
daughter fully wake at 1030 am.

Once awake, asking her to drink a plenty of water and POTTY TRAINING STARTED, successfully peed in her potty today (not 1st time in the morning ).

Serving my daughter her porridge at 11.30am and some Jambu Air as her dessert. Once she finished her porridge, ITS TIME TO START TO CLEAN MY HOUSE. swiping, mopping, packing, brushing etc etc. Exhausted.

Taking our nap at 2.40pm and my baby awake at 5.40pm [ not a long nap ] bathe her once she woke and i still have some free time to do some house work, so im ironing & steaming all the clothes that i washed yesterday.once all the cloth are done, daughter dinner time at 6.30pm. then WAITING DADDY TO COME BACK [he is coming back late, internal meeting he said, 8pm only arrive home]

While waiting daddy to come back, my daughter saw an advertisement about bread i think. she keep asking me for BAO BAO [i didn't buy any buns or bread since last week, OMG where should i find for her] open my fridge box, there's some instant mini red bean bao that i bought last month. Steamed 2 small pcs for her and shes calm as always.[food really can made a kid happy]

We are going to Restaurant Yi Yan (粥意恩) cuz my husband wanna to eat clear abit, since he is feeling not well which he is sleeping at 11pm tonight [not often to sleep this early]
Im having Vinegar Pork Throtter with white rice while my husband was having Soup Pan Mee [which is very ordinary & not so tasty].

Once everyone is full, we decided to go to Waterfront @ Desapark City to buy some ingredient from AEON to cook for my daughter & husband for the coming days. In coincident, we meet my husband's mom aka MIL and my car just park just right behind her car [ haha ] at the end, we meet outside of the steamboat shp [ wheres my MIL & Ms Vivi is having their dinner ] and we walk half of the park together.

This is how I sum off my 1st day as a house wife & a full time mom.

Potty training my daughter : FAILED, many attempts has been tried, she's refusing to sit at her potty for more than 10 seconds, while i asked her, ''wanna shi shi?'' she answered ''YES'', take off her panty, put her on her potty, after 5 to 6 seconds, she wanna come down from her potty and said to me '' No Shi Shi water '' the i while i pulled up her pants, not completely up yet, the pee is coming out like a fountain. numerous time, most of the time it happens, i think she dodnt understand what we wanted her to do and she dont understand the meaning of pee in the toilet yet i guess.

Some of my friend & relative was saying that 2yo kiddo was still early for potty training, but some people tells me that their babies ald master potty training before 2. Whats your tough? is there any tips for me?

when there's a kid in the house, no matter how many times u cleaning up, the ending also will be the same [MESSY]
hurt my piggy ankle yesterday [ bad day ]

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