Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Food Review : Tim Ho Wan Malaysia @ Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hi, many people was talking about this restaurant and everyone is insane lining up to try their dim sums. So i give it a try on the 3rd day of CNY [21th Feb 2015].

This shop located just opposite of the Mid Valley entrance, the entrance to The Garden. The shop is just in front the fountain.
sorry, hubby was there

The Shop front

This is the fountain that i said earlier

Baby was fascinated by the fountain
We do need to line up and wait to be seated.waited for 15 minutes and our number is called.

This is the table setting

Its alot people that day
the menu

serve the food please, don't made the baby waited for so long
Braised Chicken Feet with Abalone Sauce RM 9.80 per plate
The chicken feet is very different with the one we ate always, is very chewy and very rich in taste.
Steamed Egg Cake RM 7.80 per basket
Very fluffy, rich with Gula Melaka taste and the portion is quite huge.
Prawn Dumpling [ Har Gao ] RM 11.80 per basket
Look nothing special, taste ordinary to me. Not worth

Har Gao & Malai Gou combination
Congee with lean pork, century egg and salted egg. RM 9.80 per bowl
Not like the ordinary congee we have outside, the meat & egg are extremely lot than what we expected.
Baked Bun With BBQ Pork. RM 10.80  for 3 pcs
How it looks inside
The bun exterior is crispy, taste like Bolo Bao skin. the meat inside, the best bbq pork meat i have tasted so far.[yummy]
Pork Dumpling with Shrimp [ Xiu Mai ] RM 10.80 per basket
The portion is kinda big. Taste, Odinary
Wasabi Salad Prawn Dumpling. RM 10.80  for 3 pcs
They dont have many choices for the fried dim sums. The is the only 1 i feel i wanna try among the other 2. Huge, Alot prawn, crispy skins. Taste Ordinary =( [ disappointment ]
Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus. RM 6.80 for 3 pcs
Finally, dessert. Sawn alot of traditional drama taslking about ''Guai Fa Gou'' so its a must, i must try it. How does it taste? Pretty well. Sweet, sour, alottle herbs bitter. I LIKE IT =)

In summary, only some of the food is worth for eating here, price is not cheap.

Below is the address of the Shop :-

Tim Ho Wan Kuala Lumpur
27G, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour
Monday - Friday : 10am - 10pm
Saturday,Sunday & PH : 9am - 10pm
(Last order @ 9.30pm)


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