Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Worst car workshop

Last Thursday, the moment we came back from Penang, my car broke down nearby the junction near my dad house.[thanks god]

Once the car broke down, my husband called his company foreman and the foreman said maybe is the sensor spoil, no need to call for towing service. just let a nearby shop to repair the car. So then, i contacted my Ex Boss brother [MR D] ...He sent a senior foreman to look on the car. Our car was parked at SK Taman Kosas entrance and the foreman is driving a motorbike to my site.

Once he checked, he said he need to go back to his office to bring the computer and plug in to my car to further check is there something wrong. He went back and arrive again in 5 minute due to his workshop is very near.

He plug the wire into my car and scroll and scroll, press and click. then he said he already reset something and the car can move again, but only in short distance. He ask us to drive the car to his workshop to further check whats wrong.

Once i arrive to his factory, his boss [MR D] said the car need to stay and he pass me a Wira to temporary use. I asked him, how long will it take to get back my car? and he said probably by tomorrow. Ok fine, then ill drive his car back to Kepong and back to Ampang tomorrow noon.

The next day, i called him before i back to Ampang, he said the car should be ok by today noon. Ok, Then i drive back to Ampang, arrive his shop by 4pm. Guess what he said? he said, he just get the spare part, need time to dismantle & install a new 1, need to test drive summore, today cannot done !
OMG what you have said ! I got a toddler with me, driving up n down Ampang, Kepong, Ampang, Kepong. Each trip take 45 minute. very tired and stress d leh. cannot siap then dont say lah !!!!

Never mind, think positive, im going back to Kepong and back to Ampang the following day. But before that, my husband ald called him, double conform him weather the can conform can get done by today or not and also what is the price and what had he changed?!

He didn't said how much it cost and also keep changing topic, said to my husband that the price is not an issue, the most important is the problem is solved, money we can talk later on. and he keep asking my husband, this leak, that leak, this spoil, that spoil, need to change? and my husband already repeated many times, just make the car move, just change the specific thing only, no other thing. Then he said ok ok ok, understand.Then the MR D called me again, ask me ''need change this change that not? will affect the car performance, i told him, this car is company car, not personal car, need to bring back to my company workshop to check again d, so no need waste so many time and money. then he said ok.

By 540pm, i went to my husband office with the Wira and fetch my husband together to the workshop, scare the car broke down at the middle of the road when there's only me and my daughter in the car. Arrive the workshop at 630pm. MR D is not around and i go into the paying counter, saw the bill WTF.... RM 1,915.00 @@ included RM 300 Service labor.

The Bill
The stuff that cost us almost 2k
What have you change ! you never call and ask us weather we agree to change the thing and also didnt wanna us to know the price. What a shady boss.

After that, we asked our own foreman, this thing will only cost us below 1k. Called the boss and complain to him regarding the super expensive bill and we ask for further explanation, he said to us, he used item from an ori car, so the price that they take is much more expensive than the recon one, ask him talk to us face to face and guess what, he said he was at JB but his staff just told me he went out 30 minute ago. [ can fly so fast? 2 hours can arrive JB ] and he said will give my husband a much more better explanation tomorrow and he will double check the bill again, he said the bill is not issued by him, maybe there's a mistake. [i know you for 3 years, i know your writing ok ! ]

Good morning, its Sunday. got the MR D call, he said the bill has no mistake, he willing to give us some discounts, guess how much ? RM 100.00 only, OMG you better dont give la, wanna give then so kedekut summore.haisszzz

Damn, lesson learned.No next time, I know you for so long, didn't expect you will potong us like this. I swear, i wont go back to your shop every again.

Dear friend, the above shop is located at Ampang Waterfront 2.

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