Wednesday, 11 March 2015


1st of all, im officially 23 year old yesterday [ 10/3/2015 ]. Time passed so fast and it also its also already entering the 2nd week of being a full time house wife/mom. Is not that worst like i think about =) everything went so smooth this few day.

A very thanks to my Mother In Law, coming to my house proposely to wish me Happy Birthday and also offering me to go and have cake outside [thanks mommy]. My dad & sis, came from Ampang to Kepong to have dinner with me. OMG ~~~ so touched.

In the morning, my daughter surprised me with this ~~
mommy, surprise ~~ more and more tissue for you
last week, i have talked about potty training, after a week of practicing & fail. My daughter finally get the meaning of ''wee wee''. Now when i asked to pee, she will pee. But i still need more time to teach her to ask for wee wee when she feels wanna to pee.Now I will bring her to her potty every 30 minute or 1 hour [depends] & she still have drypers on, to prevent from wetting my carpet =.=

On the way to the post office to claim my parcel from Hong Kong
Continue with my birthday =)
Yesterday night, we went to RAKUZEN @ DESAPARK CITY, KL. Among all Japanese restaurant that i  went to, this the restaurant i like the most. The food are delicious, portion are big, price are reasonable and the service is superb too.
feels so special yesterday
The light at the park was all opened [ my birthday maybe ]
Hubby, Sis & Lil Monster
After the arrival, the restaurant was fully seat [ full house ] the waiter drafted my number and he said he will call back when theres place available for us.

While waiting for RAKUZEN's call, we went to Baskin Robin and have some ice-cream while waiting. Once we finished the ice cream, i didnt receive any call from the restaurant yet so we go and stand at the shop front and the person said can tcall in to my number [ unavailable due to line problem i guess , i do receive sms that said some missed call me ]

OMG, i they have selected a private room for us [ feel so blessed again ].


Ugly Smiling while waiting

My daughter snack [ black sesame swiss roll ] bought from the cake shop inside AEON supermarket

Ramen with Salmon Don SET [Me]
Ramen [ clear soup, tempura prawn & veggie + egg ]
Salmon Don
Additioinal Order [ Squid }
Soup with Seafood & Beef [ Sis Order }
Grilled fish  SET [ for dad ]
Hubbie's Ramen & Sushi SET
Sushi close up
Thats the only food we ordered, quite full, i still can feel it in my tummy now, bloated for almost 2 days now ==

Almost empty [ VERY FULL ]
After the meal, i went to the upper level to claim my CHATIME birthdy drink, but unfortunately, the internet was down and im unable to claim my drink there. Need to claim it somewhere else. =(

Little naughty cant stop running

Up & Down the steps for almost 10 minute
Clapping with joy
Raining, how to back. Its already 10pm
 Waited for awhile till the rain stops then we headed back home saperately. [ my dad & sis back to their own house & me , hubby & lil monster back to our own house ]

Appreciate and thanks all my Facebook friend & family for the wishes. Really appreciate it alot.
Hubby, bough me a camera [SONY A5100] as my 2015 [ anniversary, birthday, valentine, Christmas and all sort of date gift ]. Lazy to think what he need to buy actually he said. So many special date in a year, 1 year can buy how many thing =.=''

A deep deep thanks to my dear family [ mother in law, dad, sis , hubby and a best friend ] that remembered my birthday & giving me a very memorable & wonderful evening


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