Friday, 24 July 2015

Review : Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit

Chapped and dry lips are every girl's nightmare. Imagine your self in a romantic evening, a boy tried to kiss you but till the end, he just stare at your lips and ran away. Embarrassing right?

Now Holika Holika is out for the rescue. Here i introduce you the 3 step lip glamour kit which will exfoliate, plum & moisture our lips.

Im not very sure why they name this lip set Golden Monkey...Maybe the monkey lips are plum & red enough to ambassador this mask...Haha


1st of all, look at the cute packaging. Feels like don't wanna open it.Too cute to tear it apart.

Usage instruction : 

  1. Exfoliating pad to remove dead skin on the surface of the lips. Take out the cotton sheet and gently rub your lips depends on your own lip sensitivity. Stop rubbing when you feels stings.
  2. Place the Hydro gel mask on the lips and leave it for 15 to 20 minute. Dab the lips for absorb the remaining essence.
  3. Apply the Honey treatment onto your lips and TADA...You have a nice, smooth & plump lip ^^

A close up picture for the 1st pack. The Lip Peeling Patch. This pack comes with a giant lip shaped cotton sheet. It contains Gold & Cellulose to softly remove dead skin cells of the lips.

See~~~GOLD...then now i know why they call this a GOLDEN MONKEY mask. ^^

Yucks~~~look at my ugly, chapped, dry & peeled lips...Grossss~!!!
Rub Rub Rub...Bye Bye dead skin...
After the rub, all the dead skin has been rubbed off

2nd pack close up picture. This pack comes with a Hydrogel Mask [Jelly patches] which contains Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Extract which will made you lips became moist and plumped up

The Jello mask
Looks my lips has been injected with lip fillers...haha...look gigantic here.
The Hydrogel mask is not slipery as i expected it to be. I can just patch it on and continue the rest of 20 minutes walking around or doing other works without scareing the mask will slipped down from my lip. =)

TADA...Smooth and plumped lip.

The close ups for the final step. This pack does contain Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Extract which can made your lips moist & soft. This is also a non-sticky & moisturizing Treatment essence. Smells like honey but it don't taste like honey at all.Taste like ordinary lip gloss. The quantity of the essence is quite lot for a single application [1g of thick liquid essence] which i can use for 5 application and i used it as a daily lip moisturizer gloss.

End of the treatment. My lips look clean & healthy.Bling Bling xD

I always had a chapped & sensitive lips. It will get worst if i applied lipsticks or lip gloss which has some kind of ingredient on it and my lips will get itchy and red patches will appear on my lips so Im very skeptical and careful with my lip regiment. With the product, i don't feel any complication after applying it and also the result is superb which can last up to a week. =) love this mask so much...

~~ CYA ~~

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review : Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch

Dark eye circle & dark spot is every woman's night mare. Here is a Korean product which will shows you instant result.With this patches, i saw instant brighter eyes. Just paste the mask onto the eye bag area and leave it for 30 minutes. Tada....BYE BYE DARK CIRCLE.

This patches came with 2 kind of design. 60 pcs of curvy ''C' shape for under eye and another 30 pcs is ''O'' shape for spot & pimples. This package also came with a mini spatula due to it slippery because its a jello mask and also for  hygienic purposes.

The box....i don't understand a single word on this box except the small part from this box which they write in English ''HOW TO USE , CAUTION & INGREDIENTS'' =.= all of the words on this box are in Korean.

Read the slogan xD looks very confidant

Alum foil/cover to ensure the freshness & moisture of the jello mask it self.
60 pcs of eye patch & 30 pcs of spot patch
The jello eye patches
Gold Glitter *Bling *Bling
I place the round patches on my pimple & old pimple mark

  • GOLD : Keeps skin tone healthy & invigorates around eye
  • EGF : Means Epidermal Growth Factor, which helps cell growth, rejuvenate the skin and speed up healing, which is good for wrinkles.
  • THE DESIGN : Promotes concentrated care of a delicate area.
~~ HOW TO USE ~~
  • Apply toner after cleansing.
  • Take the patches out with the spatula & apply to required area.
  • Remove after 30 minutes & pat gently for the remaining liquid to absorb
  • GOLD : slows down the collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, lightens the skin’s complexion, stimulates the cells making the skin firm, improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging, wrinkles, tanning etc.
  • GREEN TEA : Prevent skin diseases, Removing free radicals from UV radiation.
  • ALOE VERA : Moisturize, Treat Acne, Fight Skin Aging,  skin, Protect skin against UV radiation, Treat Sunburn.
  • CAVIAR : Provides collagen, Anti Aging, Hydration, Wrinkle reduction, Protect skin against UV radiation
  • GINSENG : Anti aging, Improves complexion, Treatment for skin diseases, Blood circulation.

To offer you parched skin an intensity hydration infusion of moisture plus vital nutrients and experience the dramatic forming and cooling results you thought only a profesional spa treatment could deliver. XD


  • The container is not big so its very easy to bring out. ^^
  • Comes with a spatula and the jello mask is not messy or the juice is not leaking everywhere due to the jelly like patches already absorb most of the essence ^^
  • Love the cooling sensation once the patch is applied onto my skin ^^
  • After 5 minute of application, there's a stingy sensation. I felt it almost every time of application. =(
  • Eye bag reduction, YES, I do saw an instant result after the application.
  • Dark Eye Circle reduction. So So only. I do saw a little lighter eye area but after a few hour or a day, the darkness do appear again. [Act as a temporary eye bag whitening help kit will do]
  • Smells. GOOD. The fragrance is not very strong.
  • The eye patch ''C'' shape. Honestly, the shape don't match most of our eye shape.Too stiff, need to pulled and re-adjust the patches to fit our under eye. =(
I purchase this mask from ALTHEA.KR , a new Korea beauty product site [read more] for only RM 70 RM 34 save RM 36 and it's the cheapest I can find online now. [ click here to purchase ] Please do visit their site to buy more beauty products.^^

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Review : ALTHEA KOREA online shopping experience & unboxing

Hi, wanna wrote down about a new korea beauty, cosmetic & skin care online site name ALTHEA KOREA which is quite new in the market.

They do provide FREE SHIPPING once your cart reach RM 150. Ship directly from Korea to our door step by our local courier Ta-Q-Bin. I receive my item in 1 week time and some of my friends do receive in 4 days which is very fast for a international shipping. And all the item will be place in a very nice PINK BOX & WRAPPED WITH A PINK BAG

AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE. This current new site they only do send us the item provided by reputable suppliers.

BEST PRICE in the market* For me, most of their item is much much more cheaper than we bough at the local main shop. FANTASTIC

30 DAY'S UNCONDITIONALLY RETURN. If you are not happy with the product you receive or what so ever personal reason, Althea Korea will accept your return without questioning much.

This site is fantastic & fabulous. They will be giving out ''free products, buy 1 free 1, or any equivalent deal'' on their site name THE DAEBAK DEAL and they had been renewing the deal every 3 days in the past 2 weeks. But till now, for this month, they are too DAEBAK-FUL so there will have no more daebak deal for this month.=( ACT FAST THEN

current DAEBAK deal & last for the month of JULY



[please insert this code (ATA150)

Lets see what i have receive from this site xD

Im placing my order at on the 2nd of july and i do receive my parcel on the 7th of july.
1st impression when i got the parcel from the Ta-Q-Bin's man.
''OMG!!!!FREAKIN PRETTY...they wrap the box with a pink plastic cover and ALTHEA sticker at the side of the box.

Once I tear off the plastic wrap, there's a another bubble wrap to protect the box i guess. They are so detail ald putting alot of effort to protect our parcel from damage because most of the international shipping thingy that i got, the box are dented, dirty and some of them are teared or broken But with ALTHEA, all the item i order till the box are all protected and in a very nice condition.

after bubble wrap removal.
Althea also do provide us a very nice pink box to keep all the stuff in place. Not like other seller that only wrap your thing in a ugly brown paper bag and wrap it with a transparent tape.

1st moment i open it. WOW so PINK lah...haha....everything is pink here.At the top, thats the invoice then all my item is placed below with alot of bubble wrap =)

See, Bubble wrap everywhere

Anyway, i bought :- 

  1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask RM 89 RM 61 
  2. Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit RM 15 RM 7 x 2 pack
  3. Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch RM51 RM 35 [ they wrongly sent me the gold one insteed of this mask ]
  4. Natural Republic Bamboo Charcoal 2 Step Nose T Zone Special Pore Care Kit RM 45 RM 26
  5. Natural Republic 3 Step Nose Pack Sheet RM 23 RM 7 x 2 pack
The sub total of all item above is RM 150.00 insteed of RM RM 229 not included 6% GST yet. And with their opening code i have a RM 20 additional discounts. So total i had already save RM 112.74.
Superb leh....I safe almost half of the cost.

Overall, this is a very good site and definately ill buy from them again because ITS REALLY CHEAP AND THE SERVICE IS SUPERB.

ps: do you still remember the eye mask that they wrongly sent to me? They are very kind, sending me the correct one and ask me to keep the previous one.SO SWEET. 

~~ CYA~~ 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review : TonyMoly - Im Real - Makgeolli Mask Sheet - Skin Purifying

As we all Malaysia knows, our weather is so hot now days. Skin is breaking up, dry, dull and dry. So we do need some thing to replenish our skin.

Today im reviewing this excellent mask. TONY MOLY I'M REAL MAKGEOLLI MASK SHEET.
Makgeolli means fermented rice wine which are rich with vitamin and minerals. It is a very well known ingredient that shows very good effect to our skins even some high end brand cosmetics is using it as their main ingredient. Makgeolli also do contain a large quantity of amino acid which stimulates the enzyme and helping to recover skin elasticity.As Vitamin B2 & B6 do promote skin regeneration & whitening as well. As the back of the packages said, this mask '' makes uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing '' [it does do it promise] =)

1st of all, the packaging shows some milky liquid being poured out from a large large pot

Tear the packet, take out the mask and place it on my face.

The sheet mask fit me quite well.Just some of my forehead area is not covered [i have a very large forehead =x]

The essence is milky in color and the texture are quite thick and sticky for me. Theres still a lot of essence left although the mask is very wet soaked before placing on` my face. But what i notice is, the mask dried out more quick than I expected.It completely dried out after 10 minute.Then now I know why they provide more essence with this mask.

After the removal of the mask, my skins feels hydrated and quite sticky due to the essence.Many people out there prefer to not wash their face, but I can't stand the stickiness of it. I wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

Tada....Fresh and Bright

You can see the difference from this picture. Before the mask, my face is dull and dry.

There is another 10 difference mask in this series [click here]


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Review : TonyMoly - I'm Real Mask Sheet

First of all, i really like to thank to a great girl out there, Tammy Lim for delivering me those fantastic and great mask although you are super busy with your stuff.

  • The mask is made with 1 layer of pulp and sandwiched with 2 layers of Rayon
  • Do contain 1,000 ppm of real ingredient [ means 0.001g per litre ] very little =(
  • 5 NO ADDED. Free from Paraben, Talc, Benzophenon, Triethanol and Tar Colouring
The volume of essence in each of the mask is 21ml per sheet/pack. Quite lot for me, i still have extra juice after applying the mask on my face with. The fit and cutting of the mask is pretty good on me.[I have a big forehead, it dosn't cover all of my forehead, but is ok] The usage instruction is same written at the back of the package. '' Tear open and apply on face, leave for 20-30 minutes and then remove''. 

My way, I prefer to clean up my face with a face washer, tone it with my toner then only ill apply the mask on me. After 30 minute, ill remove the mask and pat my face to let the essence absorb more into my skin till all the essence is dried out and sticky then ill wash out the stickiness out only with warm water. After the rince off, ill apply my night essence.[ Normally ill use sheet mask on night time, before sleep]

This is how the mask packaging look like. Ill do a review 1 by 1 soon.


 Seaweed mask makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea


Tomato mask makes rough skin look smooth and radiant.


Pomegranate mask firms up sagging skin


Rice mask makes dull skin look radiant and glowing


Lemon mask makes dull and dark skin look radiant


Broccoli mask provides vitalizing energy to tired skin


Makgeolli mask makes uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing


Tea tree mask gets rid of uneven skin tone


Aloe mask moisture dry skin


Red wine mask tightens uneven skin texture with enlarged pores

In total, i had 10 out of 11 mask this series have. Avocado is not in my purchase and i had visited their shop at Berjaya TImes Square KL. They are selling the mask for RM8.90 per sheet.