Friday, 24 July 2015

Review : Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit

Chapped and dry lips are every girl's nightmare. Imagine your self in a romantic evening, a boy tried to kiss you but till the end, he just stare at your lips and ran away. Embarrassing right?

Now Holika Holika is out for the rescue. Here i introduce you the 3 step lip glamour kit which will exfoliate, plum & moisture our lips.

Im not very sure why they name this lip set Golden Monkey...Maybe the monkey lips are plum & red enough to ambassador this mask...Haha


1st of all, look at the cute packaging. Feels like don't wanna open it.Too cute to tear it apart.

Usage instruction : 

  1. Exfoliating pad to remove dead skin on the surface of the lips. Take out the cotton sheet and gently rub your lips depends on your own lip sensitivity. Stop rubbing when you feels stings.
  2. Place the Hydro gel mask on the lips and leave it for 15 to 20 minute. Dab the lips for absorb the remaining essence.
  3. Apply the Honey treatment onto your lips and TADA...You have a nice, smooth & plump lip ^^

A close up picture for the 1st pack. The Lip Peeling Patch. This pack comes with a giant lip shaped cotton sheet. It contains Gold & Cellulose to softly remove dead skin cells of the lips.

See~~~GOLD...then now i know why they call this a GOLDEN MONKEY mask. ^^

Yucks~~~look at my ugly, chapped, dry & peeled lips...Grossss~!!!
Rub Rub Rub...Bye Bye dead skin...
After the rub, all the dead skin has been rubbed off

2nd pack close up picture. This pack comes with a Hydrogel Mask [Jelly patches] which contains Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Extract which will made you lips became moist and plumped up

The Jello mask
Looks my lips has been injected with lip fillers...haha...look gigantic here.
The Hydrogel mask is not slipery as i expected it to be. I can just patch it on and continue the rest of 20 minutes walking around or doing other works without scareing the mask will slipped down from my lip. =)

TADA...Smooth and plumped lip.

The close ups for the final step. This pack does contain Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Extract which can made your lips moist & soft. This is also a non-sticky & moisturizing Treatment essence. Smells like honey but it don't taste like honey at all.Taste like ordinary lip gloss. The quantity of the essence is quite lot for a single application [1g of thick liquid essence] which i can use for 5 application and i used it as a daily lip moisturizer gloss.

End of the treatment. My lips look clean & healthy.Bling Bling xD

I always had a chapped & sensitive lips. It will get worst if i applied lipsticks or lip gloss which has some kind of ingredient on it and my lips will get itchy and red patches will appear on my lips so Im very skeptical and careful with my lip regiment. With the product, i don't feel any complication after applying it and also the result is superb which can last up to a week. =) love this mask so much...

~~ CYA ~~

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