Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review : TonyMoly - Im Real - Makgeolli Mask Sheet - Skin Purifying

As we all Malaysia knows, our weather is so hot now days. Skin is breaking up, dry, dull and dry. So we do need some thing to replenish our skin.

Today im reviewing this excellent mask. TONY MOLY I'M REAL MAKGEOLLI MASK SHEET.
Makgeolli means fermented rice wine which are rich with vitamin and minerals. It is a very well known ingredient that shows very good effect to our skins even some high end brand cosmetics is using it as their main ingredient. Makgeolli also do contain a large quantity of amino acid which stimulates the enzyme and helping to recover skin elasticity.As Vitamin B2 & B6 do promote skin regeneration & whitening as well. As the back of the packages said, this mask '' makes uneven skin tone look radiant and glowing '' [it does do it promise] =)

1st of all, the packaging shows some milky liquid being poured out from a large large pot

Tear the packet, take out the mask and place it on my face.

The sheet mask fit me quite well.Just some of my forehead area is not covered [i have a very large forehead =x]

The essence is milky in color and the texture are quite thick and sticky for me. Theres still a lot of essence left although the mask is very wet soaked before placing on` my face. But what i notice is, the mask dried out more quick than I expected.It completely dried out after 10 minute.Then now I know why they provide more essence with this mask.

After the removal of the mask, my skins feels hydrated and quite sticky due to the essence.Many people out there prefer to not wash their face, but I can't stand the stickiness of it. I wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

Tada....Fresh and Bright

You can see the difference from this picture. Before the mask, my face is dull and dry.

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