Sunday, 14 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 5 ] Raping Own Foster Child

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On one evening, the foster child was crying and run towards the Indian lady. The Indian lady asked her to calm down and told her what is happening.

They do went out to a coffee The girl told the Indian lady."Mama, papa RAPED me!" . The Indian lady was shocked till she has nothing to say.It's hard to believe that her husband will rape their foster child that called them mom and dad for 19 years.

They went back, packs their belongings and leave to the Indian lady mom's house without any notice for the working Chinese man.

The Indian  lady is so tough at that moment. A lady, didnt have any financial support, bringing a son and two daughter .

She is lost,devistated, disappointed, sad and what so over bad feelings is running through her brain right now.She has no idea what will be her next step.She has been thinking to end up her life. But there was still 3 kids to take care. She cant be so selfish. She need to think about her kids future too because her own kid, One is still in primary school and the other one is in secondary school.while her foster daughter just finished her secondary school.

she has no one to discuss, and at that moment, she does think of her neighbour, which is very close with her might help her to solve this problem.The neighbour advice is"come back to KL when all of you is calmed down, do need to think of the childrens future . All of them haven't fininish their studies yet.Do need to let them complete their studies. Act that he is transparent. Once all of them compete their studies, then only you plan to move out or do whatever you guys wanna do.

After a week of thinking and relaXing, she finally decide to follow the neighbour advice. the started to pack their bags and ready to come back to KL but her foster daughter refuse to follow them back to KL., she decided to stay at the Indian lady mom's house.

The Indian lady does understand her foster daughter feelings and she wont force her foster daughter to go back KL. with her.

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