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Food Review : Milkissimo - Gelato - Da;Men USJ

Dessert, Ice cream, Sweets...Ladies favorite till some of the expert says that every woman has an extra tummy specially to fill in dessert. Woman's can eat in a tons of desserts even tho shes already mention a couple time that she is super full.

Here I deliver you guys a feast of dessert to your eyes.. Ladies....ask your boyfie or husband bring you guys here to get your carvings fixed ^^

''ISSIMO'' is the finest Italian milk then combined into their brand and became MILKISSMO.
It also to shows their persistence for quality from the finest milk origin.
Since Hakodate & Rome run on the same latitude 41 degrees, hence ''HAKODATE GELATO DA 41°N'' has been arranged under their logo ^^

Milkssimo 2nd outlet are now opened at Da:Men USJ.

A brief introduction of this Gelato Shop :-

Encounter authentic gelato at 41° north latitude

Hakodate in Hokkaido and Rome, capital of Italy. Two cities, linked at 41° north latitude. One is the famed home of gelato, and the other is the home of milk—the raw ingredient of gelato.

Inspired by far-off Italy, Milkissimo takes the high-quality milk of the Hakodate region and produces authentic gelato with all the abundant blessings of the Hokkaido soil. The true taste of Italy is the foundation of all our Gelato. We hope you enjoy our massive variety of flavors.

Their milk series Gelato is made with high quality fresh milk from Hakodate countryside. Highly similar to fresh milk without pasteurization or adjustments to the milk fat to preserve the most natural taste & nutrients. Milk is obtained from healthy cattle raised & fed under stress-free environment.

Their Fruits & Vegetables are fly straight from Hokkaido.
For them, raw materials are very seasonal fruits & vegetables from Hokkaido due to their weather condition hence to enjoy the subtle difference in taste, they have selected the most delicious varieties.
As for their strawberry ice cream for example, over 70% of the ingredients are made from raw fruits. The raw material is secured under the guarantee cultivation of ''MIKISSMO'' to ensure food quality & safety.


All food and beverages are inclusive of GST 6%
5% service charge for dine-in only

As you guys can see, they are not only selling Gelato. They also do sell coffee, waffle, parfait & etc. etc.

Ill let you guys see what have I see and taste here ^^

Gelato Flavor Of The Day
Caramel Macchiato

Almond Chocolate
Purple Sweet Potatoes

Northern Hascup

Green Tea Milk

Black Sesame Milk

Banana Youghurt
Mellow Melon

Coconut & Passion Fruit

Hokkaido Strawberry Milk
White Peach

Cherry Blossom

All the flavors here are inspired by the classic Italian dolce desserts. Special gelato machines are installed in every stores to offer you guys perfect fresh made gelato prepared in-store. They deliver raw ingredients processed at Hokadate, Hokkaido, facility directly to Milkissimo store.

So, everything here are so so fresh and so so so authentic.

This is chosen by on of my blogger friend...her combination is quite unique and the colour combination is so pop. She has choose NORTHERN HACUP, PUMPKIN & PURPLE SWEET POTATO.

From another blogger friend as well. She has choose PURPLE PUMPKIN, NORTHERN HASCUP & CHERRY BLOSSOM.


Roughly describe to you guys the flavor that i have tasted ya :-

  • Northern Hascup : Very heavy berry scent. Very very sour, suitable for those who likes sour and there's some berry seeds inside. Crunchy while biting it ^^ (personal favorite)
  • Banana Yogurt : Smells like banana, taste like banana but there's a little more sour than the usual banana gelato i have tasted before. Very refreshing and special =)
  • Cherry Blossom : only by the name, you can imagine, how does Sakura taste. It taste like more to milky and very very little sour taste and there's a strange feeling. Smells so good and so fresh, like you are standing below a fully bloom Sakura tree. 

 This is their Matcha Parfait. Contain some green tea jelly, vanila ice cream, read beans, corn flakes, whipped cream, strawberry chunks, a scoop of green tea ice cream and topped up with a stick of green tea kitkat =)

For dessert lover, you can go with this. Is like very satisfying by eating the whole Parfait by your own =).

Waffle wise, we have 3 of five from their menu.

Milkissmo Signature Waffle with a scoop of gelato of your choice. 

 Below here, this is my meal of the day...yum yum yum.


Served together with some very thinly sliced chips

Very very big slices of smoked salmon topped on the waffle

What can you see here? is CAVIAR ~~~~~~~

Very sedap lor...must must must try.

Sauce wise, they are mixing Avocado mixed with some cherry tomato and onion chunks.


Waffle served together with some thinly sliced chips, topped with mayo tuna, cucucumber, caramelized onions and seaweed.

Hey guys, shows your support ya... I'm not lying here, the gelato here are really so so so tasty and rich in flavor. All natural & no artificial coloring ^^

GF-31, Ground Floor, Da;Men USJ 1,
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor DE.
Operating Hours : 10am to 10pm
Contact Number : 03 - 8081 9837


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