Friday, 12 February 2016

Restaurant & Food Review : Yugami Steamboat 渔家味火锅屋

Steamboat during CNY is kinda hit in Taiwan & also for some area in China. Nowdays, many Malaysians also getting into the trend. They have a meaning behind this culture. They call it call 围炉 means sitting in a circle, surrounding the hot pot while eating reunion dinner together during winter. Is kinda heartwarming actually ^^

Although Malaysia has no winter, hot and damp. But no scare xD, this Yugami Steamboat 渔家味火锅屋 air cond is kinda strong. Although will not bring you any winter feel, but i think the surround and the food will bring you laughter and happiness ^^

Above picture taken at 6pm...still loose, but wait till you see the next picture

tada~~8pm...super full house. Even is weekday. 

They have a mini function room at the back which can fit 4 big round table

This is where we will sit and play our food xD

ok, lets start with the chilly. They have 3 kinds of chilly, from sambal, spicy to super spicy. Then the upper row is ''fu yi'', soy sauce and fried onion oil.

1st, we have a mixed pot. 2 kind of soup in a pot

- Fish Pot > Soup from fish bones, yam, chinese cabbage and a bunch of scallions.

- Curry Vegetable Pot > very rich & thick curry with alot of coconut milk fragrance. Also comes together with some tofu pok, eggplant, ladys finger and long beans (personal favorite ^^)

 2nd pot
Spicy Broth
-which contains white pepper broth with some scallion, pork stomach and 肉眼筋 some kinda pork vein

Last but not least, Asam Laksa Broth

Har gou, mint leaf, pineapple chunks, shredded cucumber, onions and a lot of Mackerel fish meat

For your information, the soup base here are not like the ordinary steamboat restaurant, plain, bald and no ingredient provided. All the soup base here are filled with all sorts of ingredient which they put together to cook the broth. The ingredient which came together with the broth is already all in, no additional payment needed and the broth refill is free too. 

We already have the tasty steamy hot broth. Feels like something missing. Owh ya, the side dishes for dip dip xD

Fresh Beef Slices

Fresh Chicken Slices

Fresh Lamb Slices

Pork Neck Slices

Handmade Pork Balls

Handmade Pork & Mushroom balls

Homemade Prawn Balls

Explosive Juicy Balls

Pork Stomach

Crispy Fish Skins

Frozen Tofu

Homemade Crabshell Paste ( contains fresh crab meat )

Seafood Combo ( Giant Head Prawn, Grouper Fish Slices, Flower Crab, Scallop )

Homemade Prawn Paste Noodle with tons of ebiko inside


and is ready to chomp. The texture are not like the ordinary fish noodle. Is very very crunchy and springy. Then while biting, you will feel those ebiko is bursting in your mouth. Try it your self.

Other than fresh ingredient for us to dip dip, they still have a few cooked dishes & snacks.

Butter Sauce Prawn
Is kinda spicy, if you guys don't like spicy, please remind the waiter/waitress to reduce the spicyness of it

 Fried Luncheon Meat

Fried Wonton

Working ended...Makan Time. Nom nom nom

Obviously, I'm very satisfied with tonight dinner. I love all the broth they had here especially the curry, really so so yummylicious. Seriously guys, I strongly recommending this restaurant to you guys. The stuff here are all very rich in flavor and the owner is very generous with the portion. A small note to you guys, The spicy broth here are much much more stronger than outsides. So, please, for those who are not very good with spiciness, please take note ya. Don't said i didn't warn you~~

Ending up this post with some pretty picture taken before we eat all those tasty stuff into our tummy ^^

Our parents always warn us while we are small.
''don't you every play with your food!''

And now, i know how to reply them xD
'' We are not playing our food, we are respecting them "

Ops....been secretly captured....shy shy xD

Yugami Steamboat
107G, Jalan Radin Bagus, 57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
(Beside 7-11)
Tel : 03 - 9544 1990


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