Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Trying to Recover a Family Problem

As I do let you guys know before, me and my sister are raised in a single father family. My mother has passed away since i was 6 year old while my sister is barely 9 month old.

By that time, i was staying with my granny and dad while my sister are been taking care by a babysitter 24/7.
Since my dad are working so hard for bringing up this family, he always going out to work at 6am and coming back home somewhere 8pm. That was a very though time for him.

We will go and visit my little sister almost every night at the baby sitter house. Some times we also will bring her out to shopping or walk around then sending her back to the babysitter.

We feel very thankful to the babysitter and her family for taking so much care of my sister. My sister stayed with them till she's 11 years old. We do treat each other like our own family till my little sister is calling the babysitter mommy and her husband as papa.

Even tho my sister has back to us, staying with me and dad, but she still constantly going back to her babysitter house like almost everyday for few hour. Sometimes for lunch or dinner or just go there to sit sit.

Till yesterday. a 18 year's relationship. Ended just like that. All because someone, the babysitter daughter, bad mouthed me and making thing became worse by saying to the babysitter my joke with i don't know how a joke can became a statement which can made the babysitter feel so embarrassed and now she is like pissed off with my family.

We joke to each other all the time. But i don't know how the daughter can made thing so worst. The same joke where we all constantly making fun of each other for almost 4 years can became a statement.

I had bow down and apologize to the babysitter, altho is not my fault, but i do wish this relation to be continue and not ending up like this. Bravo to the daughter which she already successful to made our relation falling apart.

Some stupid and useless information about her. Her age was 30+, not married, maybe this made her became a bit psycho. She always though she is only age 18 for like forever. ''Orang tak tau malu'' which mean a person which dont know what shame is in english. Constantly asking people weather is she pretty or not ==. Bad temper. Some example for you guys. Bringing back work stress and showing her stupid face to everyone, scolding people, especially her mother without any reason, Lazy to the max. She has a bedroom which are all her clothes and rubbish but is like stacking up and stoking up more and more till her room is full, this made her has no more space to sleep so she goes to the master bedroom to sleep together with her brother while her parents are sleeping at the living room. What a bad and lazy daughter.

Her relationship problem is like a pile of shit of course. She is in her 1st relationship with a salesman since she was just age 21 till like 31. While still in a relationship with this guy, she feel bored, backing this guy and meeting another guy. Till the the 1st boyfriend know, then only she tell him the truth by leaving the 1st one and officially going with the 2nd one. For almost a year, she felt the 2nd one is not good for her, then she uses the same trick again. Going out with the previous one without letting the 2nd one know and now the 2nd one is so so miserable and keep disturbing her and her family. Breaking up without any notice and reason maybe is her style i guess....What a irresponsible woman she is. And she dont like to go for public about her relationship. Hiding from this, hiding from that, dont let this know, dont let that know. So funny. Even her dad doesn't know a lot of thing about her relationship. When her dad or relatives ask, she will just ran of from the topic.

A lot old folks told me. They do believe most of the woman who already passed age 30 and haven't married (lao gu po) are those who are already hormone imbalance and getting crazy and crazier. And now, im categorizing her in this category.

Who in this world don't like their own mom to be happy, to be loved by a lot people and respected by other people as well? If my parents getting a lot loves, not only from their own son's and daughter, i will be extremely happy for them and also encourage them to go out and enjoying themselves with the one who loves them so much. But is very different with that B*tch.

She concur her mom's movements, she dont like her mom getting attention from other people. She dont like her mom going out with people, dont like her mom talking to other people. And she wanted her mom to be like 100% hers but i can tell you honestly, she cant provide 100% to her mom. Thats while me and my sis are the one who always accompany her during her sad and happy time. Once she found out, she will like became crazy. She will question a bunch of rubbish to her mom. Why you go gout with them without letting know? Why they know more than me? Why you tell them this and that. Is because her mom knows her well, her mom know she has no patient to listen to her, no time to entertain her so her mom choose we 2 which we all treat her just as much as our own mom. Maybe she cant treat her mom that good, thats while she is like embarrassed and trying hard to tell us that she is not that kind of people. She is like easily jealous with everything include people treating her mom good.

Now, she is like clapping and celebrating happily because her 2 enemies is gone. No one gonna share her mom with her again. Her mom is all hers. So stupid. Her mom's life are just like a bird inside a cage. No working, no outing, only staying at home like almost everyday. Because she doesn't have transport and her daughter will curse at her if her mom dont tell her the truth.

Is because we saw the loneliness of her mom, so me and my sis are playing the part which we tried our best to make her happy by bringing her out for lunch, shopping or anywhere we possible to go.

Tell you guys some funny stuff. She, the 30+ witch, the babysitter selfish daughter. I had called her to confront her about the matter above, the joke became statement thingy. She doesn't dare to pick up my call then she whatsapp me. Telling me that im the one who tell her and dont dare to face. OMG, before she send me the msg, i already went to her mom and tell her mom like everything. I have no wrong then why i should scare? after all the cursing and scolding, I asked her to meet up, dont keep messaging each other like this, face to face and settle the problem, because i don't want to making it worst. She dont dare i guess and she told me to F*ck off and she dont want to see my face anymore and warn me not to go to ''her house'' but the house is her father and mom's not her' funny. and i told her that is not your house, i can go there anytime any day i wanted. Then the most funny part is, she told me tat her mom doesn't wanted to see me as well, asking me to f*cked off and stay away from her mom. OMG funny, i just met her a few minutes ago and she sounds fine to me. If so, then ask your mom to talk to me, you are only her daughter, you have no rights to talk on behalf of her and you have no rights to made decision for her who she dont want to meet or talk.

The conversation with her are more funny than i can imagine. So childish and when she has nothing else to back up, she uses this as her shield....Funny loh....age 30 plus but brainless... I feel pity foir her mom for having this kind of daughter.

Now my family are trying very hard to getting back everything together. We wont give up because of the B*tchy daughter of the babysitter. Nothing can pull us apart. Other than the babysitter itself is not strong enough and listen to her daughters crap.

I wish everything will be fine in no time.

Hey readers, thanks for spending your time for reading my thoughts and mood.



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