Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Review : The Skin Shop - Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam

Korean skin care is a hit now days. Few weeks ago, i had receive a set of The Skin Shop Pure Herb 365 Stories which included each a tube of Acerola , Aloe & Lemon cleansing foam from WOUNDROUS K-BEAUTY SHOWCASE EVENT by Korea Tourism Organization [read more].

The set comes with a very pretty box
Each of the tube has been sealed with aluminium seal. Hygienic, can keep for a period of time without contaminated by bacteria =)
Each of the foam has its special scent and also colour =)



  • Had a very light berry scent
  • Brightening - seen instantly after 1 wash
  • Best for dull skin


  • Aloe Cucumber scent
  • Hydrating - skin wont dried out after wash compare to the lemon one
  • Best for dry skin


  • Smells like dishwasher [sorry, just being honest]
  • Detoxifying - really notice this. After the wash, my skin instantly feels smoother, no more oil, make up or other residue but really dried out my skin after the wash.[Maybe is too strong for my skin]
  • Best for oily skin

  • Texture : Creamy and very foamy while mixing with a little bit of water. Only require a pea size for my whole face.
  • Do contain a lot of paraben in it. If you are very mind about ingredient, please read the ingredient before purchasing.
  • Make up removing, without any make up remover. 9/10 pretty clean tho =D
  • Price : Below RM 20 for a huge tube which for me, i can use it for almost 2 months. GREAT
  • My Favorite : 1st ACEROLA - 2nd ALOE - 3rd LEMON

This review is more of my personal experience feeling and point of view after the usage. No harsh feelings towards any parties. =x=

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