Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 1 ] Love and Promise

This is a real life story of my own relative.


Year 1980s. She, a 16 year old Indian lady, living in an estate in Sabah. She has a brother was working as an electrician and often went to a hotel to do checking & service for the hospital lift. By that time, comes a Chinese man which came from Kuala Lumpur that work as a chef at the hotel who has interest towards Indian god. Both of then became very good friend in a short time. The lady's brother often bring the Chinese man to the temple that he always go. Some time they pray till very late then the Chinese man will over night at the lady's house. On one particular night, the brother asked his sister to made some tea to them, and when the lady serve tea to them, the brother introduce his sister to the Chinese man. '' This is my sister, she was studying in a Chinese school, her Chinese was very good =)'' the the Chinese man ask ''really? so you can talk fluent Chinese?'' then the lady reply ''yes, i do''. That was their 1st conversation.

Few months has pass, the Chinese man started to fall in love with the Indian lady. He do express his feeling towards her but the lady was doubtful about his words because of their skin color. The Chinese man has promised her that this wouldn't be an issue. He will protect her, cherish & love her all the time till he is dead he said. So the lady has agree to married him and the man said find a suitable day to get blessings from the lady side and register their marriage.
**[ by that time, those couple not like us now, spending their 1st few month to understand each other then only married. When they feel in love, then they get married in a short time]**

The lady do get her blessings from her mother, but her mother do warn her that the man she choose.''Husband is choose by you, please think wisely before you sign that registration letter, it does effect your whole life, are you really sure about this?'' the lady says ''yes, i do, he do promise me this and that and i fell pretty confidant with the words he said'' then the mother says ''if you say so, ill sigh the paper for you, **[Malaysia Law, man or woman who didn't reach 21 year old of age, their parents do need to sign an agreement letter to let their child to get married legally]**And the mother also add on '' if there is not so serious problem or both of you fighting, please do not simply come back and complain to me, because you chose this path your self, you do need to take responsible by your own decision'' and the daughter says ''ok mom, ill try my best to not made you worried, thanks mom'' and both of them get married in no time.

Her 1st time to take an aeroplane was flying back to Kuala Lumpur to meet the husbands friends, family and relative. They are having a simple dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and the 1st time she meet his family was already in a wedding gown.[very different with now days style]

The lady do pregnant with the man baby in few month and she has deliver a baby Chindian **[ Chinese mixed Indian] bay girl. By the pregnancy period, the lady has suffered with terrible mood swings from pregnancy hormone imbalance. Some people has nausea, vomit, craving for crazy food, but the lady here is different, she hate his husband so much that time, she was annoyed when she saw him, especially after he came back from work with the oily odor from the kitchen that he has worked for whole day. She do shut him out for almost 5 month of her pregnancy times.When times goes by, everything is getting better.

To Be Continue

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