Thursday, 16 April 2015

Why Do I Blog

Hi, Theres alot of my friend do ask me, why in sudden, i start to blog so often.

Is because, blog does give me alot of place for me to put alot of pictures in a post, not like Facebook or instagaram, if i put too much, people will start to feel annoyed and start to unfriend me.

The other reason is also im already a housewife, spending my precious time with my toddler and also family more and i can share what i feel and tough in my blog more detail.

My blog currently is more about traveling, now days, i have more time to spend with my family and ill arrange more time go go travel with them. by the same time. My dad already spend most of his life working and taking care of me & my sister so i do like to return him if i had the opportunity and chance.

This is what i tough for now, will update if i have any more new reason to blog =)

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