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Taiwan 7D6N trip - DAY 3 - Sun Moon Lake 日月潭 - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村 & Wen Wu Temple 文武廟

Hello everyone ! Im back again ☺ Let's continue our journey.

Day 3 - 19 March 2017 ( Nantou - Chiayi )

New Era Resort & Spa - Native LingZhi Store - Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village 九族文化村Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple 文武廟 - Applause In The Mountain 掌聲響起民宿

Good morning, Chilly morning and my little model is striking pose around the resort.

poopoo stance 💩😁
small pond with tall tall stacked stone

Same same kind of breakfast. Porridge + chicken floss. Then up to the bus we go and actually is an unknown place which is not stated in our catalog....

Click on the above link to know more and i have no omph to talk bout them.

Actually this is a shopping tour...they kinds force us to buy something from them and we say that we have no interest to purchase anything, they got mad and lodge a complain to our tour guide company said our tour guide is not doing his job well 😑

Who on earth will purchase a 8600TWD (RM1176.62) Lingzhi tablet? and we have no idea they wil bring us here as well...gila punya...

Lesson learned, our tour guide tell us, if the same incident happened, let the sales person finish their words 1st, then only we reject them. (my point of view, we don't want to waste their time, so i rather reject you early so you do have extra time to entertain other potential customers)

Anyway, i snapped a few photo from there, or maybe outside the shop.

FYI, this is the shop front, you guys mingt google this address to have a more proper look of this shop
545, Taiwan, Nantou County, Puli Township, 玉山景觀公路水里玉山線553號
Anyway, the view out there is kinda nice

Our tour guide asked everyone of us to take picture in-front of the fortune wheel and also man should should the knife. After holding the knife, they state that they will be successful in the future.who knows right?

The hanging deco is kinda cute

Paddy field beside the shop

While waiting for the others member to finish shopping

 Ok, everyone is on the bus...everyone is tired, lets nap and see you at the next stop.

On the way to the next stop, we saw alot of Areca Palm tree.

Next Stop

After a power nap, my miss is fully charged with energy

your butt so sexayyy~~
Theme of the moment, Ultraman

toilet break
Theme Park Time

The time is kinda limited, we cant try all the rides, so....we will just stay for approx 30 minute in this Aladdin building

Train riding with the small one
missy, you very annoyed hor? hahaha
i look so fat here 😑

Highlight of the day~~UFO Ride

 look for the dark green cloth lady

Some video for you guys

Okay, after all the fun, is time for sightseeing and hiking and more walking

little bit bit of baby sakura, not fully bloom yet

fishie fishie fishie, so so many fishie

Mr tour guide said : there is so so many aligator ''e yu''鳄鱼'' in chinese....then he ''饿鱼'' hungry fish instead of 鳄鱼...hahahaha....actually, we are still spending time looking for aligator

Sakura Garden

After some walk, we finally arrive to our main destination of this tour....SAKURA

almost approaching
 finally arrived....
sorry dear husband, need you to be ah 4 😁

this girl is air walking...see her feet, is not touching the ground
the girl is so cute, looks like shes staring the owl there

who's better at taking picture....😞

Scene spamming photo ahead

 After the park, we arrived to the Culture Square....which history of all Taiwan's native tribe is shown here...if the timing is right, you guys may saw some of the tribe dance and sing there.

 Some tribe is doing their performance there

 Cleaning after the performance
funny looking mask/hat
our very own performer 😃

Actually on that day, our group do have the chance to see and making hand make Muachi...Quite interesting tho...the texture is very sticky and hard...not like the one we usually had outside.

After all the pounding and singing, we finally arrive to the peak of the Village and we will take cable car and by the same time to view the magnificent view of Sun Moon Lake from above.

The parking lot is full of sakura too

Finally we arrived to the parking lot and overall ill write out how i feel by visiting this Village...We gain quite alot knowledge bout Taiwan's native tribe and there's quite alot trees, traditional clothes, houses, small animals and much much more...This village is so so large, probably we walked for almost 2 hour to reach the cable car station. For those who plan to bring along their children, i suggest you guys to bring along a stroller ''Remark: the road is not smooth'' but is better than carrying the kids for almost 2 hours, right?

To lunch we go...after lunch we gonna visit the magical temple of Nantou

Wenwu Temple 文武廟

We have our lunch at Ching Sheng Hotel restaurant, just 2 minute walk from Wen Wu Temple...Like usual, the 10 dish concept lunch...nothing special..

After all the eating and drinking, off we go to the Temple.

view from the restaurant. Sun Moon Lake is there

Lucky charm, hanged by visitor, maybe
Into the temple we go

 Everything look so magical in there...Everything is hand crafted...

And behind the temple, there's a pond, a very high ''qi'' pond...

The famous Shu Qi pot....stories comes like this....Far long long time before Shu Qi was not that famous yet, she went to White Dragon Temple at Thailand, and Bai Long Wang told her to come to Wenwu Temple and donate or what so ever lah...Then the timing was so correct, She and her brother manage to carve their name on the 2 pot, the most 'atas' point of the temple i guess (correct me if im wrong) How do you get you name carved on any place around the temple? By donating certain amount and it goes by turn...till there is your place then there is your Shu Qi and his brother is lined up to that place by that lucky

 Every brick & every stone here has name carved on (donator's)

 to the upper part of the temple, there's a chinese lion, Pixiu 貔貅 where tourist can touch and wish for luck and prosperity.

After touching the Pixiu, upper more we climb, we climb till the roof top and no one was there 

The scenery is so so so so beautiful....

Is time to rest. On the bus we go and we are heading to our resting place of the day...

Applause In The Mountain 掌聲響起民宿

After 2 and a half hour of bussing, going up to the hill, turn left and right + motion sickness....finally we arrive...

Personally, im so so in love with this place...This place is actually on top of  Alishan and its also a green tea farm... The air up here is so fresh and not contaminated at all...super loving it...For those who likes nature and calmness, this is a very suitable place for you.

To dinner we go, and today we are having Shabu Shabu ''hot pot'' for dinner...yum yum 😋

Each on of us have this individual set and it look like this

Variety of vegetable which planted by the owner himself

Meat, we have chicken and pork...

current tempreture

Very special way of having tang yuan. cook with the savory soup and eat ...salty and sweet, weird combination. And i found out, taiwanese memang makan tang yuan that way.

Room touring, and i guess I've never done any room touring before....This time, i really cant keep my self together....our room is really, seriously so so so nice...

This room can fit up to 6 person (3 sets of queen size bed)

It has 2 level

And i like the Oakiy nice....awwww....really miss the time there, i hope i can be there now! seriously

Our beloved tour leader...Brother Jeff ...Being lepaking for almost everyday. Miss the time spend with you there

Never forget, this room has a balcony too....will show you more pictures from our balcony on the next post

Alishan mountain tea time
Our very humble small room....overall is kinda pretty too, but the previous one is nicer, spacier and...dont know, i love that room more actually. hahaha

Snacking and minum time

pudding for the small princess from the convenience shop
Being able to sit outdoor in this chilly weather while enjoying time with our special one is really a memorable moment to cherish forever. 

Love you guys always and always

Applause in the Mountain 掌聲響起民宿
Address: 605, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Alishan Township, 樂野村8鄰樂野209-6號Phone+886 5 256 1699
Website :
Facebook : 

Till the next blog and we shall meet again....See ya

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