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Taiwan 7D6N trip - DAY 2 - Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Day 2 - 18 March (Taoyuan - Taichung - Nantou)

Fullon Hotel Jhongli ~ Dong Shin Sightseeing Orchard ~ Princess Annie's Garden ~ Sun Moon Lake ~ New Era Art Resort And Spa

Good morning...Having hearty breakfast buffet at Fullon Hotel's before departing

topping for congee (chicken floss, pickles, peanut etc etc)
soup & congee
Fried rice, chips, pumpkin's, scrambled eggs, meat & vegies
If you guys plan to bring along your parents who is very choosy with food, basically Taiwan is very suitable. From conversation to food, i guess they will adapt well.

trying on her new wind breaker
Mr tour guide asked us to get our windbreaker ready...cuz we will be sailing later ⛵~~

lets have some view from the bus again...there's lot of bussing with this tour 🚌

A cup of  hot Ling Zhi tea from our mr tourguide 😊 he is so caring

I saw it on tv...they said this is the largest farris wheel in asia

baby, where are you looking?
 Toilet break at some random resting place

our all time big baby

Look what i found here at this R&R....the limited PINK MILK TEA

Lets have some chit chat before going up to the bus again and there will be 2 more hours of drive before reaching our next destination

 Let me tell you my personal opinion of this ROSE MILK TEA. It taste like teh + like sirap bandung with a little hint of tea inside...and is VERY VERY SWEET....i cannot 😞

Tick tock tick tock....after 2 hours 🚌 and we finally arrive to our 1st destination of the day

for some ponkan / mandarin oranges plucking 

crossing the road safely

bye bye bus, see you later

sour face after eating the orange mr tour guide give

before going further down to the orchard, lets take some pictures

walla, big group picture

Actually we are at the top of the hill, we need to travel further down to the orange doing so, we need to go through a few orchard before reaching there


See...down there, there is where we need to go...saw the orange dot? those are the ponkan...we gonna pluck,eat you all and bring you back.

almost there

and here we are...hi oranges...lets be  📷

chomping time....seriously, the oranges is very very sweet and juicy

Tips of picking the juiciest & sweetest orange : choose the medium sized and smooth skin orange rather than big and rough skinned...the big and rough tend to be too old. Is very fibery, not juicy and also not sweet

this little girl cant get enough of oranges

is kinda slippery and sloppy here...please becareful

having some toilet break and waiting for the other to arrive....and never mention earlier, each everyone of us may bring back 5 oranges...each of us...that means 5 x 5 = 25...we can bring back 25pcs of, that's alot...😍

Address:No.456-2, Dongguan Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Some flower photos i capture during the hike

Up to the bus and to the 2nd destination we go ~~ 🚌

After some driving and napping, we arrived to our 2nd destination of the day

This is a very magical and fun place for the girl and princess-y everywhere

Lets have lunch before exploring the garden

Is pink everywhere....faint 😵 even the restaurant decorations & cutleries

vegetarian set
Chicken chop with sweet and sour sauce
fried chicken chop rice
Spaghetti...the best among 4
Mushroom soup from the vegy set
salad with pink fruit mayo...too weird and sweet
Orange for everyone
 We ordered all the option available for our touring group and till end, the very ordinary tomato pasta which everyone thinks is very ordinary, ends up is the best among all

Okay...let the princess be princess, prince to be prince ♕♚

Princess Anne Garden Restaurant
Location : No. 223, Zhongxing St, Xinshe District, Taichung City, Taiwan 426
Contact Number : +886 4 2593 1568
Operation : Opens Daily 8am - 9pm
Website :
Facebook : 安妮公主花園

Owh, forget to mention, this restaurant is located up up the hill too, so in order to have lunch here, we do need to hike a little as well...

Down to the hill and while waiting for our buses to arrive ~~

I guess you guys will be asking, what is that big giant tub going through mountain to mountain...That is actually a very very giant water hose which transfer water from the damp/river to other places behind the mountain.

Next Destination....we are heading to~~~~


Actually, we walked for abit. From Zhong Xing Parking lot to Sun Moon Lake's Shui Sher Wharf to board the boat for lake cruising..From the walking distance, I've saw alot of souvenir shops, restaurants, bar's, hotel and motels...quite an interesting and happening place.

We will be on the boat in awhile

See the weather? Always remember to bring umbrella all the time...

This is our boat

Is raining out there...and that's the function of our wind breaker....the temperature on the current moment is around 13℃ + wind from the speedy boat + feels like almost freezing actually.

Anyway, we had arrive to the one of the few Wharf of the lake, Xuan Guan Wharf where we can find the famous mushroom herbal eggs sells by an old lady for many many many years and now her 3rd generation is helping her

The ICONIC rock
haha...hubby lining up for the eggs
This is The old lady or we can just call her ''ah maa'' means granny in mandarine
we got our eggs....taste wise, so so lar, malaysia d cha ye dan smells is stronger than hers (personal opinion)
picture with the ICONIC ROCK...
and a group photo....
 See the handsome down there? the one with white sandals, he is our group leader...he is a very nice and sweet person 😍 and his name is Jeff...Request him to be your group leader if you are going travel with will be very happy with his accompany

saw the santa socks? haha is actually our tour guide so call flag. so if any of us are looking for him, we just need to find that dangling socks

 The weather is so so unpredictable....the other side of the lake is raining heavily, so the boats are all delayed.

While waiting for the boat to move, lets play around

Anyway, in this area, there are not only coming to eat eggs, actually there;s a temple up on the hill (Xuanguang Temple玄光寺) where we need to climb tons of stairs to reach up to the peak of the mountain. We choose not to go up to the temple cuz is drizzling and the stairs is wet and slippery. You guys may go to the temple and have a look there [click the temple name up there for location]

Everyone is on the boat and lets move back to Shui Sher Wharf where we board the boat earlier

bye bye Xuang Guang

traditional fishing tools 
The King and his 2 Princess

We reached land and our tour guide is asking us stock to tonight's supper because the villa we are going later is very quite and there is no convenient shop...(Zhongxing Rd 7-Eleven)

so we walked to the 7 Eleven which are near to the parking place for our bus and we bough~~

chips, buns and instant noodle and

the must have TAIWAN BEER


Never underestimate their convenient shop buns...taste so so so so fluffy, fresh and gooood...we loves it so much and my daughter is crazy for them...she had at least 3 buns per day.

😂😂 Anyway, have you guys notice the skies out there? we have been shopping for quite some times...from bright to almost dark...the power of woman's buying stuff

Head up to the bus and there we our resting place ~

This is one of our room. I cant manage to took photo that night because is very dark out there, we cant see a wait for the next post ya 😎

After sorting our luggage, we went to the resort restaurant to have our dinner. (by GTT)
very famous : ling zhi soup
steamed fish
FAV: stir fried mutton (lamb)
not spicy stir fried chilly
and i notice, through out this trip, mostly GTT will provide us this kind of 10 dishes meal...not so special actually so i stop taking this kind of meal pictures...

Alright, after all the dinner and chit chatting, we went back to our rooms a to take our bath etc etc and grrruuuuu....hungry...we decided to chomp all our foods which we bough at the convenience shop earlier.


owh, intresting, theres actually chunks of meat in there
I only manage to take the instant noodle photo because the other food had been chomp down by them...never give me a second for taking photo...😒

Will upload pictures of the resort surrounding on the next post stay tune


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