Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Food Review : Bumbung Nasi Lemak @ Sea Park, PJ

All Malaysian should know what is Nasi Lemak. This stall here is selling steaming hot nasi lemak for a long time already. They firstly started with a small warong but then many people complained that they congested the traffic flow. So they decided to move to the alley right beside S.E.A Park Maybank. The alley is lighted up with fluorescent light and surprisingly there's no weirdie smell and its very clean.
Bumbung Nasi Lemak S.E.A. Park, PJ
Its already 10pm. People is coming more and more
Well decorated will big ac fans...xD

Im not sure, all the indian Abang here is Mamak or pure indian. The waiters here seems look alike, maybe they are siblings or family....who knows...We seated down, seeing those anne running up and down the alley, no one asked us what to eat, suddenly an anne asked us what to eat and drink while walking, and at one moment, im talking to his back. Surprisingly...he herd what drink i have ordered...@@....
The tea section
Teh O Ice & Teh Ice. [very tasty, not so sweet and they are using limau nipis]
Done be surprised that the food came fist then the drinks. An anne walking out from the cooking area with erm maybe 6 plates of nasi lemak ayam on both of his hand...he asked ''SUDAH MAKAN?'' [have u eaten yet ?] of course we are not, we just seated down for 2/3 minute...
Then he serve us 2 plates of nasi lemak. =)


The look doesn't look like those fine dining looks.but the taste never been change for many years. The sambal is not spicy and a little sweet in it, suitable for those who don't like spicy. The egg they prepared is ''Mata Kerbau'' Sunny side up instead of hard boiled egg. Finally, the fried chicken. Fried till golden brown, crispy at the outside, juicy in the inside, alot spices flavor in it till my husband said that the chicken taste like Muruku..xD..Last but not least, served hot on a plate with a piece of banana leave to enhance the flavor of the rice and a little bit of cucumber slices, peanut & ikan bilis.
The portion i think is just fine, after eaten it, i feel full but i still can chomp more if i wanted too..xD.. So i decided to order a Maggie Goreng =)
saw the wok there? non stop cooking maggie noodle

Dining in actually, but they accidentally put it in the container.nvm.
I decided to ask for the maggie goreng because people came here not to only to eat their nasi lemak, but also this maggie goreng. Taste good too, better than alot mamak stall ive been eaten. =) worth to try.

Price wise, all the drink, Iced or hot is RM 1.50, Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng is RM 5.00 , Maggie Goreng without chicken RM 3.50 [Not expensive, more cheap than common mamak stall =)]

 A little photo spamming here =)

The Kitchen
Mutton, Maggie Goreng, Masi Lemak
Chicken Frying in progress

So smart hor...xD
As for the location, the shop is easy to be spotted as it just beside Maybank Seapark.
If you are using WAZE, just type in [ NASI LEMAK BUMBUNG SEAPARK]

Address : Bumbung Nasi Lemak @ S.E.A Park  Jalan 21/11b, S.E.A Park  Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46300 
Operation hour : 6.00pm to 3.00am or 4.00am (Depends on the crowds or the available food their have)
Closed On Friday

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