Saturday, 2 May 2015

Food Review : HINZ CAFE @ KEPONG

Boring and don't know where to go. Suddenly think of this cafe just 5 minute drive from my home, keep driving pass through this cafe for few years but didn't think of dining here at all. Finally, Im  giving a shot to this cafe.

Located at Bandar Menjalara, Kepong ( Beside Home Town Steamboat )

 I like this English Country themed cafe

The interior...very calming, very comfortable....the waiter & waitress is very helpful & friendly too.

A reading corner. Reading material suitable for kids to adults.

Coffee bar & working area

Cake section, just right beside the cashier counter

Craft area.just right beside the entrance

You may buy some of the item on the display shelf here.


The 1st item i saw on their menus is BRUNCH MEAL which include English big breakfast with tomato backed beans, bacon, salad, eggs, sausage and so so on. This is a type of cafe which im looking for so long....finally....i can lepak here when i have no way to go =)


Big Breakfast RM 18.90
Caffe Latte RM 9.00
HInz Brunch RM 14.90
Hot Chocolate RM 10.00
Chicken Maryland RM 15.90
Long Black that come together with the Breakfast set RM 6.00
Dessert. Pancake Ice-Cream RM 10.90
 Overall this cafe is simple and the environment is nice enough for us. The food portion is ginormous and the price are reasonable too. Definitely will come again.

73,jalan 11/62A, bandar menjalara,, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-6270 0008

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