Friday, 29 May 2015

Food Review : Xiao Ye Mao Pan Mee 小夜猫板面 @ Jinjang Utara, Kepong [ Indian Pan Mee ]

I think all Chinese knows Pan Mee, normally is cook & sold by chinese itself. But here is different. Cook & Sold by Indian while the Chinese are working for them. Special hor...

This place is very easy to find, it located at JInjang Utara, Kepong.

Located just opposite this road sign.
Cooked bowl by bowl
3 types of noodle [ thin noodle, thick noodle & teared noodle ]
Their rolling machine

See~~~Indian cooking pan mee =)

They have varieties of panmee types to sell such like :-

  • Souped pan mee 
  • dried panmee 
  • chilly panmee 
  • loh panmee
  • curry panmee
As usual, they have 2 types of chilly here. The red & the green one.

Red...Regular red chilly paste
Green...Super Spicy, if you like a little more kick, you should try this. One small spoon enough to made u sweat.[Do need to request if you want it]
Here comes the noodle ~~~

Dried Chilly Panmee

Soup Thick Panmee
Soup tear panmee
The panmee itself is so smooth and is very eggy smell.Not like the reguar we eat outside only flour taste.The soup, very clear and flavourful.They also do put alot of pork lean meat, minced meat, little tree leaf [xu zhai choy] into their panmee.

This stall open 24/7, suitable for those who like to have supper and early breakfast. Price wise, a owl of regular panmee cost for RM 5 and larger portion i think is not more than RM 8.
They also do made all kind of drink from milo, teh tarik, kopi etc etc [ just like regular mamak stall ]

NOTE : They do only sells noodle, no roti canai here...xD

Xiao Ye Mao Pan Mee 小夜猫板面
Jalan Jinjang Aman 3,Jinjang, 52000

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