Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Food Review : Kepong Big Tree Head Mamak

I believe anyone who lives at Kepong should know where this mamak located.

Without further crap...lets go explore.

Persiaran Mergastua, Kepong
There's a lot place to seat, but it always fully seated.
And now comes the food, the food i ordered is their best seller.

Mee Rojak - Slightly sweeter than the regular one, suitable for their main consumers, chinese.
you may ask for mee rojak or only rojak.
Hot steamy nasi lemak. The rice is hot and the coconut milk smells is superb. Sambal wise, as usual, not that spicy.
The nasi lemak usually comes with a giant whole chicken thigh...Wrapped with fagrance spiced outer layer and fried till perfection. The chicken thigh is serve hot and juicy.
Maggie Goreng + Mata kerbau.
Pricewise eating here are just like regular mamak stall, sells all kinda roti canai etc etc and this plate of nasi lemak with giant thigh cost for RM6.50 if im not forgotten.

It's sunday, there's a pasar malam nearby just a few steps away. [Pasar Malam Kepong Baru, Top 10 Pasar Malam's in KL/Selangor]

What made a typical pasar malam so special? Of cuz is their food. This pasar malam here serve a lots lots lots of street food. From giant fried squeed, chicken, sausage, dim sums, cake, buns, and many many more weird stuff.

I have some picture taken while im walking around this pasar malam, not much because the crowd is so crazy. Feel free to explore your self =)

Fried wu gok, sweet potato balls, etc etc
Super fresh & hot from ovens assorted tarts
Water which looks like blood
Serve in a giant syringe or blood donation bags
A few flavors to choose from
I choose peaches, because the red one ald sold out

The clip (closed)

and drink it.
Have a great day ahead and happy holidays to you all ~~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


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