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Travel : Teluk Chempedak Beach [ Pahang, Kuantan, Gambang 3 Day's Trip ] Day 2

Travel : Kg Melayu, Gambang [ Pahang, Kuantan, Gambang 3 Day's Trip ] Day 1

To the beach we go ~~~
Teluk Chempedak Beach, 45 minute drive from Gambang. A very clean beach.

Some street view while driving to Teluk Chempedak

Finally we arrived. No need to scare about parking when you guys came here. Theres a very very huge parking lot here.

Look who we found? Our monkey friends =)

There's some souvenir shop around, you may grab something to play before heading to the beach, or maybe after. ^^

happy kid =)
March to the beach...LET'S GO!!!

Mommy, help!
I guess most of the kids will feel ticklish for their 1st time stepping on sand bare foot
Still manage to walk for few minutes
But then, no more walking. xD
Mommy & aunty bye bye. Me & Grandpa decided to wait you guys under the tree (super sunny day)

Whit is this 2 emo kia thinking xD

Let's take a selfie
Here go some awesome beachy photo

Macam yes hor those picture...Anyway, i took all the above pictures with my Sony A5000.

Along the beach, you can find alot of stuff to chomp. From Mc Donals. KFC, Starbucks, Chatime, etc etc. And there's also a public toilet where you can clean your self after playing at the beach.

Look at the skies, what a coincidence, a very nice group of clouds

Stripie clouds

Yucks, Mom!!! theres sand on my foot...HELP!!!
Go there, No! There!

Grandpa, look!
OK, lets take some pic with the cloudie
Everyone is taking the opportunity to took some picture to remembering it.

Hey beb, lets go home
No NO NO NO, i don't wanna go home!!!
Run for my
Sad! the adults always win ='(
After all the beachy time, we decided to hava a stop at a local salted fish stall. It a must for us to but some fresh & cheap seafood and some local snacks for our friends & relatives ^^

While we drove for almost 20 minute, we still able to spot the stripie coulds =)

Finally we arrived after 25 minutes drive from the beach

Ikan Bilisssssss

Xia mi (dried small prawns)

Assorted Salted Fish
More snacks
and more
and more more more

Bilis for my baby
and dried scallops too

actually we bought 3 full basket of stuff...
 Okay...urprisingly the bill only cost us less than RM 200 for 3 full baskes of snacks & seafood.
Cant get this price at other stall.

Ok. 2nd day ended.

Stay tune for the last day and the last post of this series.

Day 3 Bukit Gambang Safari Park - Coming up very soon


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