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Melacca 1 Day Trip - Part 3 [ Dinner at Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist at The Mines, Seri Kembangan ]

Part 1 - Melacca 1 Day Trip [ Breakfast at Hornbill Kitchen & Mushroom Bun's from 小二哥 ]

Moving back from Melacca to KL at almost 5 and we manage to arrive KL before 8pm ^^

We are heading here for dinner.

RESTAURANT SOFT SHELL CRAB SPECIALIST located at Seri Kembangan, 5 minute walking distance from The Mines

Since the restaurant has not enough kitchen staff, the chef/owner here recommended to all their customers, please kindly made reservation before coming here straight away.

While waiting, have a look at their menu.

Apologize, menu is not up to date yet

 Latest promotion

For your information, this restaurant chef receives a lot awards from China & Malaysia as well. Their best seller, as you can see from their restaurant name, SOFT SHELL CRABS is all bread and grown all by them self. So is very limited.

The FOOD is served

1 - Poached Prawns In Chinese Herbs Soup 堂煲草虾 RM 60

Form Flat
to poofed up
and its all ready to be served and boiling prawn

So fat, juicy & tender. 2 is not enough for me...I think i can finish all of it by my own...xD

 2 - Special Chef Soft Shell Crab 茶俱软壳蟹 RM 60

by only looking at it, im drolling already

The star
Soft Shell Crabs

There's some tomato, shredded cabbage & onions in the small cup

Cup the salad onto a plate, place the crab on the salad and pour their special lemon sauce onto the dish.

Tada....ready to eat.

Here I show you a video, starring brother Anthony xD.

hahaha...he is so dramatic and funny

3rd dish - Steamed chicken with Chinese herbs drops from wulu 吊针鸡 RM45

For your information, the yellow stuff in the mini bowl are the essence of the chicken from all the special cooking method applied.

A very special cooking method....Let me slowly explain to you guys.
First of all, they used a double steamer instead of single. The bottom layer is oil instead of water. Heat up the oil then they putted in a Kampung Chicken at the upper layer of the steam tray.

Then they filled up the wulu (groud) with their special chinese herb mixture and a hose is attached from the wulu and will drop onto the chicken then down to the oil. While the Chinese herbs mixture drops into the oil, there will became water vapor so then they uses these water vapor to cook the chicken slowly.

See how complicated this is? I can let you know...The taste is fabulous. Finger licking good~~~~

4 - Clay pot Beggar Fried rice 生煲乞丐饭 RM 50

This magistic pot of rice is full of fried pork lard - zhu you zha

Mix well before serve 

Saw the pork lard? Who can resist this.....

5 - 招牌梅菜炒港芥兰 Stir Fried Kailan With Hong Kong Preserved Vegies RM 30

Crunchy and spicy

Lastly we had this.

6 - 沙煲猪手 Claypot Pork Knuckle RM 50

Cook till perfection. This dish is full with pig collagen. Eat more to get pretty skin...xD Talking crap here.This dish is a bit spicy


There's not end yet, the chefs surprised us with his award winning dish at China..NOT FOR SALE


Lot G-01, The Heritage Village, 
Jalan SB Dagang, 43300 Seri Kenbangan, Selangor
Contact Number : 03 - 8953 0321


Really thanks a lot to the organizer who arrange this fabulous trip for us. Is really a very memorable & fun trip for us.

Hey folks...remember to like their facebook page [ HERE ] which they will update tasty food photos regularly and will definitely made you drollin for just looking at the picture they post ^^

This is the end of my Melacca 1 day trip post.

For the previous post, please click here.

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