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Event : Yamaguchi Fish Market Launches In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Do you guys still remember the post i posted before regarding The Yamaguchi Fish Market Pre Event post? If you guys has forgotten, you may ''click here'' to recall back.

26th November 2015, last Thursday, Im attending a very grand event at Kg Pandan, as you guys know where is Caffeiness located. The event is started at 7pm as written on the invitation card and I had arrive there somewhere around 6.15pm. Even tho i arrived 5 minutes earlier, the parking inside the restaurant is full and the organizer is very good enough. They guided us to park our car at the nearby school and they also had ready 3 traveling van to fetch and send their guess who park there to the restaurant.

After all the rain, parking and traveling, i manage to arrive to the event on time. At the event, everyone is waiting for the BIG GUEST to arrive, which is WU CHUN him self.

Before his arrival, I manage to took some pictures from the event.

Once arrive to the restaurant, i see tanks and tanks of fresh fishes, prawns and crabs.
This is the theme of the restaurants it self. It is inspired by the famous fish market at Japan such as the Karato & Tsukiji Fish Markets and they are bring the feel all the way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The guess are lining up for registration & picking up their goodies bags
Crabs, alot of crabs, from the common we saw, till the rare alaskan crab is here 
More & more crabs
olla crabbie
Swim Swim Swim fishies
more more more fish
hey fishie, wanna come out and join us outside the tank? xD

There's a lot of fresh seafood to choose from. If you guys dont wanna dine in, you may always come to the market here, located at the ground floor and choose the best seafood from the batch and buy it back and cook it your self at whole sale price.

Here I present you some of the Yamaguchi Fish Market must have dishes.

Fresh Oyster Platter - RM 66 for 6 pcs

Yamaguchi King Crab Platter - RM 298 

Signature Hakka Stir Fried Mud Crab - RM 156 ( 1.1kg, serve 2 to  person)

Salt Baked Tai Fish - RM 48 

Yamaguchi Signature Sashimi Seafood Platter - RM 198 

Yamaguchi Eel Rice - RM 38

 Yamaguchi Grilled Seasonal Seafood Platter - RM 116

Seafood Nabe Mono - RM 38 

Poached Life Shrimps In The Basket - RM 46

This grand opening, we are served with canapes style food (small and cute finger food) So i have no idea what those must try dishes above taste. But at least i know the size and look of it. I'll be there to try out some of the dishes my self this coming weekend with the vouchers they give to us worth RM300...woooo...

Thank You Yamaguchi ^^
Anyway, ill show you the surround and the craziness on thee grand opining day.

The ground floor which the chef's getting all the food ready
Anyway, its the grand opening, of course there's alot of fresh flower stands ^^
The grill at the 2nd floors is tied with a lot of artificial sakura's
A very nice photo booth and we are able to take photos with the pretty models there
Hello pretty sake lady

Free flow of sake through out the night with The World Finest Sake, The Gekkeikan Sake.
Gekkeikan is widely well-known in Japan as a strong brand especially for regular 1.8l bottle for a long time. They are proud of this sake and its superior quality fits for various typical cuisine and can serve hot, warm and cold.

From left to right.
  • Traditional Sake / Kasen (180cl) Full bodied, rich taste and fine, mellow aroma.
  • Oukan (180cl) Drier & lighter tyoe of sake with comparatively reasonable price. Oukan means King's crown and with impressive black lable.
  • Josen Karakuchi (180cl) Premium type of sake for Gekkeikan.Most of the Japan sake manufacturer produce Karakuchi, but their Josen Karakuchi has specific character of dryness with full-bodied taste & fine aroma.

The Gekkeikan Sake counter

The stack of sake cup's
Some close up pics of the sake served that night.

They are putting some ebiko into the glassses which serve cold sake's
The colour are just so nice, bright ebiko in the very clear sake.
 Other than The Gekkeikan sake, they also serve us free flows of Asahi & Cass Beer through out the night. I really wanted to try their sake cuz everyone is telling me that the sake taste very good and smells nice. Unfortunately, i cant try them because currently I'm pregnant. Wish i have the chance to try it after my delivery. ^^

Still remember i said there's some finger food they served to us and the guest? Here are some picture of the canapes mini finger food.

Tuna Mayo Canape's
Salmon Ikura Mayo Canepe's
Kappa Maki, Salmon Maki, Shinko Maki served together with edamame
Fruit in a cup ( pineapple, grapes and strawberry )
Potato egg mayo sandwich
Chicken Yakitori
Its already 8pm+ and our guest of honor, Mr Wu Chun is not arrive yet. Maybe due to the weather or bad traffic at that area. So the organizer throw us a life band at the last minute.

 by the same time, I'm walking around and snapping more pictures.

Emcee of the night, 吴维彬 Wu Wei Bin
The stage and 3 barrel of Sake's used for later opening ceremony
Wu Chun will be sitting here ^^
The VVIP's
and never forget bout the crowd that night...approx 600 - 800 pac's. Far more than we expected
After waited for so long, finally he is i present to you, Mr Wu Chun photo spamming time.

A little blur, cuz he is walking so fast and I cant manage to took a nice photo here, Never mind, theres more more nice photo later.

A short moment after the arrival of Wu Chun, the Group Managing & Executive Director of Yamaguchi Fish Market. The siblings duo, Mr Chris Chang & June Chang.

After their speech, Wu Chun is invited to be on the stage and giving us a short speech.

 After Wu Chun finished his speech, the next person who giving speech are Mr Masaaki Kasai, the Senior Managing Director of Gekkeikan.

Ribbon Cutting ceremony begins
Ribbon cutting ceremony marks the Official Opening of Yamaguchi Fish Market. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, comes the hand printing ceremony by Wu Chun, Chris Chang & June Chang.

awwww, such a gentleman

After the hand printing ceremony, comes the final event which are Sake Barrel Breaking Ceremony '' Kagami Biraki'' mark the official launching of Gekkeikan Sake in Malaysia.

3, 2, 1, whack it !

Opening ceremony done and all the VVIP's has moved into the VIP area and there's a life Bluefin Tuna ''maguro'' fish cutting demonstration performed by Chef Kimijima & Chef Kawaguchi fly all the way from Japan to Malaysia just to perform us this spectacular show.

cut cut cut, slice slice slice

So sorry, most of the pictures are blurry because there's too many people taking photos and i have been squeeze just like a sardin inside the can...=.=

After all the event above, there's actually a dancing show but i cant wait any longer because its quite late due to the late arrival of the VVIP's and i manage to reach home almost 11pm.

As i mentioned before, ill be visiting the restaurant again this weekend to have their food tasted, stay tune and ill update again.

RM300 voucher used..please click [ HERE ] for the food i have ordered by using their voucher ^^

Yamaguchi Fish Market
 Location : No. 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
(where Caffeiness, Black Market & EGG is)
Operating Hours : Open's Daily from 10am to 1am
For reservation purposes, kindly contact:
T: 03-9284 6686


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