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Melacca 1 Day Trip - Part 2 [ Melacca 5D Art Museum & Satay Celup Noodle for Lunch ]

Part 1 click [ HERE ]

After all the food we had in the morning, we le the restaurant at 9am+ and we manage to arrive Melacca at 11.30am.

Once arrive, we are guided to this awesome studio,

MELACCA 5D ART STUDIO ( Officially opens on 1st January 2016 )

Located just beside the famous Melacca Capitol Satay Celup.

A little brief introduction of 5D art.

5D art is a 5D trick arts features painting on plain surface that magically appear to be FIVE-DIMENSIONAL through the use of optical illusion.

Sounds familar? Yes, because this is thEIR 2nd outlet. The 1st one located at Taipeng, Perak and NTV 7 has interviewed them. Check their Facebook page [ HERE ]

The fees for Melacca 5D art studio
Upon of their new opening, they are doing an awesome offer now where you can buy 1 and get one more ticket absolutely for free. Since the studio is not open yet, you guys need to reserve it online. Go to their Official Facebook, Melacca 5D Studio and PM them for more details or you may call them by this number :-
  •  +6 017 - 992 6665
  •  + 6 016 - 207 1010

Limited for 1st 500 tickets only....GRAB IT FAST FOLKS !!!!!

The 5D art has more than 70 optical illusion paintings & installations over five different themed zones.

I have some picture snapped here, have a look and get some Idea before you guys headed here xD
Is all about imagination.

RUN! Run away from the shark !

Baby in the beaker - for experiment purpose only xD

I'm the great Wolverine~~~

Opss, ET also can take the heavy rock kah?

The ET is actually from an art behind the Wolverine.

As you guys see from above, all the art here are linked. You may capture some drawings from behind, up;s down or maybe beside. No worries, use your imagination and everything will be alright ^^

Woohoooo....I'm a giant Butterfly

Although im a little short, but mom's said ''It's okay ^^''

Bad Gorilla, wanna pick my skirt up?! No no no


Anne, don't cut my hair lah!

My face is too small for the hole xD

Lets drive the dino back to KL

Lets surf

KNock knock, who's that

Hantu apa nie? xD

Astronaut papa & i never need a suit outer space xD

Spiky floor, mom, HELP !

Hi little friends

Actually, i had some real friends here ^^

Almost falling again ><

Dad, you are bleeding but then, you are still smiling. Not pain kah? haha

Some portrait without us in it

5D trick arts which it comes to fun things to see and pose with all your friends & family's in their 5D arts which is simply bursting with fascinating excitements & with an unforgettable experience.

The attraction will come in for all age & they will spend time posing with 5D arts which it looks realistic & alive. Taking photos & bringing back for their own collections. Come and see how art comes alive and experience for yourself the mind blowing tricky paintings and sculptures.

5D art awaits you at the peak of Melacca.

Produce by international artist : Mr Sunny Goh (Uncle Five)

Definitely a MUST - VISIT

Officially opens on 1st January 2016
Address : No 39, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka.
Just right beside Capitol Satay Celup
5D Art Melaka Facebook :
Contact Number :  +6013 - 387 5555 , +6 017 - 992 6665 , + 6 016 - 207 1010


After all the posing and snapping, finally our tummy is growling.
Is time for Lunch.

We are having out lunch here

LBC Twenty Five

Located just few shops away from the 5D studio

Is not a very fancy stall but the owner food here was awesome

Featured at TV8 Hojiak television show before ^^

Rice noodle

A huge huge pot of gravy

Tada, here comes the noodle.


Is a little spicy compare to the satay sauce we normally had, but overall i taste special to me because i never had any noodle like this before. A new try and thumbs up.

The owner is very kind, she scared all of us is not full enough so she got us all some Rojak & Kerabu Meehoon

All of the bloggers are busy chomping...Every one is hungry that time definitely

Look who's here?

Uncle 5, Owner of the 5D studio is joining us for lunch

After all the chomping and nomming, we still have a plenty of time, so we all can have some free and easy time and 4pm we need to gather back at the studio and get our bus back to KL.

Weather is so so so hot. We walked for 10 minutes from the noodle stall to Jonker street.

I cant stand anymore so me & husband decided to get our temperature cold down by having 2 bowls of Jonker Street Durian Chendol at San Shu Gong

Sitting at upper level outdoor, facing the busy Jonker Street

Long holiday weekend. So much cars & so much people

Not much photo taken here so I'll end the 2nd post here and stay tune for Part 3 [ Dinner at Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist at The Mines, Seri Kembangan ]


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