Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Review : Laneige - Lip Sleeping Mask [ Over Night Lip Care For Smooth & Moist LIps ]

Lippie time again...Im gonna to review a quite new LANEIGE product which is the LIP SLEEPING MASK. This brand also quite famiuse for their Sleeping Mask & BB Cushion which you can purchase at all Laneige counter but you also may purchase from ALTHEA.KR for a much more cheaper price. =) [I bought mine here]


This pack is all about lip care and will bring you the effect of a smooth & a moist lip.
Before this lip mask is introduced, we often apply lip balm all day & night to sooth the uncomfortable feeling of chapped, dried and cracked lips but that didn't help much. I have purchased all kind of drug store's lip balm which indicate ''lip repair, lip moisture, lip care'' it didn't help at all.

Then one of my friend had told me to give this Laneige Lip Mask a try and the result on me was awesome. I laid it on my lip for a night, the next morning i wiped the lip mask off.~OMG~ 1st time in my life i had saw a lot of dead skin is wiped off from my lips and my lips are ''dead skin free'' for the rest of the week. !! AWESOME !!

2 of  the SPECIAL & MAGICAL ingredient of the mask are :~


         which is a Laneige exclusive technology which is a dense Hyaluronic acid mineral network
         which hold abundant moisture and forms a moisturizing film over our skin surface just like a
         wrap that locks the active ingredients which helps our skin to absorbe and retain the moisture
         through the night.

     2. Berry Mix Complex™ Vitamin C Intensive Care
         which contain RASPBERRY , STRAWBERRY ,  CRANBERRY , BLUEBERRY extract
         where erases dry & flaky dead skin on our lips during night and the next morning we will
         relies we already have a smooth and supple lips like a baby lips =)

As you can see, this package comes with a silicon spatula. It not like the ordinary lip treatment out there which we need to scoop out the balm by using our fingers. [ Smart Idea ]

The design is simple, matt gradient pinky coral colour finish, screw on cap, and also the tube was made with very hard plastic.[ looks and feels like glass but its not a glass ]. Overall, simple, convenient & nice ^^

The quantity was a shock too. Quite full and more compare to others. @@

Scent wise, it smells bubblegummy + youghurty to me which is quite sweet and nice. I pretty like it.

Texture. While in the tube, it's look like its quite hard and very hard to spread. BUT once i scrap it with the spatula provided, its quite soft and the balm is still in it matt pinky colour. Once i slide it on my lips, the balm instantly transfer to a soft, oily ointment like texture which is not sticky and smells mice. ^^

How To Apply :-

  1. Apply a thick layer on your lips before to bed
  2. Once wake up, wipe it with a warm towel, cotton pad, tissue etc.etc
Only with this 2 step and everyone can achieve smooth kissable baby lips ^*^

The dead skin dissolve after 1 good night sleep.

Will I purchase again? ABSOLUTELY, this is a very good product and I always dream of having a smooth & a baby kissable lips all the time and now i had find a right product for me.

**sorry for the late post, lately i had just get my wisdom teeth extracted and im not in a very good condition now as you can see on my instagram & Facebook, my face has swollen and i look like a chipmunk now ()^*^()...Because of this, i had missed an event which fall on today. Feels guilty giler because i had conformed with the person incharge that ill be ther but now my health condition didnt allow me to go there....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! sorry to fuss here and now the blogpost ended here...have a nice day ahead..bye bye

~~ CYA ~~

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