Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Travel : Penang 3 days 2 night trip - DAY 1

Visited Penang last week, after school holiday, to avoid freaking human jam in Penang [ cant visit when there's are public holiday or school holiday ]

We start moving from KL by 9am, my husband slowly drive and my daughter was sleeping half of the journey =). Have our brunch at a stops [forget which R&R] have KFC as our Brunch. 

Arrive IPOH and my childhood memories has been ruined. The beautiful rocky mountain which before was green and full of tree but now, they bomb the mountain and took the natural granite of the mountain. The mountain was very very ugly.

We arrive Penang bridge somewhere around 2pm and 1st thing, we head to our hotel Golden View Serviced Apartment the service is great, the room is spacious and the price is reasonable. RM 270.00 per night. We took the 2 bedroom apartment, the room is super spacious, they do provide fridge and also a microwave oven. The mineral drink & coffee is free. Just beside the apartment, there's was a Starbucks Coffee just 3 minute walking distance from the apartment. and its also very near to Gurney Plaza & also the Gurnery hawker center. Driving distance only take 5 minute.

Having some rest and we are going to our next stop to Kek Lok Si Temple. actually im planing to eat the laksa at the pasar nearby the temple but unfortunately, the stall is not open.sad.Never Mind, head up the the mountain and continue our trip with an empty stomach...gruuuu..

Along the pasar area

High High on the hill

There's few beggar along this walkway 
Just reach the Mid part of the temple
very calming 

Sissy posing, dad boombing at the back


Namo Ami Tabha

Taking the lift to the top part of the temple

Arrived, and we saw a big big pond just in front of us
Theres alot of gigantic Koi fish in the pool
Theres 1 pair or ang moh bough some fish food and feed the fishes there
sweaty lil monster
so calm, so peaceful

sayang doggie

Guan Yin Ma, Bopi Bopi

Daddy daughter bonding time
Can see the whole penang island view from here

its kinda hard to take picture of a toddler

Macam yes like that

Was waiting the lift to go to the mid part of the temple. Need to be at the ground before 445pm

Once we done walking around the temple, tummy was super hungry and we are going to look for our local friend at Medan Angsana 4. Shes a cute lady with a very big heart. =)
She had a family stall located in KEDAI KOPI SHALOM. They are selling Fish Head Beehon and also Tom Yum soup noodle. Myn is RM 10.00 per bowl, with additional things to add such like fishball, fish cake, dumpling, mushroom and so so on.

There she is, the cute little lady there
Penang Fish Head Mee Hoon is different woth KL's. No evaporated milk added
Their Tom Yum Bee hoon. Taste just like KL's Asam Laksa
 We just ordered 2 bowl and share cuz we wanna keep our tummy for the hawker foods at Gurney hawker center. After visited our friend, we headed straight to Gurney plaza, shop for awhile then we walk to the hawker center just 3 minute walk from the mall.
On the way from Medan Angsana to Gurney Plaza. Jamming time, 6pm
Daddy and Baby was tired already
View along the shore
Going up to the parking at Guirney plaza. Only RM 1 per entry
Chicky girl with a chicky smile
Gurney plaza was kinda weird for us, the upper level, kinda quite and not much people, but the LG floor which sells food like the ordinary mall in KL and theres a COLD STORAGE supermarket as well. This level of the mall was the most happening among levels of this mall. Shopping done, just window shopping actually. Start walking to the hawker center.

Low Tide Time

Along the walkway
There's alot of cars and people too, im wondering, how if we visited this island when public holiday, conform no place park and jam gao gao d
The hawker shop was divided into 3 part, they will close their stall by part every monday, tuesday and wednesday.
Should be all opened by Friday, Saturday and Sunday

OA JIAN - fride oyster with egg
Smart hor the uncle, wearing heavy duty protection glasses while frying oa jian
The Oa [ oyster ]
Finished product
Taste Ok but is not hot enough. [not enough ''wok hei'']
This is fried Tao Kua [ Fride white Tofu, RM 3 for 3 big pieces ] super cheap
Chinese satay
Super carving for this [ chee cheong fun with sweet sauce, chilly paste and prawn sauce]
Sotong Kangkung
Their famous Cha Kwey Tiao
Dessert, Muachi
The more dark, the more people will come
There is no baby chair at the hawker center, its kinda hard to keep this wormie sit still unless she ate something that she likes [ thanks dad ]
Finally reached our hotel, all bathed and chilling around the hall.
This is how we ended our 1st day at Penang island. Good Night

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