Monday, 8 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 3 ] Woman & Child Abuse



The Indian lady has a girl foster child that follows her before her marriage. The foster child is her sister previous husbands child. Her sister has found a right guy to married again but the man refuse her to bring along her previous marriage children with him. So her sister asked her to take care of her girl. The little girl already followed the Indian lady before she  is married to the Chinese man and the man is generous enough to take care the girl together with the Indian lady.

On one particular night, when the Chinese man was not at home. The foster child told the Indian lady. ''Mama, papa touched my breast & vagina''. What else a woman to think of when her husband is doing such disgusting thing to her daughter. So she do confess to her husband and guess what. He slaps and punches her face. This lead to her left ear drum was teared due to the slap and her brow bone was crack and having a serious bleeding.

The Indian lady walked away and goes to the living room, without noticing that she lost a lot of blood. By the same moment, the Chinese man's brother which are living together just came back to work. He was very surprise to see his sister in law was in a very serious condition and straight away bring her to a nearby clinic to do clean up the wound and do some stitches but the clinic refuse to because the wound is quite serious so they do change their location and went to a nearby hospital. Once in the hospital, the Indian lady was pushed to the emergency room and she has 5 stitches on her brow bone. A few police man came to the Indian lady and asked her ''are you beaten by somebody, please do tell us honestly''. The lady replayed, ''please give me some time to rest, because i was still dizzy now'' and the police man says ''ok, ill come back in few hour, please do get ready''.

The Indian lady was scare and confuse, weather she need to accuse her husband or not. In a short while, The Chinese mans sister came and beg the Indian lady to not accuse her brother and ask her to report to the police that she was fallen down in the toilet. And that is what exactly what she told the police because she don't want his husband being penalty or even goes to the jail because their children was still small.

To Be Continue ~~

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